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Witch Trainer

You ever watch Harry Potter and think to yourself: Damn, I’d like to Hermione take a cock up the ass? Of course, you have. Everyone has. After about the fourth or fifth film or so, or at whatever point she becomes legal, I don’t remember. It was a long time ago. The point is, everyone wants to fuck Hermione. If you’re particularly weird, you might also want to see Hermione get fucked by Professor Snape. Personally, I can’t get behind that shit, but to each his own. Witch Trainer is here to let you live out your wildest fantasies in the Harry Potter universe.

Story Doesn’t Waste Your Time

I like my porn games with a thick intro that gets out of the way really quickly so I can get to the good stuff. That’s exactly what you get with Witch Trainer. You start the game off in Dumbledore’s office, but he’s not there. You’re sitting in his chair, asking yourself how you got there. The implication is that you’re a wizard. You're either from another dimension or, at the very least, from another country. You’re not in your comfort zone. You have accidentally warped yourself into Hogwarts and in the place of the headmaster. You also use magic to make sure that no-one noticed that you’ve swapped.

You realize very quickly that this school is filled with hot girls that you can turn into your own personal love slaves, so you decide to stick around. The game has a certain point and click vibe to it, but for the most part, you stay within your office. The items in the office don’t change, but the context you use them in does. The students are constantly being sent in and out of your office for various reasons, and you play the best headmaster you can, while trying to carefully edge them closer to taking a cock up their snatch. It’s the perfect fantasy for any Harry Potter lovers that didn’t appreciate the lack of hardcore penetration.

It’s interesting that Akabur, the original developer, decided to include Snape as an ally to the main character. Snape’s magic apparently lets him discover your secret rather quickly. While he initially intends to blow your cover and blow you away, you dissuade him, and he immediately joins you on your quest to conquer teen girl pussy. It’s a dream come true.

Hermione – Best Girl

Hermione is pretty much the face you’re going to be seeing the most of, especially in the original game. She’s an absolute prude and pretty much takes offense to everything you say, but you stay the course. You know you’ll break her eventually. She’s written very similarly to how she acts in the movies. A boring old lady who doesn’t know how to have fun, stuck in the body of a hot ass teenage girl. Damn shame. Well, you’re here to fix all that with patience and trickery.

The game has two endings, and I’ll try not to spoil them, but let’s say that you get to decide whether Hermione is the best girl or whether instead, you’d like to have a buffet deal that doesn’t include her. It’s kind of sad that the game is a bit limited, but it does its job quite well. It’s not too long or too short, instead of giving you a nice sense way to spend an evening. It’s got some replayability value, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you fall in love with this game and you’re hungry for more, I’d recommend the silver version.

The Silver Version

While the world of porn games owes Akabur a great deal for Witch Trainer, the community appreciated his work so much that a few people decided to band together and make Witch Trainer even better. Calling themselves Silver Studio Games, these folks are working hard on the so-called silver version of the game. This game takes everything the base game did well and improves on it tenfold.

They didn’t fix anything, because there was nothing to fix. They do, however, add a shitton of girls, locations, quests, and general quality of life improvements to make the game even more loaded with content. There’s just so much more you can do with Hermione and the other girls in this version that it guarantees that much more fun for those long and lonely nights. I’d recommend that you start with the original then move onto the silver version if you’re feeling particularly addicted to training witches.

I wish I could tell you which game is better, but Akabur set the bar really high, and Silver Studio Games managed to leap high enough to match him. Both of these games are absolutely perfect, from Akabur’s ridiculously sexy art style to the peak perfection writing that you get throughout the entire game, fucking Hermione is going to feel like all of your dreams coming true.

A Staple of Porn Gaming

I’ve been reviewing porn games for a very long time, and Witch Trainer is one of those titles that really changed the scene. I think it came out in late 2014, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s not like the game has an initial release page. Still, I remember it being all the rage in 2015. Every single porn game site had this game at the tippy top. Akabur really knew what he was doing throughout the development process.

I mean, the game is made in RenPy, which is really popular in the porn game scene for some reason that I don’t understand. Maybe it makes visual novels easier to code; I don’t know. I’d still assume that Unity would make things that much easier, but RenPy makes games auto-load in browser, so there’s probably less overhead.

Naturally, this meant that everywhere you went in 2015, you’d see a hosted version of Witch Trainer, with no link back to the developer, because people are animals. Now you know, Akabur changed the game, and Silver Studio Games are taking it to the next level. Show both of their Patreon accounts some proper respect if you are as addicted to these games as I am.

The Art Style

I’ve been very clear about this – Akabur is an art wizard. I don’t normally let cartoons give me boners, because that’s juvenile shit, but if they’re done right, they’re just about as hot as real flesh and blood chicks, and that’s the case here. Akabur really knows how to get your blood pumping. Right off the bat, when you see Hermione all clothed and covered up, you get a boner.

I guarantee you; you will want to fuck her. It’s not just about sexiness; Akabur knows how to tease you. It’s not just about knowing how to draw a good nipple; you want to want the nipple really hard before the reward comes your way. You have to build suspense and dole out the rewards bit by bit. Hermione doesn’t just become a slut overnight. Even after you get to a point where you can undress her, she’s still a prude. She’s still bitchy and standoffish. That just makes you want to fuck her more. If she suddenly turned all subservient and whorish, you’d hate that. It would break the fantasy.

Extended Universe

This game has gotten a ridiculous amount of mods over the years; it’s almost unbelievable. I mean, let’s say you want to play through the game with a black Hermione. Maybe you got yourself an ebony fetish, or you’re tired of bony white girls. Either way, the community’s not here to judge. You’re free to mod yourself an ebony Hermione with the click of a button. You can play the entire game with this mod, and you’ll have no bugs or problems whatsoever.

The community is also super active with the silver version updates, with new content coming out every couple of months or so. They’re always free to download, and you can nab them really fast. They’re uploaded to Mega, so you know they’re staying up for a while. Plus, you can patch your old game if you don’t want to redownload everything.

Personally, I’d recommend that you set aside some quality time, like an hour or two, and download both of the full versions. – The latest versions for the Akabur and the silver versions and play them both, because why the fuck not. You’re going to have a very long and enjoyable time jacking off.

Plus, in the silver version, you get to fuck around with Luna Lovegood, and really who can say no to that? She’s the best character in the Harry Potter franchise for upstaging little miss goody two shoes Granger. The game is currently available on Android and PC as well as Mac. You can thank RenPy for the cross-platform compatibility. So what are you waiting for? Go get a free copy and stop reading this review.

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