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Panthea Leave2gether

Are you part of the 1% that gets off to furry porn? Well, lend me your ears and prepare your ass cheeks because boy oh boy, do I have the game for you, you sick fuck! Panthea is all about a human girl, Casey, living in the same apartment with a rabbit demi-human, and how she earns and spends money. Casey is the new sales assistant of Galaxy Pumps. In your office, you meet a couple of sex-crazed, pheromone-driven furries and one human male.

That’s the basic description of what Panthea is all about. Depending on how much of a sick bastard you are, you can get off to all the sex scenes Panthea has to offer with every character present. You can also take the perfectionist route and actually do your fucking job. Panthea has been described as a financial survival and a Hentai-RPG, so you can bet your blue balls that this is more than just an average adult video game!

Are you craving something special?

Anything? Anything other than anger from playing with absolute fucktards? Well then, I’m here to solve that little problem of yours. Sure, lust isn’t a great thing to feel most of the time, but hey, what other emotion could you have as a pitiful, pathetic pervert, am I right? Don’t get your man titties in a twist, because we both know that it’s kinda true.

Anyways, I’ll let you in on a game that’s sure to fulfill and satisfy your desire of cross-species fornication and furry-on-furry action. It’s Panthea! I did say before that this game is a financial survival game, much like Insexsity (which you should go and try!) where you have to go back and forth between work, home, the bar, the beach, and the mall. It seems quite stale, right? Stop complaining before you’ve even tried the game, you fuckwit!

Panthea is more than just that because the Leave2gether team worked hard for you to be satisfied with the sex scenes the game gives you. Now that’s sure to get your tiny little wee-wee throbbing in excitement! At least I hope it does because you need to buckle up for this review! Prepare your weak-heart, your easily aroused peen, and a new incognito browser because you’ll wanna play this game when I’m done.

As you begin

The Leave2gether team doesn’t mess around when they really want you to start playing. After all the disclaimers and loading screens (which, unfortunately, takes a long fucking time), you’re already placed in Casey’s and Lana’s apartment. You’ll quickly find out that the game is suited for simpletons like you because everything is operated with the left click! Yay for being a fuckwit!

You’ll find this a perfect feature of the game because you’ll be paying more attention to jacking it rather than playing the game itself. You’ll only be taking control of Casey - already dressed sluttily so you can start chubbing up. All you need to do is get used to how the whole game functions with dialogues and interactions, perfectly presented on the first screen. Doesn’t sound too hard for your mushy cabbage brain, right?

The Dialogue

Overall, it’s meh. I mean, the reason you’re playing it is for the naked furries, furry tits, furry pussy, nude women, human tits, and human pussy… do you really give a damn about the dialogue? But you know, if you take the time to appreciate it, it’s still meh. I mean, sure they give the game a little more dimension, with a whole story arc and everything but it’s nothing special. Great scenes, though.

Actual Gameplay

Like I said before, in case your peanut brain forgot, this game is all operated with your left click. Reminiscent of the older Newgrounds times when almost every good Hentai-RPG was all operated the same way. I’m not kidding. You legitimately move, interact, build-up, climax, and everything with a left-click! Oh boy, you’ll develop a strong index finger, you might even need to buy a new mouse (if your mouse is shitty and filled with Cheeto dust).

You work as a “sales rep,” but you’ll do so much more. Act as the perfect office slut as you fuck every coworker, bartender, friend, and a whole lot more. There’s more to Panthea than just fucking. You’ll have to monitor your hunger, sluttiness, and other bonus stats that you may receive as you play. You’ll need to maintain those because if you want to get almost all of those steamy scenes, you’ll need to keep those up.

Plenty of sex scenes will pop up depending on the relationships that you have with everyone you can interact with; your skills are essential too. Like you’ll need a level 10 relationship with someone to give them a handjob. There I simplified how to achieve the oh so great sex scenes for your inbred degenerate self.

If you’re lacking the conviction to complete the game all in one sitting - which I know your pathetic self can do. Panthea has a save feature that works like any other save feature. Save your progress and pick it up at a later time. Because you think you have a life - whatever floats your boat, shit head.

Everything Else

Though I haven’t reached that far into the game - because I don’t want to waste too much of my time. Hey, I have to write this shit for you! I still tried to get most of the scenes so I can give a proper review of the sex because that’s what’s important when you’re reading this, right? I mean, I’m not into all of that furry shit, but I know you are. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s weird fetish.

Fulfill all of the weird fetishes that you didn’t know you had with this game. Furry to Furry, human to human, furry to human and human to furry, because why not, right? Not to mention that the Leave2gether team actually included decent variations to all of the sex that Casey goes through. They included more than just your typical missionaries; they gave you tit jobs, blow jobs, anal, spit roasting, and a whole lot more.

Stop getting excited about that, you dirty prick. You’ll encounter bonus scenes as well. Where your coworker jacks it to an imaginary image of you or your rabbit demi-human roommate getting dicked down by her cute little pet cat. Just keep playing, and you’ll definitely come to appreciate those scenes in the Panthea world.

The Nitty-Gritty

If it wasn’t already clear to your two brain cells, this game is chock full of sex. So what does this mean? This means that there are plenty of boobs, breasts, cocks, dicks, pussies, vaginas, and did I mention tits? Yeah, plenty of those. Not to mention the endless amounts of sex you’ll have go through, watch and jerk off to. Yeah, not just one-on-one, you’ll make Casey go through threesomes and group sex. Celebrate! It’s gonna be cumshots galore!

The Graphics

If you go and play the earlier versions of this game, you’ll find that the graphics are complete and utter shit. However, if you pull out a couple of dollars out of your barren wallet, then you’ll gain access to their newer versions, which contain better and more gameplay time. Gameplay graphics are pretty okay - if you get over it, and the latest releases have some higher quality art and better CG animations. Now, doesn’t that sound a little tempting?

Still Under Development

Despite the game being free, it still has a lot to offer because the Leave2gether team wanted to supply the free version to the horny masses - you included. Although Panthea is free, if you can spare some money, then you can gain access to new releases before the other poor people can. Thankfully, the team that developed Panthea can be found on Patreon; you can find all of the different offers they have so you can decide how much you want to spend on their game.

Recommendations for Improvement

There’s not much I recommend because for me playing the free version, the game had plenty to offer. The art, animation, audio, and gameplay was good enough in my book. So I don’t have any input. However, some of the righteous dumbasses think that they are entitled to give their negative judgment of the game, despite Panthea being a great game. Don’t be a part of those losers, and just enjoy the game.

PornGames likes Panthea Leave2gether

  • 4

PornGames hates Panthea Leave2gether

  • Straightforward instructions for idiots like you
  • Plenty of immersive gameplay
  • An above-average storyline
  • Fulfills many fetishes
  • A variety of characters
  • Lots of sex
  • Titties
  • And a lot of fucking titties