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Fallen Doll

Now, I am going to exhaustively discuss one of the most impressive and mouthwatering 18+ virtual reality sex simulators, the rising Fallen Doll (PC) developed by our masters - Project Helius. It is a user-defined resolution and difficulty erotic simulation game that was released last 2018, August 2. Demo version is free, while for the latest news, a Patreon subscription required. In short, another boner game for us losers!

I’m a sad introvert, and I wanna fuck some fine-ass bitch

If you have no real-life-scoring-thot skills, then you look for an alternative. That is having a virtual sex android like one of the bests a la "Blad Runner"/"Westworld"/"Cherry 2000", at that point, this game will certainly satisfy your cravings of what you cannot have in reality you sad fat loser. I shit you not; you will go bonkers.

Coming (not cumming, you thirsty pervert) in VR and non-VR renditions, the previous release would not give you any hesitation to improve your erectile experience. Yet, unfortunately, this review will just be taking a look at the non-VR form.

The beta demo (in this case, 1.22.9) just contains an endless mode and a few reasonable missing options. Furthermore, the story mode isn't accessible. Nonetheless, the fundamental reason is basic: The fantastic opening of the Erotes Nightclub includes a cutting edge bionic humanoid robot codenamed Erika. This bitch will be at your service and will do lots of jobs for you, as long as you can afford to stay there.

You need to have your inhaler with you

The main objective in the "Endless Mode" is simply to fuck the brains out of Erika through your sexual exercises (you better have unlimited libido/sex drive you perverts!). Which point every fag needs to take a hit of their inhaler, time advances onto the following day, where you can also decide to purchase different sex toys, embellishments, and various decorations, which makes Erika more fuckable.

You have the power to decide what Erika should be wearing, or you can modify what she looks like according to your tastes. Choices go from the boob sizes to how jiggly they can be. Yes, who loves physics? You do, nerd.

Two crucial catches are the camera button, where you can burn through a scope of camera modes, including first-person. Another choice enables you to modify the speed of your activities. Yup, if you cum fast as a rabbit, you can do the faster speed you pathetic swine.

Accessories that can be purchased come with the statutory handcuffs, whips, pens (!?), various sorts of dresses and haircuts alongside a difference in music. Every one of these settings accompanies their own arrangement of buttons for banging Erika. Well, this is the place you will invest a large portion of your energy (you will be getting a lot of lewd, yes juicy moments with Erika).

Each move makes up such a large amount of her stamina every second, so if you don't want to blow your load yet and prefer not to rush things, you may choose movements that don't require a lot of stamina. I also noticed that the fascinating and more stimulating activities aren't accessible in the demo. In any case, ideally, we will find a good pace a portion of those intriguing "exercises" in future demos of "Fallen Doll".

When you sucked Erika dry, the day finishes, and you end up with an upkeep bill. Moving onto the following day, Erika gives a lively little foreplay before you continue demolishing her pussy.

Concerning at this very moment, however (regardless of the cons that we have noted for "Fallen Doll," as observed further down the page), "Fallen Doll" is with no uncertainty a genuinely noteworthy and promising +18 virtual sex simulator. Mainly since the game is still being developed, at the end of the day, the full version of "Fallen Doll" may very well turn out to be considerably more enjoyable than the most recent demo version of the game.

Basically, if you like to experience having some VR (or non-VR) smoking hot moments with a luxurious android, at that point, you should give the demo of "Fallen Doll" a go without a doubt. If you're not yet convinced, then read more below. I’ll do my best to simplify it for you dirty monkeys.

What I like about the game

It is a high-quality 3D game for the adults of the new generation on the Unreal Engine 4 with excellent graphics. Even if the game is under development, it already has several functions that makes itself convincing to be hailed as one of the qualities and excellent game the internet can offer.

In the Unreal Engine 4-based version of Fallen Doll now includes a considerable number of new sex positions and tools to use on our heroine Erika to make her achieve orgasm, as well as graphical improvements from the prior version.

Fallen Doll comes with a handful of pros. First, you can't deny the realistic beauty of the sex android Erika. With this kind of game, the visuals, graphics, and animation are the critical factors every lewd gamer considers. Let me ask you, who wants to fap to the graphics and animations that look like a high-school project?

Do you know why Japanese adult videos are more arousing than other pornography around the world? Because of the sound of the flesh and the moans. In Fallen Doll, the sound effects are on point and are effective in simulating the sensual sensation. And yes, thankfully, you can still play it since it doesn't need a VR Device. So go home, make sure you're alone and do what you gotta do.

What I didn’t like about the game

Of course, since it is still in its development stage, cons are to be expected. You still need a VR. Having your own VR always comes with more perks, we will leave that to your imagination. Maybe it's time to open our wallets and have that device to fully quench your thirst. Just think of the VR possibilities, it is a good investment! Though I don’t like spending too much on these.

Yes, we can never be satisfied, right? I also hope that the developers will add more brutal items like sex accessories and new sex positions and fields. However, I know Project Helius won't fail us, they will create more, I know, they are men of culture as well.

I cannot deny that I get bored quickly when there are only a few positions I can do. It sucks to repeat those images while we fap, right? Do more! Do it in many places, in many situations! Please, for my dick’s sake.

I expected and was never wrong that the music will still be on the rough. Sometimes, it just doesn’t match the mood. However, I hope that they will find someone as good as a softcore porn music scorer to add more flavor to the activities that I will be doing with Erika, you know a bit dramatic and sensual?

Oh! I almost forgot, are you one of those people who gets hornier when there is a good story (that rhymed)? It is such a sucker that it didn’t have a story mode yet. Well, we just have to brace ourselves for the coming of the story mode, it's soon, and it'll be worth the fap. So, I am not yet satisfied; I just know they can do more! Make it more worth the cum!

When the time comes that they have added a significant number of items and positions, a solid plot in the story mode that is to be included, and a piece of music that arouses our big boys, then this game will be.. Wait for it.. Legendary!

My Conclusion

Here is my take per category. The gameplay is 3 out of 5 since there are still improvements that can be made. Graphics is 4 out of 5; just look at Erika's tan lines, isn't she ravaging? I want to pour honey on her and lick it off from toe to shoulder.

Sound and music are 3 out of 5. They still need more stimulating music — Yup, just what I said a while ago. Personally, I want it to be sultry, aggressive, exciting, dramatic, and appropriate. When it comes to the Controls, it is a 4 out of 5. It's almost there; the responsiveness of every action is close, which is a factor that gamers usually ignore. Good response when it comes to the controls is rare, especially in sex simulator games.

Overall it deserves a 4 out of 5. With strong support and love from the perverse community, Project Helius' "Fallen Doll" will continue to rise and be the best virtual sex simulator around the globe.

It is inevitable to think that virtual sex robots will be the future of the porn industry. Hearing the Project Helius went nuts when they said: "The recent breakthrough of synthetic tissue engineering has pushed scientific boundaries far beyond the imagination of our ancestors, and we are delighted to have you here to behold and enjoy such a special experiment." Of course! We all want the same thing! The best fap material, right?

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  • 4

PornGames hates Fallen Doll

  • Delicious graphics and animation
  • Quite a few exciting positions
  • Sound effects are appropriate
  • Don’t need a VR device