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Seeds of Chaos is a fantasy-themed eroge visual novel made by Lord Arioch and his team of artists, animators, and writers. The game takes inspiration from the more twisted side of fantasy. This isn’t some game where you play as the shining knight who goes out to bed bimbos and save the world from evil’s dark clutches. Fuck that shit. You are the evil in this game. Seeds of Chaos takes inspiration from games like Dark Souls, The Witcher, Corruption of Champions, and Slavemaker to bring you a game where you can act out your deepest, most twisted desires.

And this game has a fuck ton of support. The creator’s Patreon alone brings in nearly 10k a month. It looks like he needs all the cash he can get though, because this game is a massive, sprawling adventure with hundreds of different ways to play. You could play this game 50 times and never get the same result as the last time. The game has been in works since back in 2017, but it has been available to play since late 2018.

Since then, the game has gone through a ton of updates with new characters, scenes, and so much more. The creator listens and has included dozens of community requested features and scenes. Seeds of Chaos is easy as fuck to download. All you have to do is head over to The game is free to download, but the creator does ask for some dosh to keep things running smoothly. And you cheap cucks should cough up a few bucks if you fap yourself raw to the hundreds of hours of hot fetish content in this game like I know you will.

Gameplay Centered Around the Choices You Make

Seeds of Chaos starts out unassuming enough. You’re playing as a retired hero named Rowan. You fought back the forces of evil seven or so years ago and have since settled down with you smoking hot dimepiece of a wife Alexia. You get dialog and narrative choices right from the start. And each thing you say will affect how the game goes forward. This isn’t some simple point and click adventure where every playthrough is the same. So, you better strap in for this shit.

You come home to your wife and have the option of telling her about some bullshit bandits and then having dinner, or you can forcibly bend her over the counter and make her deepthroat your cock. Now, this is what I’m talking about. You can probably imagine what I chose. Once you’re done fucking Alexia silly, you’ll hear a knock at the door. Some mysterious babe in a red cloak comes knocking with news about how bandits may have captured her daughter. Of course, you go out to save the girl, and this is where shit gets turned upside down.

Enjoy Uncensored, Beautifully Rendered Sex Scenes

It’s all a trap, and you get swarmed by Orcs and shit while your village is burned to the ground. Long story short, the girl was one of two demon siblings of the big bad demon you killed seven years ago. She reveals herself and steals Alexia away so that she and her brother can force you to do their bidding. And here you actually get to choose your reasons for serving them or even try to refuse them if you’re feeling ballsy. I won’t spoil all of the cool shit that happens, but just know that your choices will change how the game progresses.

Oh, yeah, and you have to fuck either the male or female demon to cement your bond with them. Whatever, I don’t know. All I know is that the sex scenes in this game are works of fucking art. Seriously, I have never seen a game with such awesome art. Hell, I could see some of this shit being framed on a wall somewhere; it’s so well done. And it’s not just “good for being hentai.” It’s just goddamn awesome artwork in general.

Seeds of Chaos is Bursting With Fetish Content

And all of the hentai scenes are easy to get to and infinitely fapworthy. The game isn’t voice acted, but, frankly, it doesn’t need it. The dialog is steamy, the uncensored art is next level, and you even get to choose what sort of degenerate fetish shit you want to do. If kinks like cuckoldry turn you off, don’t worry, because you get the option to toggle those on or off when those scenes come up. I know you cucks have to deal with it enough in real life, so I get not wanting to have to sit there and watch as your wife gets ravaged in front of you.

After all of that kinky sex happens with the demons, you are set off to explore the world of Rosaria. This is where the main gameplay loop comes in. You explore, deal with encounters, get corrupted, and come back to the castle to rest or get raped by one of the demon siblings. Each week you have a certain number of blocks you can explore on the map, and it is completely up to you to find shit as long as you follow orders. If you don’t, then it could mean game over. Make sure to save your game often, or you’ll end up having to speed click through a hundred lines of dialog.

Complex Narrative With Quality Storytelling, Art, Music, and Gameplay!

When exploring, you can check out your journal to learn more about the world. There you’ll find write-ups about every character you have met, gods of the world, magic, and all of that fantasy bullshit. There’s also as a glossary that will tell you how your stats have changed. There are stats for intelligence, luck, corruption, reflexes, and a few others that are pretty standard RPG fare. As you play, Rowan will become increasingly corrupted and changed.

As you explore, you will unlock more aspects of the game. You can build up military forces, bed hot demons, raid villages, and much more fucked up shit. I also want to mention that the soundtrack for the game is very solid. It’s not one of those games where some asshole who knows two notes on the piano just repeats them over and over again during every scene. The music is well-done and changes everywhere you go. It really brings the entire game together. Seeds of Chaos sure as fuck doesn’t feel like some free hentai game. I feel like I could have grabbed this game off the shelf at Gamestop for sixty bucks.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Seeds of Chaos is filled with quality features and content. I’ve never played a porn game like it before. And I mean that in the best way possible. This game fucking kills it when it comes to, well, everything. You’ve got stunning artwork that will have you nutting to it again and again. This is the kind of game where you’ll need to take hydration breaks in between sessions because you’ll be jerking off every time you play. And the good shit doesn’t stop there. This game has loads of complexity. Dialog options, complex stories, lore, deep character personalities, you name it, and this game has it.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Man, I don’t have any suggestions for this one. There wasn’t a single point in the game where I was frustrated or not enjoying myself. Plus, you can play it all for free. That’s about everything I could hope for in a game, let alone a sweet ass porn game.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, you fucks need to give this game a shot. I know all of you weebs sit alone fantasizing about bending hot babes to your will, so why not go ahead and embrace it? Seeds of Chaos is a high-quality game with hundreds of hours of content to explore. There are tons of fetish-filled sex scenes, and over half a million words of erotic descriptions read. Really, if you aren’t heading over and downloading that game now, I don’t know what the hell you’re doing with your life. Ditch the lame-ass flash game you’ve been playing and delve into the quality experience that is Seeds of Chaos.

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  • Some of the Best
  • Highest-Quality Sex Scene Illustrations Ever
  • Become the Bad Guy and Explore a Dark World Full of Kinky Experiences
  • Engaging Gameplay With a Branching Narrative
  • Quality Writing
  • Art
  • and Music
  • You Can Play for Free!

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