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Rick And Morty A Way Back Home

Oh boy, it finally happened; we’ve got ourselves a Rick and Morty porn game. I knew it was just a matter of time. This cartoon has been raking in the weirdos since day one. I can’t walk by a single comic book convention without overhearing some goofy-ass geek talking about his existential angst or whatever and referencing Rick and Morty like it’s a book on philosophy.

Personally, I didn’t give two shits about all the existential crap in the show. I just watch it to see whether Morty eventually gets lucky. Seriously, that little dude has been trying to grease his flagpole for so long and failing that I’m starting to feel blue balled by association.

Same Crazy World, but with Titties

The world of Rick and Morty is completely insane. It doesn’t really need many additions to make it adult comedy – it’s already very adult. Still, there are no naked titties, and they don’t flat out show any sex scenes, so I guess this game just takes the final step.

You get the same world that you’ve gotten used to seeing on the show, and it’s pretty goddamn huge. You’re free to traverse the entire town, although there aren’t that many locations to visit, but more recent updates added a lot of space travel, so there’s that.

Personally, I didn’t find the game to be too small to enjoy. I mean, it’s a Rick and Morty porn game, I wasn’t expecting a fully fleshed out open-world or anything. I’m just happy to see the virtual titties bounce, you know?

If you’ve ever played a proper porn rendition of a cartoon or movie, you’ll be familiar with this type of writing. The characters all sound like themselves until a point where they sort of derail a bit and start sucking your dick. Until that point, you might as well be watching the cartoon – they’re that true to life. I think this is supposed to be super immersive or something, and it definitely works for me.

A Bit of a Saga?

I can’t think of a funnier way to segue to this part, but I have to call it as I see it – this game is ripping off Summertime Saga. Ok, hear me out. I’m not saying the whole game is a rip-off or anything. There’s a lot of original work. It was coded in Unity; Summertime Saga was made in some Python engine if I remember correctly.

Still, if you’ve played that game and then move onto this one, you’ll notice a bunch of similarities right off the bat. The map navigation around a small town works exactly the same, except you’ve barely got a tenth of the options. Then there’s the fact that your first two fuckable chicks are your sister and your mom. But maybe that’s just a coincidence, right? Well, the very first sexy scene you get to see in your home is of Beth, the mother character, showering. You peek at her through a partly opened bathroom door. That’s exactly like the start to Summertime Saga.

My verdict – they drew a lot of inspiration from that game in making this one. And get ready for a 180, because I don’t think this is a bad thing at all. In fact, I think it’s a good sign. Summertime Saga perfected the genre of point and click exploratory sexification. I’m very grateful to them for that. So, if this game draws some inspiration from that one, it ought to be very good.

Amazing Art, Seriously

It’s not very hard to copy the art of Rick and Morty. It’s simpler than South Park and rougher around the edges than Beavis and Butthead. A five-year-old could do a worthwhile rendition of it. That’s exactly what makes it the perfect contender for a porn game parody. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not mocking the original artists or the people that worked on this game. I’m happy that the art styles of the cartoon and this porn game are exactly the same. I’m not a diehard Rick and Morty fan or anything, but I have seen the show, and it’s nice to see familiar characters just straight up fuck each other senseless for no reason. I live for this kind of shit.

The game’s art is excellent both for diehard fans and for people who can’t be assed to learn anything about the show. It lets the artist draw as many scenes as he’d like, because they don’t eat up a lot of time. It gives the game a nice sense of flow. You see a lot of action on screen. You don’t have to use your imagination or anything.

So if you’re like me and you were upset at the show never letting Morty get it on with any of the girls he liked, this game will fix everything. Plus, if you’re the kind of weirdo who found the dream sequence with Summer in full BDSM equipment sexy rather than disturbing, oh boy. This game has you set. There are no rules in the porn game world. Every bit of pussy is up for grabs. Remember, it’s not incest because they’re fictional characters. Plus, everyone’s 18+, somehow. Don’t think about it too much. Just go with it.

Loads of Fun

This game is fun, straight up. It’s not short though, and some people can really have a problem with that. If you’re looking to jack off to something quick and simple, this is not the game for you. You’d be better off going to PornHub and checking out the sex scenes from the game, because if you want to earn them in-game, you’re going to have to put in a lot of hours and that can be a pain in the ass. Not everyone has the time to play a porn game every night, especially the same one. Most people like quick variety, like twenty pieces of thirty-second clips that get to the money shot real fast.

So, if you’re in the mood for some quick fun, give this game a hard pass, because it’s just going to infuriate you. But, if you are a fan of the show or you’d like to dump some time into a fun pastime that you can keep coming back to every night, then this game is right up your alley. It also helps if you’ve tried Summertime Saga. If you liked that game at all, then you’ll like this one too. They have the exact same vibe about them.

The Power of Patreon

Like with most other quality porn games that happen to be free, this game is made possible by the donations of many Patreon backers. Almost three thousand people on Patreon are currently funding developer Ferdafs for nothing more than the promise of early patch access. This is probably the best sign that a game has a strong future. I went through a few of the patch notes from previous versions, and I noticed that they’ve been adding a shit ton of content over the past few months.

It’s a Unity game, so naturally, you can play in-browser, and I would recommend that except the latest version is not the one that gets hosted, depending on where you access the game. Personally, I recommend that you download a zip of the latest version from the official site and play that on your computer. There’s no Android version right now, but since it’s Unity, you never know, it could happen.

Being Patreon funded has done this game a lot of favors. You know you’re gonna get constant updates, plus, the creator has been using some of that funding to make other games that you might enjoy as well. Right now, I see some attention thrown at something called Summoner’s Quest. It’s supposed to be a porn game parody of League of Legends, and I, for one, can’t wait to play it. It’s about fucking time that Ahri took a dick on-screen and you fuckers know I’m right. Hey, do you like jacking off to Ahri? Check out her Korean voice lines on YouTube. Just do it. Don’t think about it. Consider it a Christmas gift from me to you.

Anyways, back on topic. This here Rick and Morty game might be unfinished, but like other porn games before it, they try to bring you fleshed out questlines that focus around one girl before they move on to the next one, so there are proper sex scenes in this. Plus, I found the game to be much easier than other similar point and click porn games. There’s less grind and less time-wasting. Even if you’re doing a long questline, it’s usually a pretty mad dash to the finish line, unless you count the conversations, and you can always skip through those, so who cares.

PornGames likes Rick And Morty A Way Back Home

  • True to the original
  • Frequent updates
  • It’s made in Unity
  • Easy to pick up

PornGames hates Rick And Morty A Way Back Home

  • Not for quick faps
  • No Android port yet