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Tales Of Androgyny

BOOBS! Boobs are everywhere! Yeah, you would like that, wouldn’t you? If you’re one of those people who prefer to hide in their room while looking at erotic animes, then the Tales of Androgyny is something you should really try. The game is a turn-based role-playing game that features with creatures with androgynous characteristics, to the idiots that don’t know what that means, it simply translates to nude creatures! Yes, nude, sexy, and exotic creatures.

If you desire to look at feminine-like characters, and sometimes there are others with a fucking dong, then you should definitely try the Tales of Androgyny. However, the game’s current state is still on its alpha release phase. Therefore, most of the major systems are already completed as the developers are now sequentially adding new content and features to the game, thus having more reasons to play, fuckers!

Here We Go, Again

Welcome to the new world full of erotic scenes and a lot of fucking! The Tales of Androgyny. It is a place where a fantasy world full of exotic and erotic feminine-like creatures exist. As you start the game, you’re immediately teleported to the world full of androgynous creatures as you take on a procedurally-generated adventure that is filled with tons of combat encounters against various kinds of enemies that wants to fuck your character big time.

You start your adventure as you partake in the role of a hero, ironically enough, the character’s name is “Hiro.” As you progress throughout the game, part of your goal is to manage your health and hunger to continue exploring; you don’t want your energy down when the opportunity arises in fucking random creatures in the game, right?

The Overall Gameplay

The Tales of Androgyny has almost everything that you would fucking expect in a role-playing game, plus the actual fucking, though. It has all the things that you would expect in a game like this, such as stats, equipment, spells, items, different classes, and so much more. However, what sets Tales of Androgyny apart from the rest of the erotic games are scenes full of fucking. They are not only a cutscene, but are part of the game itself!

If you still haven’t got your head out of your ass yet, what I’m trying to say is that the sex scenes, like, literally the fucking scenes, you have complete control over it. Yes! That’s exactly what it means you ignorant little fuck; you have total and complete control over the animations full of boobs, dicks, pussies, and a lot of fucking and sucking. There are things like you can get boned in the middle of a fucking fight, or get fucked from behind randomly.

If you don’t fucking get what I’m trying to say, then imagine this, when you’re in a stance-based combat system, your character would lose fatigue over time, and that is when Hiro would get down on both knees to recover. However, while doing that, there’s a high chance that you would get mouth-fucked as you’re already kneeled down, ready to take a beating with a “cock-meat sandwich.”

The Graphics

If you’re fucking asking me on how is the game’s graphics, then I would fucking say a ten out of fucking ten! Alis is one of the favorite artists in the world when it comes to hentai artwork. What can I say? There’s nothing I fucking love more than a beautifully drawn fuckable ass of a fucking crossbreed of centaurs, mermaids, giants, and other mystical creatures alike. I have literally no complaints when it comes to their artwork in the game! Fucking amazing!

The Content Writing Of The Game

In an erotic game like the Tales of Androgyny, the beautifully erotic artwork would be all for nothing if there’s no good content writer behind it to make the animations and scenes alive for a more immersive experience. Maj, the content writer and also the coder of the game, writes like a fucking professional novelist, the content in the game adds humor to something astonishingly erotic, which adds to the list of reasons on why you should play this.

The User’s Experience

Let's start talking about the overall experience of the player when they start an adventure in the Tales of Androgyny; I am simply referring to the overall replayability of the game. What I’m trying to fucking say is that to add to the overall user experience, the game must have high potential when it comes to playing it again and again. Whenever a simpleton like yourself feels like playing it again only to feel a little tingle in your little dick again.

In every game, there is always that stingy feeling down in your stinky hairy balls that is stopping you from playing a game again, especially a role-playing game. However, the feeling is the same when it comes to the Tales of Androgyny. There isn’t much variation, when replaying the game, aside from jerking off at the erotic artwork again.

Oh, did I mention that the Tales of Androgyny has a free-form play mode? Because that is one of the fun-fucking-tastic reasons why this game is off the chain!... That’s street lingo for “awesome,” if you have no fucking clue on what I’m talking about. A free-form play mode simply means that you get the chance to roam the fantasy world of the game to whatever the fuck that pleases you the most, which means you can fuck any creature you like.

What I Don’t Like About The Game

If you’ve read the content stated above, then you would probably realize that there isn’t that much to hate about this game. Hell, I would even consider it close to perfection, despite being a game made for the horny adult audiences. I have personally gone through the game, and what can I say? The game is actually good, especially in terms of replaying it all over again. Therefore, I can honestly say that there’s nothing that I don’t like about the game.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

To most of the fucking players, whoever dared to play erotic games like the Tales of Androgyny or some other titles, the most important part of it is the replayability. It’s an erotic game for Pete’s sake! Who the fuck would play an erotic game in one go? Certainly not me! And I would assume that the feelings are mutual to the rest of men. Therefore, the most crucial part of an erotic game is its replayability, as most of the people would play it again only to jerk off to it.

However, the game is quite good overall, if you don’t believe me then go play it for yourself, I don’t actually need to fucking bore you with a huge wall of text saying how good or bad it is. Moreover, the Tales of Androgyny is free to download and play, so you won’t have to suck your mom’s tits to ask for their credit card to buy this fucking game. Moreover, the only thing I want to add to this game is to make developers speed things up with the additional content.


Overall, I would consider the Tales of Androgyny to be one of the best erotic games as of the moment, especially when it comes to the experience of the player. To be straightforward, Maj is a skilled developer, in which accompanied by one the best hentai artist in the west, Alis. If you’re asking me personally, I would rate this game an eight out of 10 as I wouldn’t consider the Tales of Androgyny close to being complete.

When it comes to the overall experience that the game provides, it all comes down to the question of how annoying it would be to play the Tales of Androgyny. The game doesn’t actually have any shortcomings as the player is given complete control over the game with the use of a mouse, keyboard, and other basic controls. Moreover, the Tales of Androgyny is a game worth wasting your time on, so why don’t you give it a try?

Moreover, two more things set the Tales of Androgyny on top of most of its competitors, and those are Maj and Alis. Maj is an outstanding writer and coder, in which he created the game with fucking finesse, but all of that is for nothing if the artwork is complete bullshit. And that is where Alis comes in, as her ability to draw characters and animations of feminine traits with a fuckable ass is almost unparalleled

PornGames likes Tales Of Androgyny

  • Marvelous gameplay overall
  • The free-form play mode
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Immersive animations
  • Tits
  • tits everywhere
  • You’ll see more boobs here than 30 years of your life

PornGames hates Tales Of Androgyny

  • The repetitive gameplay
  • Limited erotic animations
  • I was expecting more boobs