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Porn Dude reviews the best porn games of 2020. Find free porn games, hentai games & sex games sorted by quality!
Updated on 15 January 2020
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Patreon Adult Games, Porn Games, Sex Games & Hentai Games

I want to play free Patreon adult games of the best indie porn game developers in the world!

Video games are known to have some of the most rabid fanbases in the world. Gamers will spend every penny of the allowance their mom gives them to fill their basements with God of War merchandise and Call of Duty paraphernalia. Some will even dress up as their favorite Final Fantasy characters and hit conventions, embarrassing their parents and losing friends on social media. As much as these dorks, geeks, and neckbeards love their PlayStations and X-Boxes, it’s hard to imagine they’re as devoted to their hobbies as the perverts who jack off to these Patreon adult games.

A lot of porno video games were designed mostly just to make a buck, with elaborate gacha systems built into even the “free” games to sucker you out of real money. These Patreon games are true labors of love to the deviates who have created them. What you’ll find here are games created by horny geeks aiming to create their own, perfect interactive masturbatory fodder.

And you know what? It looks like they succeeded. These pornographic Patreon games have inspired such eager followings that the creators can give them away for free and still finance the next installment with donations from fans eager for more. When was the last time you heard of legions of Halo players sending monthly checks just because they enjoy the gameplay so much? Let that be a lesson, Microsoft: give your players boners, and they may fall in love.

What kind of Patreon porn games can I expect to play?

I hate to put all these perverted geeks in the same box, but adult games on Patreon have certain leanings. It seems like fantasy RPGs with a ton of sex are the most common form of adult game that thrives on the platform. Maybe it has to do with the deep storylines; players don’t just get hooked on the hentai sex scenes and animated gangbangs–they get hooked on the characters, the gameplay, and the world.

You’ll find a lot of top-down perspectives as you explore science-fiction lands full of big-boobed monsters who want to crush you beneath their bubble butts. You’ll fight turn-based battles, swinging swords that look like giant dicks and unlocking new, more powerful, sexier attacks.

Travel from town to town as a big-dicked knight in an eroge adventure where you save the world and bang a lot of princesses along the way. You’ll build harems and control powerful parties as you traverse the land, unlocking exclusive anime fuck flicks, outfits, and new manga broads to bang.

Of course, there’s room for all kinds of interactive depravity on the platform, and it gets more popular all the time. Keep your eye on this list, and you may find independent sex games of all types, from Patreon porn Platformer’s to eroge visual novels, maybe even some VR porn games.

Am I forced to support these Patreon sex games developers in order to play their XXX games?

Usually not. As I said, these games truly are a labor of love to their creators. They tend to be extremely eager for players around the world to experience the perverted storylines and bang all the hentai goddesses, naughty schoolgirls, and buxom warrior princesses they’ve come up with. Typically, you can download some version of these games for free.

Of course, pitching in does sometimes have its perks. Not only do you help support the developer, ensuring they don’t have to get a real job or move back into mom’s basement, but patrons often get exclusive access to all kinds of shit. I’m talking about things like first dibs on new versions, bonus hentai artwork, the ability to vote on new content, and in-game features that the cheapskates don’t get to enjoy. Some developers will even turn you into a character in the game if you’re one of the big donators, letting you finally bone the anime demon queen of your fantasies.

What are the best Patreon adult games in 2020?

You’re looking at them, partner. The Patreon porn games on this list are the absolute best in the world. The gameplay is fun and engaging, the storylines really suck you in, and the sex scenes and artwork are 100% fappable. They’ve got a good ratio of gameplay to naughty bits, too; you won’t be grinding away for hours just to see one bad drawing of a pirate broad getting a peg leg up the butt.

Not only do these in the porn games have The Porn Dude seal of approval, but they’ve also got the vocal and monetary support of gaming perverts around the world. People are absolutely itching for more hentai RPG action from RanneRo, the perverted minds behind The Curse of Pleasure. The same goes for Kamidory Alchemy Meister, a tactical eroge with a focus on crafting, lolicon, sexy succubi, BDSM, and slime monsters.

There’s also Evenicle if you’re looking for a 3D sex RPG with an incestuous love triangle in a world where monogamy is a commandment. Fans of first-person dungeon crawling who also like the idea of having sex with an ancient fox spirit are encouraged to check out Sakura Dungeon. Treasure Hunter Claire has sexy, cute sprites and a lot of titillating voice acting to help really immerse you in the world of Alstroemeria.

PornDude, what’s your favorite Patreon adult game?

I’ve got to agree with the nearly 1000 patrons currently supporting The Curse of Pleasure. The storyline is pretty deep while managing to remain completely perverted the entire way through. The top-down perspective is overlaid with some really gorgeous hentai that may have you fapping away as you try to click through the dialogue. I’m not sure how many hours of gameplay are here, but I haven’t made my way through it yet.

