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Cloud Meadow Game

Cloud Meadows is a simulated fantasy role-playing game, and when I mean fantasy, I mean a cum dumpster filled with every guy’s erotic imagination kind of fantasies. With that being said, it would seem like it’s one hell of a game to immerse your pathetic single life into; however, it’s still in its early stages as there can always be room for more improvements.

Furthermore, to all the dirty bastards that have a fetish for boobs of all shapes and sizes, and to all the mischievous pricks who would love it more when it’s on some random mythical creature, then Cloud Meadows is the next best thing to flail your silly dick into.

Dying For A Game With A Little Excitement?

How are you doing, you insignificant little fuck? Are you still stuck in those old games that you always play in your parent’s basement? Got nothing else to do with your miserable life? Don’t get your dick in a knot as Team Nimbus is developing a fantasy game for people who are looking for something new and exciting. If you know what I mean. *wink

For the people who have a brain the size of their tiny cocks, let me put it in simpler terms. The terms that an imbecile can understand. Cloud Meadows is a role-playing game which is centered on a farming simulator with a little bit of Monster Breeding; however, the monsters are not what you would expect, because almost all of them have fucking tits that are exposed.

Did you get your cocks all up in running when you heard that? I hope so because there’s more where that came from as there are hundreds of ways in completing the game. You can raise and train monsters as your relationship with other characters grow. Not to mention that you can breed monsters to produce a fuckton of different kinds that are uncomfortably erotic.

As Your Journey Begins

To all the lonely fucks out there, welcome to the new and erotically exciting world of Cloud Meadow. It’s a place full of floating islands where you can do almost whatever the fuck you want with it. You start off either as Eve or Evan, a top-class Frontiersman from the Union Academy, and your assignment would be at a town at the corner of the frontier, Cloverton.

This low-class town is dying for a fucking professional touch from those self-righteous pricks from the Union Academy. As you choose whichever character you’re going to partake, you would encounter countless “interesting” creatures that aid your path to reveal mysteries from the world around you. But there’s many more to experience from this game, such as:

The Combat System

You heard that right, you mother fucker! A combat system. Bet you didn’t see that one coming? Despite the game’s main focus on adult audiences, Cloud Meadow still provides immersive gameplay with its combat system. However, the system is as basic as it gets, mimicking the good old days of gaming, which is only a turn-based attack system. Not so difficult for masturbators, eh?

But wait, you impatient little cocksucker, I did say that the combat system adds an immersive experience overall. What I didn’t was that you’re going to get that from the combat experience alone. As a matter of fact, the immersive part of this type of combat is the different kind of boobs you’re going to immerse yourself into!

Are you fucking serious? What the hell did you expect? That this game is going to have a top-of-the-line, graphical combat system? Get your head out of your ass and look outside, we’re already in the year 2021, that style of gameplay dates back to games made almost ten years ago. But still, whichever lonely prick who doesn’t want to see boobs all the time?

Everything Else

While I admittedly invested so much time and effort into fighting in role-playing games, I still tried the best that he can to experience everything that the fucking game has to offer. Aside from fucking staring at mythical boobs all day, you can still do a shit ton of things within the game, one of which is farming.

But really? Are you really playing this game to fucking plant crops at a farm? Farmville did that shit, and well, we all know how it went! Let’s get on to the other thing you can do in this fucking game, and that is breeding between different kinds of creatures. You heard that right, breeding, and when I say breeding, I really meant breeding: Down to its full erotic, sexual, Not Safe For Work glory.

Got aroused by that, didn’t you? You dirty little prick. You should feel a little tingle between your legs as you imagine the process of breeding between different species of mythical creatures. Imagine the erotic scenes that the creatures would partake in, you would discover styles and positions that you never fucking dreamed of, especially on how they do the breeding from different species. Just imagine a full-grown minotaur, fucking a tiny gazelle. With Boobs. Damn.

The Explicit Aspect Of The Game

Cloud Meadow is full of dicks, pussies, boobs, and a lot of fucking between creatures because of the game’s breeding feature. However, there’s a setting in the game that you can turn all of the explicit content off, but who the fuck would do that when the only reason you’re playing the game is because of its “immersive” experience of Cloud Meadow’s gameplay?

However, the game’s current state doesn’t display the setting to turn off the explicit content as the developers intentionally forgot to put it in. Overall, the game doesn’t seem to have any cursing as it makes it more mature than most games tend to be. And that is fucking saying something.

The Graphics

The developer of Cloud Meadow, Team Nimbus, decided to go for the classic role-playing game mechanics and art with highly detailed portraits. The overall detail of all the character’s portraits is fucking awesome. However, due to the game’s being in the early stages, not all of the characters get their own portrait.

The Game Developing Under Patreon

The game was under development within the Patreon platform, and at that time, Cloud Meadow became the highest-earning game. Who would’ve thought that a game full mythical creatures fucking each other would be a huge success? But then again, nobody is judging your fucking taste when it comes to sexual and erotic fantasies.

Why There Are People Who Hate The Game

To be completely straightforward with you guys, I can’t really say anything bad about Cloud Meadow because it’s a really good game overall. Despite the game’s major bugs and issues with its selection of their soundtrack and quality of its animation, the game still provides a fantastic immersive experience overall.

However, the game initially launched a few years back but ended up at the bottom because of petty squabbles between the developers. Now that the game is up and running again under a Patreon account, users are still not liking the way they move the game as the developers are slow in releasing new updates and fixes, despite receiving 20,000 dollars every month. I guess boobs really do the trick?

Recommendations For Improving The Game

Cloud Meadow has one thing that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the game, and that is the sound. However, the current soundtrack that the game plays in the background is quite entertaining, if you’re a fucking 60-year-old virgin! Not to mention that it doesn’t even loop perfectly, which makes it very irritating to the ears.

Aside from that, there are scenes with no music whatsoever, as it’s the same when conducting battles. I would also suggest that the development team would pick a better soundtrack for every scenario, such as the erotic scenes and the music when engaged in a battle.

The overall art of the game is practically shit. Not to mention that there are countless bugs in the game as well as having incredibly lousy gameplay. However, Cloud Meadow is still in its beta stages, so there’s still room to improve and polish every aspect of the game to keep the users entertained for hours on end.


I tackled the game while not being sure what to expect once started. However, when I finished the game, feelings started emerging, such as you would want more from Cloud Meadow, as I become more eager as to what comes next in the game. Which means that the game is surprisingly addictive.

Cloud Meadow has its own pride for being a “game” despite that it’s made for the adult audience who are looking for a little spice in their miserable life. However, the game still has a long way to go as it’s still in its developmental stage, but don’t put your balls inside your ass just yet as there may be more reasons to play this erotic game in the future.

PornGames likes Cloud Meadow Game

  • Easily understandable instructions for dicks like me and you
  • Numerous immersive features
  • A storyline that doesn’t swerve from the gameplay
  • Creatures breeding and fucking
  • Boobs
  • More Boobs

PornGames hates Cloud Meadow Game

  • The basic form of a combat system
  • Why are there only 11 fucking species?
  • The piss ass animation
  • Bad Controls
  • Lousy gameplay