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Four Elements Trainer

4 elements trainer! Are you one of those people who had a great childhood with television shows? Then you’ve probably heard of the anime called “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” If not, then go and get a childhood you insufferable cunt, I’m not going to explain the whole damn series to you if that’s what you’re fucking expecting me to do. However, I am going to show you a game that combines two of your favorite things; Anime and late-night wet dreams.

Four Elements Trainer is based on the anime “Avatar,” but it’s not going to be the show that you used to enjoy. Instead, this is a game that every ambitious cocksucker would love to play within their mom’s basement. If you ever had a crush in the anime when you were a kid, especially in the Avatar series, would you let the moment pass up if you’re allowed to fuck all of them with whatever position you like virtually? Fuck no! Right?

You Don’t Have To Be Alone Every Night

I know, I know! You’re alone either in your mom’s attic or basement, but if you’re just an average wanker who is obsessed with porn along with video games, then you won’t have to cry yourself to sleep every night you lonely bastard. You would have this game to thank as it would submerge you to a whole new fucking world of fantasy full of tits and pussies that you can fuck, starring with the female stars of the anime, Avatar.

To all the fucking idiots who still don’t understand what I’m trying to say, let me explain to you more clearly as I would assume that you have a brain as the size of a fucking peanut. The Four Elements Trainer is a dating simulator while also being developed as a Visual Novel, and the setting of this game is from the original anime series, Avatar. There are also over a hundred different scenes, all of them are unique, with many more to come in the future updates.

A Game You Won’t Easily Forget

In the original Avatar series, the whole story is divided into three books; earth, water, and fire. While the game mostly follows on the historical events that the original series took place, you would later find out that the game has a twist to the story, but not just any twist, some bends, curls, and squats as well, yes I’m talking about fucking, idiot!

The Start Of Your Journey

You’re living in a modern time fantasy world as an average fucking joe, and as you start to enjoy your daily video game routine, news broke out that the fucking Avatar is dead. However, you didn’t pay any attention to any of that crap, and all of a sudden, a spirit shows herself and with a rocking hot body with very nice tits to match saying that you’re chosen to be the next Avatar.

You, as the new Avatar, must travel across the lands to train your powers in bending all four elements. However, the avatar training suddenly became a worldwide hunt for desirable pussies as you would track down the previous Avatar’s enemies and companions, and erotically “plug their holes” with your Avatar dick. For starters, you will be given a chance to fuck Katara, Toph, and many other characters found on the original Avatar anime series.

The Actual Gameplay

If you’ve ever played Witch Trainer or Princess Trainer from Akabur, then you would be very familiar with the overall gameplay of this game. It may sound repetitive to you, but this game still holds its own, especially when you’re trying to bust a nut. I can fucking guarantee that you’re finished before you’re done with the first book of the game’s storyline.

Also, there is an option to skip some storylines and jump directly to later chapters; however, the developers would warn you beforehand that the story wouldn’t make sense anymore. I mean, fucking seriously? If a bastard is looking to bust a nut on short notice, then this option is fucking helpful.

There is also a feature in the game that you can visit the girls in their own home and start creating “relationships” with them so that you could have a chance to go balls-deep with those girls. However, to achieve that level of fucking, you must be prepared to actually court the girl such as holding hands, kissing, midnight walks, and the rest of the bullshit the game lets you put up with.

Voice Casting

Praise the universe that the development team of Four Elements Trainer decided not to get a voice actor for the girls in the game. However, it does have a lot of sound effects as there’s a tone when you sell items to a vendor, the sound of a bubbly liquid when drinking a potion. But the cumshots of your Avatar are a bit cartoonish, which is hardly acceptable to some viewers and players.


The opening music is made from real instruments as it’s led by a piano. If you ever find yourself actually to stick around and listen to it, you would realize that the melody is indeed going places. However, the soundtrack selection for fucking is like you’re fucking someone inside the dumpster. Not over it nor beside it, inside the fucking dumpster.

What I Don’t Like About This Game

There’s so many unnecessary swearing in the game along with its fucking crude joke that is annoying as fuck. Both of these things are entirely irrelevant to the game, as it would also fuck up the game’s overall aesthetics. The dialog of the whole game was practically pissed by the original Avatar anime, and that is assuming that the developers of Avatar would cater to teenage kids.

For fuck’s sake, I’m just getting started with the things I disliked in the game. If you’ve played this game and you would fucking know how much does the gameplay suck. It’s even worse than the most basic form of games as the gameplay of Four Elements Trainer is the very fucking definition of repetitive! Not to mention that you’re only limited to two fucking actions each day!

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

The art style of the game could’ve at least placed more detail or more emphasis on the main focus of the game, the female character’s private parts! Yes, I’m talking about boobs and pussies, it’s highly recommended to put more “color” to the main attraction of the game, or else you’re going to lose potential players.

The game has various soundtracks for its sound effects as there’s a specific sound for a particular event such as when you sell some loot or drinking a potion. However, the overall sound quality of the erotic scenes was a bit dull and boring as your ungrateful little dick would rather fall asleep as soon as you hear them. I’m not being sarcastic, the soundtrack when you’re fucking in the game would literally let your dick fall asleep.

The overall gameplay of the Four Elements Trainer would let you think that you’re in the universe of the anime called Avatar. However, as the dialog of the sex scene starts, that immersion would take a fucking break without warning as the characters would use languages that are degrading, such as “whore,” “shit,” and “fuck.”

And lastly, I can’t fucking stress this enough, don’t ever fucking make a pornographic game if you’re going to be lazy when it comes to the animation of the main event, the sex! No imbecile would fucking care about the animation of a quest, gameplay, or the delivery of the storyline. Don’t ever forget the main reason why people play this game, as it’s partly for the story, but 98 percent of it is because of the amount of fucking you’re going to do it.


Four Elements Trainer is surprisingly fun to play with as I would find it so fucking hot to see those childhood anime sweethearts sucking and fucking their way throughout the game. I would expect other people to also enjoy the hell out of this game despite its enormous flaws and gameplay that would seem like it’s on an infinite repeat. However, I bet you would still enjoy it because you’ve probably never experienced anything better than this game.

If you’re one of those idiots that adored the anime so much as a child, then there’s no doubt that you would fucking love this game as you couldn’t wait to go home and play this under your sheets with a box of tissues on standby.

PornGames likes Four Elements Trainer

  • Mesmerizing erotic animation
  • Easy to use controls
  • A handful of features
  • Fucking the characters from Avatar
  • Finally knowing the feeling what it’s like to fuck that bitch Azula

PornGames hates Four Elements Trainer

  • Easily-drawn graphics
  • The crappy music when fucking
  • Generic movements and animations