PornDude, these game designers are making a killing. How do I create my own porn game?

Start by being a socially isolated nerd who finds comfort in video games and computing, then just spend a few decades committing to a lifestyle of basement-dwelling, coding, and growing a thick and luxurious beard on your neck.

Nah, I am just kidding. There’s definitely a learning curve to it, but it’s easier than it’s ever been to create your own porn video game. Take a coding class online or just start with RPG Maker like a lot of these geeky perverts do. In no time, you’ll have deviates around the world throwing money at you so they can experience your own fantasies of monster smashing, furry sex, and tentacle rape.

Even if you don’t start developing your own Patreon sex games, I recommend checking this list often to see what’s big and new in the world of indie gaming. New games are appearing online all the time, and do you really have time to play and fap-test every one of them? I didn’t think so. Let your old friend The Porn Dude do the heavy lifting, clicking, and finding the best Patreon adult games out there.

  • Summertime Saga is one of the most in-depth dating sims around. There are tons of characters to meet, a bunch of activities to keep you engaged, and dozens of fetishes to indulge in. With an active Patreon page racking up thousands of dollars for the developers, they’re constantly adding more updates for you to enjoy. Since the game is currently in alpha, you’ll have to wait a while if you’d rather have the full experience. But the gameplay today, even in alpha, is definitely worth your time. Summertime Saga is popular for a reason!
  • Are you looking for the perfect fetish sex game on the market? Then Corruption Of Champions is the classic action-packed fantasy game for you. The people behind Fenexo.com have made a quality game right here. Click here and read more.
  • Monster Girl Island is a 3D virtual reality game full of monsters, and they are all horny and ready to fuck. Fuck everything from mermaids to dragons. Do you have what it takes to uncover the hidden truth and secrets of the island? Click here and read more.
  • Milfy City is a game driven by narrative. You take control of a horny teenager who’s in therapy for an incident he’d rather forget. However, things take a strange turn when the three gorgeous ladies he lives with begin advancing on him sexually. If you like games with plenty of dialogue and beautiful animations/models, then start playing Milfy City today!
  • Have you been craving that much attention for quite a while now? Or you’re just a lonely dick you can’t seem to get laid. If you’re yearning for different kinds of boobs to drown your pitiful dick into then, Trials In Tainted Space might be the one thing you're missing. Download the game now and receive your chance for some “happiness” that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Got tired of the same old games you play? Cloud Meadow might be the answer you’re looking for as it adds excitement to a whole new level. Download the game now and start your new adventure as you battle certain erotic creatures while forcing them to fuck against each other, might as well jerk it off along the way.
  • WickedWhimsMod is a complete sexual overhaul of The Sims 4 that lets you enjoy the base game with some much needed sexual add-ons. You can have every type of sex imaginable with as many people as you’d like in the game with this mod. Plus, you can customize your character’s body and sexuality in extreme detail. It’s the perfect Sims mod.
  • If you’re alone in your home or apartment and are looking for a company that can provide you with a good time, then the Four Elements Trainer might be the perfect match. You can start your erotic adventure filled with sex, boobs, and more sex by downloading the game right now. It will guarantee to make you horny on the first time you open the game.
  • Living your fantasy is one step closer when you play Wild Life. Imagine getting hold of a horny female warrior in a hot desert. Blessed with insane graphics, a nice pair of jugs, Wild Life is the perfect game to masturbate to while uniting fictional tribes for one common goal. Come and experience a whole new world when you play Wild Life.
  • If you’re looking for something new and erotically exciting, then the Breeders of the Nephelym is a game on steam that would probably get you on the edge of your seat. Stop waiting, and download the game immediately to experience the benefits of the Unreal Engine of the game first-hand, after all, it’s free to download and play, so what are you waiting for?
  • If you’re looking for a game that has androgynous features of males, females, and sometimes slime? Then the Tales of Androgyny is the perfect game to suit your “needs.” Download the game now to get a chance to experience a role-playing game full of exotic creatures with erotic scenes and animations. So, what are you waiting for?
  • "Dating My Daughter" is a first-person, choice-based visual novel. It is currently in the development stage, so there's no final version yet. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can get the latest version of DMD on Subscribestar.com/mrdotsgames and support Mr. Dots monthly to keep the game and his libido alive.
  • Are you willing to help a girl in distress? A girl in a modern city trying to earn money for her apartment? Well then, this game is perfect for your sorry ass! Help Insexsity's protagonist Kate, make a large sum of money. You live Kate's life working, earning, fucking, and sucking a lot of dick. If that isn't enough to get your sorry little dick hard enough, then I don't know what will!
