48+ Patreon Adult Games, Porn Games, Sex Games & Hentai Games
Porn Dude reviews the best porn games of 2020. Find free porn games, hentai games & sex games sorted by quality!
Updated on 15 January 2020

Patreon Adult Games, Porn Games, Sex Games & Hentai Games

I want to play free Patreon adult games of the best indie porn game developers in the world!

Video games are known to have some of the most rabid fanbases in the world. Gamers will spend every penny of the allowance their mom gives them to fill their basements with God of War merchandise and Call of Duty paraphernalia. Some will even dress up as their favorite Final Fantasy characters and hit conventions, embarrassing their parents and losing friends on social media. As much as these dorks, geeks, and neckbeards love their PlayStations and X-Boxes, it’s hard to imagine they’re as devoted to their hobbies as the perverts who jack off to these Patreon adult games.

A lot of porno video games were designed mostly just to make a buck, with elaborate gacha systems built into even the “free” games to sucker you out of real money. These Patreon games are true labors of love to the deviates who have created them. What you’ll find here are games created by horny geeks aiming to create their own, perfect interactive masturbatory fodder.

And you know what? It looks like they succeeded. These pornographic Patreon games have inspired such eager followings that the creators can give them away for free and still finance the next installment with donations from fans eager for more. When was the last time you heard of legions of Halo players sending monthly checks just because they enjoy the gameplay so much? Let that be a lesson, Microsoft: give your players boners, and they may fall in love.

What kind of Patreon porn games can I expect to play?

I hate to put all these perverted geeks in the same box, but adult games on Patreon have certain leanings. It seems like fantasy RPGs with a ton of sex are the most common form of adult game that thrives on the platform. Maybe it has to do with the deep storylines; players don’t just get hooked on the hentai sex scenes and animated gangbangs–they get hooked on the characters, the gameplay, and the world.

You’ll find a lot of top-down perspectives as you explore science-fiction lands full of big-boobed monsters who want to crush you beneath their bubble butts. You’ll fight turn-based battles, swinging swords that look like giant dicks and unlocking new, more powerful, sexier attacks.

Travel from town to town as a big-dicked knight in an eroge adventure where you save the world and bang a lot of princesses along the way. You’ll build harems and control powerful parties as you traverse the land, unlocking exclusive anime fuck flicks, outfits, and new manga broads to bang.

Of course, there’s room for all kinds of interactive depravity on the platform, and it gets more popular all the time. Keep your eye on this list, and you may find independent sex games of all types, from Patreon porn Platformer’s to eroge visual novels, maybe even some VR porn games.

Am I forced to support these Patreon sex games developers in order to play their XXX games?

Usually not. As I said, these games truly are a labor of love to their creators. They tend to be extremely eager for players around the world to experience the perverted storylines and bang all the hentai goddesses, naughty schoolgirls, and buxom warrior princesses they’ve come up with. Typically, you can download some version of these games for free.

Of course, pitching in does sometimes have its perks. Not only do you help support the developer, ensuring they don’t have to get a real job or move back into mom’s basement, but patrons often get exclusive access to all kinds of shit. I’m talking about things like first dibs on new versions, bonus hentai artwork, the ability to vote on new content, and in-game features that the cheapskates don’t get to enjoy. Some developers will even turn you into a character in the game if you’re one of the big donators, letting you finally bone the anime demon queen of your fantasies.

What are the best Patreon adult games in 2020?

You’re looking at them, partner. The Patreon porn games on this list are the absolute best in the world. The gameplay is fun and engaging, the storylines really suck you in, and the sex scenes and artwork are 100% fappable. They’ve got a good ratio of gameplay to naughty bits, too; you won’t be grinding away for hours just to see one bad drawing of a pirate broad getting a peg leg up the butt.

Not only do these in the porn games have The Porn Dude seal of approval, but they’ve also got the vocal and monetary support of gaming perverts around the world. People are absolutely itching for more hentai RPG action from RanneRo, the perverted minds behind The Curse of Pleasure. The same goes for Kamidory Alchemy Meister, a tactical eroge with a focus on crafting, lolicon, sexy succubi, BDSM, and slime monsters.

There’s also Evenicle if you’re looking for a 3D sex RPG with an incestuous love triangle in a world where monogamy is a commandment. Fans of first-person dungeon crawling who also like the idea of having sex with an ancient fox spirit are encouraged to check out Sakura Dungeon. Treasure Hunter Claire has sexy, cute sprites and a lot of titillating voice acting to help really immerse you in the world of Alstroemeria.

PornDude, what’s your favorite Patreon adult game?

I’ve got to agree with the nearly 1000 patrons currently supporting The Curse of Pleasure. The storyline is pretty deep while managing to remain completely perverted the entire way through. The top-down perspective is overlaid with some really gorgeous hentai that may have you fapping away as you try to click through the dialogue. I’m not sure how many hours of gameplay are here, but I haven’t made my way through it yet.

PornDude, these game designers are making a killing. How do I create my own porn game?

Start by being a socially isolated nerd who finds comfort in video games and computing, then just spend a few decades committing to a lifestyle of basement-dwelling, coding, and growing a thick and luxurious beard on your neck.

Nah, I am just kidding. There’s definitely a learning curve to it, but it’s easier than it’s ever been to create your own porn video game. Take a coding class online or just start with RPG Maker like a lot of these geeky perverts do. In no time, you’ll have deviates around the world throwing money at you so they can experience your own fantasies of monster smashing, furry sex, and tentacle rape.

Even if you don’t start developing your own Patreon sex games, I recommend checking this list often to see what’s big and new in the world of indie gaming. New games are appearing online all the time, and do you really have time to play and fap-test every one of them? I didn’t think so. Let your old friend The Porn Dude do the heavy lifting, clicking, and finding the best Patreon adult games out there.