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Dating My Daughter

Konichiwa bitches! Are you looking for a juicy game that will make you cream your pants? For you thirsty and lonely Dads out there who have abandoned all hope of getting your way to your hot co-workers, or those like me who just casually play sex games for the exciting plot and visuals, then here comes Dating My Daughter. Yes, another incest evolving story. Like you have anything better to do cocksucker, right?

The developer, Mr. Dots, has made Dating My Daughter, an incest story of a divorced father attempting to date his way into the forbidden underwear of his innocent little girl. Well, for us weird fuckers, the pussy is the only thing that matters. No guilt, only pleasure; that's what we tell ourselves until we dive deep into this game.

I know that the incest genre isn't uncommon in the pornography sphere. Yet, games with a specific style and appetizing visual can still make its way to our pants, if you know what I mean. Dating My Daughter is outstanding because of the straightforward approach to the game. Siblings caught fucking, sounds familiar, right?

Hot Daughter - I Wanna Tap That

The taboo tale of Dating My Daughter revolves around a dad who lost custody during his separation, and, therefore, hasn't seen his girl for a long time. Then, she's coming back to his life, completely developed (busty, great ass, and curves) and painfully horny. Furthermore, she's requesting to go on a "father and Daughter date" with him while we just have to sit back and pull out our meats.

As you play the game, your goal is to transform this date into numerous dates and fuck your daughter without letting the girl feel guilty. You still have to maintain your role as a father, so you have to control your sexual urges. This game is not for the impatient. Groom her like how Drake does it. Be as respectable as possible while being capable of making her wet and horny.

As indicated by the Patreon, a few of the fetishes said to be incorporated are; incest, anal, tit-grabbing, lesbian, corruption, voyeurism, orgy, and bestiality. It is still vague as to what degree of different kinks will be brought into the game, later on, however, one can just assume that more ways to screw your daughter will be developed in the game as it continues to progress. So all you freaks out there, fret not.

All interaction is of a typical visual novel style, with player input being chosen by a progression of decisions made all through the game. Settle on the correct choices, and players will be awarded friendship points or love points. The previous build up your connection with your little girl, while the last assists you to drill that tight hole of your daughter.

Every time you choose a certain action, you'll win or lose a point (sometimes more than one) depending on the decision you make, which sometimes is nerve-wracking; that is why it is for the patient. Do you feel me? I'm just here for the fap material. I'm not a psychology major.

For example, if you choose to stare at your daughter's ass and she catches you, you'll lose one friendship point. Bad daddy! Put your dick back in your pants. Expect to have headaches while playing this game, but when you get to bang your precious daughter, it will all go away with your load - I promise!

Also, you'll have to earn a certain amount of points to advance in the game and to unlock specific scenes.

What I like about the game

As I give the details of what I like and dislike, expect that I won't go into all the technicalities in this review. What I am going to look deeply into, though, are the characters and storyline.

I will say the art is to a more prominent degree, commendable. Sexuality and character design are undoubtedly fleshed out. Outside of the way that the two main characters don't act in a way I find precisely appealing.

The story is, for the most part, thoroughly made. Now keep in mind I’m a perverse fucker, so you would have to download the game and play it yourself in order to find out what I mean here. There might be a course for a collection of mistresses in the long run since you can date and fuck numerous bitches even though the actual intercourse you'll have in the first chapter involves different women.

There are two scenes accessible and one you will completely miss if you decide to dismiss the usage of a condom. Considering you are with your horny little girl, most would probably choose to pick the condom. If you are too aggressive, you would come across as a "pervy", which is a NO-NO! Again, patience. But, come on, let me fuck my daughter already!

But still, I love the challenge of this game. You are finding the best action to get a piece of that fresh meat while maintaining the fatherly figure. It's so fucked up. I know. But I know for a fact that some of you fuckers get more aroused because of this. People on the internet are just fucking weirdos.

What I Dislike About the Game

More of my dissatisfaction will be the characters and the storyline. I like the multipath option that depends on your choices; however, as time goes by, it becomes frustrating since it requires a lot of saves. Yes, I understand that the developers also want to present a lot of paths to the players, but maybe they can put less effort into this, and focus on the graphics instead? Again, I play for the best fap material, and I don't want to ruin my mood by tinkering too much, if you know what I mean.

One wrong move, game over, start again. Yes, players will diss me, implying we should still use our upper heads more than the lower ones. But when you are in the mood, you will understand. Imagine you banging your girlfriend, and you are ready to blow your load, then your cockblocker best friend comes out of nowhere and ruins the mood. Man, the pain is real.

What I'm saying is a bit of simplification, or ‘ironing out some wrinkles’ when it comes to the game technicalities. It will be much appreciated - thank you, guys! However, it still makes the plot exciting. Yes, I'm asking a lot. I have my needs, and you have yours, so shut up. I know I'm not the only one who is scratching his head in the middle of the night with the urge to jerk off.

Yes, I know that the main objective is to build a relationship. Not break one; however, that makes me even more annoyed towards the mechanics of this game.

They let you date different young ladies and afterward punish you over the head for basically being a matured grown-up male who, at his core, isn't getting his fucking needs met while acting like a Dad and your daughter a precious little puppy at the same time. You can't have it both ways. Pick one.

Dad will be pretty dominant while still maintaining that he's protecting his daughter. The daughter acknowledges that she can trust and believe that her dad will never hurt her, or she will be the one on top riding cowgirl. All that matters is your choice, my dude. If you want to go long term or short term, then it's entirely up to you.

I would love this game even more if I saw him be okay with every woman he meets will know their father-daughter situation. Entice them to join in when it comes to "corrupting" her. You know, setting up your harem empire. I'd love to go for that route. Orgy for the win!

At last! My Conclusion

I have a love-hate relationship with this game; however, love still prevails. It stood out among the sex games. I don't really prefer incest story games, but this had a different take on the usual ordeals of an incest based game, and I like where this is going. Well, more chapters are coming, so it's still too early to judge this one since there is no final version; we have not yet reached the climax. Chill man, we're getting there.

PornGames likes Dating My Daughter

  • Incredible graphics and visuals
  • Quite a few exciting positions and angles
  • The possibility of the story
  • Challenging plot

PornGames hates Dating My Daughter

  • Requires a lot of saves
  • quite frustrating
  • Side character designs were not really given justice
  • Sometimes the characters' inconsistency