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Elana Champion Of Lust

It’s about time I get to play a porn game that doesn’t fuck around with hours of dialog and boring-ass exposition before I get to see some hot bitch get railed. Seriously, I don’t know how you cucks play some of these games. I’m not used to sitting on my hands and waiting to get pussy like the rest of you. I can go out and get just about any dimepiece to bend over and let me take her to town. I’m not about to wait around and play some RPG for hours before some elf slut spreads her legs for me.

That’s why I’m introducing you fucks to Elana Champion of Lust. This game is an adventure style porn game made by Knot Games with lots of hot, kinky sex it in. It’s not quite as fleshed out as a visual novel, but its got a fair bit of plot to keep some of you nerds hooked on the story or whatever. The game has been in development since back in 2015, with the first chapter of the story releasing later that same year. There are currently two chapters that have been released, with the third one still in development.

Get the Newest Version for a $1 a Month or Try Out the Free Public Version

If you want to play the newest version of the game, then you’ll have to cough up some dosh on the Patreon page, which can be found at But it’s not like you’re paying out a lot of cash. That subscription will only run you a dollar a month. Not too bad for exclusive access to the game. You cucks spend 10 times that on figures and body pillows anyway. If you’re really not able to scrounge together a fucking dollar, then you can find a public version that is available for free over at

The game starts with some exposition, but that only takes a few minutes. It’s not like you’re sitting down for a fucking novel worth of text. Basically, some king went crazy and had his powerful mages take lust and passion away from everyone on the island because they weren't productive enough. Of course, that didn’t work out how he thought it would.

Spread Naughty Rumors, Grope Villagers, and Make Everyone Horny Again!

He essentially turned the island into fucking modern-day Japan. The birth rate went way down. Everyone started focusing on their jobs and not, you know, fucking or having fun. People started dying. Shit was bad, really bad. But people started having sex again just to stop extinction, but there wasn’t any lust in it. Kind of like if you cucks ever have sex. That poor babe will by lying there bored out of her damn mind after you give a good three thrusts and dribble out a nut.

But the spirit of lust and passion wasn’t banished forever. You play as a busty blonde fairy chick named Elana. She stumbles across the spirit in the woods and promptly becomes overcome with lust and starts deepthroating his spirit cock. After that, they go for round two, and she is chosen as his champion to bring lust and passion back to the people of the island. The dialog here is funny and keeps you interested. I liked how the game takes a laid back position when it comes to the exposition and all of that shit.

This is where the actual game gets started. At its basics, the game is about resource& time management. You go around attempting to influence people of the village by becoming invisible and putting kinky thoughts into their heads, spreading naughty rumors, or by a whole slew of nasty things. But there are a few other factors that play into the game. Doing things costs energy, which you only have so much of every day. Don’t worry; there aren’t any bullshit microtransactions that you have to deal with to get energy back. You just take a fucking nap.

Simple Yet Fun Gameplay Centered Around Resource/Time Management

Also, going around and exposing hot babe’s tits or grabbing the crotches of priests will bring in some unwanted attention. You’re trying to avoid being spotted and attacked by people like wizards or clerics who would have you killed for spreading lust. So, you want to balance your efforts across multiple areas in the village to avoid getting captured. As you go, you unlock new tricks and kinky things that you can do to people. These tricks need magic to work, and you can replenish magic by jerking off or getting fucked by the lust sprit’s meaty cock.

If you are spotted, you’ll have to do battle against your captors. You’ll want to use a combination of physical and lust attacks to wear down your attacker’s armor and make them horny enough to where they can’t fight you any longer. If they become overcome with lust before you get knocked out, then you win and can keep going. If you’re knocked out, then you get dragged to the dungeon and have to waste energy trying to escape. Losing is more of a setback instead of a game over. The game takes it pretty easy on you. Winning fights and increasing influence will earn you experience that you need to unlock new kinky abilities and sex scene “rituals.”

Kinky Sex Scenes, Amazing Artwork, and Naughty Sound Effects

The main sex scenes may take a little while to get to, but at least this game is full of sexy ass artwork. Every action you do will net you a hot illustration of some babe groping her tits or flashing her pussy. Even the battles end in the enemy orgasming if you win. Shit is hot as fuck. And the art style is pretty unique. I dig it. It’s western-style artwork that looks like it came right out of a fairytale book, only with a lot more sluts getting fucked.

Free-to-play Android Version Plays Just Like the Desktop Game!

The art, music and dialog are all done pretty well. You don’t get full voice acting, but you do get hot and heavy moans during the sex scenes. And that plenty for me. I’m happy to bust a couple of nuts to this sexy fairy bitch getting fucked by the spirit of lust. And the gameplay was pretty sweet as well. It’s simple but easy to get hooked into. It’s the kind of game you could idly mess around with to kill some time. And, in case you didn’t see on the site, there is an Android version of the game that you can download that runs and plays just as well as the desktop version does.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The gameplay was a lot of fun. I liked that it was quick and easy to get started. I can’t stand when a sex game tries to be super fucking complicated and make you sift through two dozen menus just to get going. These developers have to know that we all just want to jerk off to some hot toon sluts. Elana Champion of Lust has a lot of great things going for it. The story is half-decent without being overbearing, the sex scenes are frequent and hot as fuck, the audio is solid, and the game was fun to play. You really can’t get much better than that.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I don’t have any bad things to say about Elana Champion of Lust. It’s a simple, fun, and sexy flash game that doesn’t try to be anything other than that. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the game is full of fucking. I do wish there were some more non-vanilla fetishes in the game, but I can’t have everything.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Elana Champion of Lust is a fun ass porn game that you should consider playing. Hell, it’s free to play. It’s not like any of you cucks have anything better to do. What, were you going to go out with someone? Fucking doubt it. So, sit your ass down and download this quality porn game and bust a few nuts to something other than that same porn video you’ve watched a million times. I highly recommend you all give this game a shot and throw the creator a buck or two if you had a good time.

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  • Fully Animated Sex Scenes
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