  • SilverStudioGames is the home Patreon of one of the greatest porn games of all time. In Witch Trainer, you slowly work your way into the pants of several of the hottest girls of the Harry Potter universe, taking your depraved sexual fantasies further and further with every second you play this game.
  • Are you looking for a nostalgic game and want to jack off at the same time? Then Roundscape Adorevia is the perfect game for you. Complete with an immersive story, hot, and exciting characters, you'll be playing this game for hours. Tons of sex scenes with 13 or even more characters await you. Get Roundscape Adorevia and experience it for yourself.
  • Got tired of the same old erotic game? Especially the ones that are filled with mythical creatures and monsters alike? More importantly, do you love... dogs? If you do, then go ahead and download Space Paws now to have a one of a kind experience in your life. Venture into a new world full of cute and erotic female-human hybrids, in which you’re more than free to do with them anything you desire, if, you know what I mean.
  • Future Fragments is a game that puts Megaman to shame. This game is a platformer that’s perfect for any gamer who loves playing hentai games. The graphics look amazing and the gameplay is simple yet challenging. Another thing to note is the superb voice acting. The voices are enough to make you horny. Try out Future Fragments, it’s damn well worth it.
  • Harem Hotel is a sweet-looking, kinky dating sim where you manage your own hotel of hot chicks. All kinds of girls join your harem to worship your cock, with more on the way via updates from the main developer. Don’t let the colorful art style fool you. This is a game for just about everyone, whether you’re into BDSM or more vanilla sex. Earn tons of money to upgrade your hotel and show off your harem to the world!
  • Dreams of Desire isn’t afraid to put you in perverted situations. The game knows you think about spying on your family members when they’re asleep, and it gives you the power to do the things you always wished you could do. You’ll have to pay up to see all those fantasies come true, but it could be worth your while if you’re into what the game has to offer.
  • Fallen Doll by Project Helius is one of the most stylish VR porn games existing right now. The luxurious heroine Erika and slick setting will make you feel like an elite playboy. The only sex simulator that makes you feel classy and horny at the same time. It is considered the best in replay value of any game in the genre. Download the Fallen Doll demo and squeeze the life out of you, if you know what I mean!
  • If you’re looking for something new to BDSM and furry fetish, then Rack 2 is for you. Rack 2 is a free bondage experiment game where you take control of a scientist. You get to pleasure your furry subjects whichever way you want. What are you waiting for? Play this game and jack off to furries and be the furvert everyone dreams of becoming.
  • Imagine living in a fantasy where you can control the outcome. LoK Rebirth gives you an opportunity to do this. Living your fantasy together with a very hot fox with a huge pair of tits, is all that anyone could ask for. Play LoK Rebirth now and experience all the pleasure this game could give.
  • Are you a horny, D.C. Fan, who wants to dominate the world? Then “Something Unlimited” would be the ultimate gift for you. In this game, you're Lex fucking Luthor, using girls to rebuild your empire. Tame the sluts and fuck them whenever you feel like it. So what are you waiting for? Download the game today and empty your balls!
  • An adult-themed objective-based game that is derived from a blockbuster fiction novel by JK Rowling and became a phenomenal movie franchise, Harry Potter. This is where your gaming experience meets your deep-seated sex fantasies. Just picture yourself with Hermione, Luna, and the rest of the hot fictional characters from the comfort of your home- Head over and download “Innocent Witches”, and test their "innocence" today!
  • Seeds of Chaos lets you live out your darkest, most twisted fantasies by allowing you to play the bad guy. Embrace evil, corruption, and damnation as you find your once hero enslaved by the forces of evil...or maybe you’ve gone in willingly. The choice is yours. Explore a game filled with incredible fetish sex scenes, amazing artwork, engaging storytelling, and hot babes.
  • Good artwork, seemingly nice gameplay, and tons of tits in all shapes and sizes? This wonderful game has all of it. So what are you waiting for? Go home, get undressed, take a bath, and go download the game now to start your new adventure in this new erotic fantasy game called Taffy Tales.
  • Are you looking for that extra eccentric adult game? Have you been fantasizing for a porn game that’s filled with furries because you’re a sick fuck? Well, Panthea is the game for you! Play as the newly recruited Casey as a sales representative in the Panthea world. Fuck to your heart’s content and become the company slut that everyone just passes around! If that doesn’t arouse and tempt you to play this game, then I don’t know what will!
  • Elana Champion of Lust is an erotic flash game that lets you embrace your inner slut. Your job is to go out and bring lust back to a passionless world. Grope, fondle, spread rumors, and fuck your way to victory in this sexy flash game. The game features fantastic artwork, animated fuck scenes, quality writing, and steamy audio. Plus, you can play it for free!
  • Third Crisis combines the unlikely genres of Tactical RPGs and porn games into a masterful free-to-play game with loads of hot content. This game kicks ass. It is fun to play, has hundreds of unlockable sex scenes, and keeps erotic content coming at you non-stop. If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs and hot sluts, then you need to give Third Crisis a shot.
  • Corruption Of Champions 2 is one of the most ambitious porn RPG games out there. It includes furry themes, tons of unique sexual encounters and new stories that get added with each update. There’s an infinite amount of sexy fun to be had within this game and it’s absolutely free to play.
  • Slave Lords of the Galaxy gives you the chance to be the best Master you can be. While the game does have an outrageous sci-fi story about conquering your enemies across the galaxy, you also get to spend plenty of time with your slave. The focus on building trust and obedience with your slave keeps things true to life, helping you grow attached to her and care about her as a person. Slave Lords of the Galaxy gives players an open space to explore fantasies and kinks in ways that no other game offers.
  • Lust Epidemic is the hottest and most intriguing porn game ever made. This game will have you rock hard and thirsty for more of the story throughout. It’s entirely free to play, and as a Patreon funded game, it’s catered to your satisfaction. It also has an extremely well-made sequel that follows in its footsteps, so you’re in for a world of fun.
  • Star Channel 34 is Akabur’s newest and greatest free porn game featuring all the characters from his previous titles. It comes with an extreme amount of features and storylines that you’ll definitely enjoy and new chapters for it come out every few months or so. Make sure to check it out.
  • Virt-A-Mate is the greatest VR porn game currently on the market. It’s Patreon funded, so it’s completely free to play, and it includes an infinite number of women for you to penetrate in any way imaginable. Dive into the world of simulated smut with this game today.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad is the home of a super sexy open-ended porn game in which you play as a hot young babe named Ashley. You get to live out the best years of her life, any way you see fit, with a ton of sexual adventures to choose from along the way. The game is free to play and entirely Patreon funded, so make sure to give it a whirl.
  • Claire’s Quest is an RPG with a unique twist. No fighting. No grinding. None of that bullshit. This is a non-linear game focused on decision making. Every choice you make will influence the entire game. Explore a world packed with lore, stories, and kinky fetishes. Avoid getting raped by monsters while trying to find safety in this strange, dangerous world.
  • BasementalCC.com is one of the most essential adult mods for The Sims 4, adding a ton of gang warfare, underground drug industries, and, of course, police intervention. It’s an amazing way to improve your game with some adult themes. Give your Sims something fun to do with this free mod that is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the game.
  • If you want your high school life back, then Chloe18 is the answer. This adult game wherein you play the character of a shy girl who hasn't experience sex is perfect for you to achieve your wet dreams. This girl will surely bring you to your old frigid self that sluggishly turns into a slutty one. Go and play Chloe18 now and get laid by a bunch of people.
  • Hardcoded is an extremely well-made porn game that’s technically only a demo, but comes with a ton of smut and several characters to choose from. The story is very deep, with a lot of critical implications, giving you a vibe of mystery and intrigue that mixes well with the arousing parts of the game.
  • VaultMan is the home of Camp Pinewood, a super sexy porn dating sim featuring girls from popular cartoons. It’s entirely Patreon funded, and the devs are doing a great job making the game hotter with every single update. Make sure to check it out if you’d like a no-nonsense dating sim with hot sex scenes.
  • Rogue-Like Evolution is a very hot porn game in which you romance girls from the X-Men universe in a variety of sexual positions that are a delight to unlock. Revisit the amazing Marvel universe in a pornographic setting where the training wheels come off, and everyone’s ready for a romp.
  • https://www.patreon.com/Khralzar is the most ambitious open-world porn game that is currently in development. It’s made by furries for furries, but everyone will get a rise out of these super high-quality graphics. This is easily the hottest and most promising porn game out there, and you can check it out right away, long before the official release.
  • Double Homework is one of the greatest porn games of our time. It’s episodic, and there are constantly new episodes coming out. Every single one is hotter than the last, and the girls in this game are worth falling in love with. Tons of sex is just waiting to be had within this game, and it’s all completely free.
  • Witch Hunter Trainer is one of the latest Akabur tributes in which you train a hot and strong-willed girl into sexual submission. The perfect sex slave doesn’t come easy. You’re going to have to slowly whittle her down into the perfect whore, over hours of quality gameplay with tons of sex scenes and dialogue.
  • HnomerStudio is the home of Patreon funded porn game Super Deepthroat 2. It’s a free game in which you can ram your dick down the throats of an infinite number of custom made girls. It’s fully 3D, made in a modern engine and comes with a ton of customizability.
  • Are you looking for a rape-themed, adult-version of Dark Souls? Then The Last Barbarian is the perfect porn game for you. The Last Barbarian features vengeful and sexy Amazonian characters who have to fight through orcs to avoid being raped. Now you can have a boner while playing an adventure game. Play The Last Barbarian today and empty your cum-filled balls!