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Space Paws

To all the motherfuckers, cock suckers, and nipple grabbers out there, have you ever encountered ambiguous titles and suddenly realized that you have no clue what the game is about? I feel like Space Paws is one of those games, think about it, the title Space Paws would let you immediately think that it’s about a dog in his journey all throughout space, collecting intergalactic bones or some shit. Oh boy, I couldn’t get any more wrong than that.

It turns out that the game Space Paws is a lot more erotic than that, and when I mean erotic, I mean an intergalactic adventure filled with nude, erotic, and horny aliens alike. I was more than happy to be given the opportunity to write a full review on this game, continue reading if you’re eager to know if Space Paws is worth playing or not.

A Gaming Introduction

The game is fucking free-to-play, and nothing gets better than that, not to mention that Space Paws can be downloaded or played in a simple browser as it is, after all, it’s a flash game. However, it’s highly recommended that you download the game from the developer’s blog to play in the highest quality possible.

Space Paws is developed, and still currently supported by Wet Pussy Games, and the current version I’m playing is the Alpha 0.87.1; however, you might end up playing a much later version of the game, but Space Paws is still Space Paws nonetheless. Now let’s get on to the game and review this son of a bitch.

A Game That Is Both Furry and Erotic

As you start the game, you would receive a short introduction of the game, and then you will be able to control your character, in which you’ll be capable of moving around the ship. Multiple rooms are locked in the beginning; however, you’ll be able to unlock it as you progress through the game with a fuck-filled adventure.

As to the story of the game, I’m going to break it down by the individual story arcs/paths, don’t fucking worry as there isn’t a lot to go through. However, I’ll warn you because there are spoilers in this review. So if you’re one of those fucking snowflakes who gets triggered if someone spoils the whole storyline, then now is your time to fuck off. But without further ado, here are some of the arcs that you would go through in the game:

The Allison Arc

The first storyline that you would go through in the game is with Allison, a red-headed beauty with the potential being able to fuck her if you take care of her correctly. However, Allison’s storyline isn’t completed yet as of the moment; however, I’m really looking forward to an updated version of her storyline as there would be more erotic scenes with her for you to jack off to.

The Roselyn Arc

The storyline of Roselyn is quite simple and short, like your fucking dick. HAHA! But on a serious note, the arc of Roselyn is filled with some puzzles for you to solve as the storyline is quite interesting. However, it’s fucking bothering me that I can’t advance in her story side-by-side with Nesbet. I’m hopeful, though, as it may get added to the game sooner or later.

The Siaren Arc

So far, Siaren’s storyline is probably the most intriguing of them all. The arc has its own touch of advanced technologies, intrigued politics, and quite an interesting introduction. However, the current version of the game renders her storyline incomplete, and some of her “mini-games” is a little buggy. Personally, I would love to keep going on her story arc.

Character Creation And Its Development

As you start the game, you’re then given the capability to create your own character; however, character creation is quite limited, but compared to other erotic and fuck-filled flash games, it’s better. And as for the potential developments of the character, that is where the majority of the advantages of this game comes from. Especially the development between your character and Allison as you get to the point that you’ll be able to do “kinky” things to her.

Space Paw’s Immersive Gameplay?

If you’re wondering if the game provides immersive gameplay, I would say that it’s quite fucking interactive. However, if you’re comparing it to other well-known titles, the environment of Space Paws is more on the point-and-click gameplay. But it’s not that bad as the current phase of development requires a massive deal of revisions for it to be able to be more interactive.

Space Paws’ Visual Effects

Speaking of visual effects, Space Spaws is on a level on their own, especially if it concerns the rest of the flash games. The game plays out similar to a visual novel, rather than being a typical flash-game, especially when complete the story arc of Roselyn and Nesbet. It is definitely worth your fucking miserable time to wait and “watch” them if you know what I fucking mean.

The Music Selection Of The Game

If you and I are fucking similar, then I would fucking assume that music is life! Moreover, I’m fucking impressed with their selection of soundtracks, despite the game only being a flash game. I actually never fucking expected the game to have crisp and clear audio, even though scenes with Roselyn and Nesbet can glitch out sometimes. Therefore, I would suggest figuring out a way to loop the music perfectly, other than that, it’s quite good.

The Erotic Part Of The Game

It’s a fucking porn game, for Pete’s sake, of course, we’re going to talk about how fucking sexy Space Paws is. Moreover, as you start playing the game, it turns out that after a few days, the character Allison would randomly start taking showers from time to time. What can I say? As the character bathes herself, you’re on a front-row seat of the best show in the game to jerk off to as you would see clearly her perfect, naked, wet body.

The redhead Allison is one of the beauty’s in the game. I guarantee that you will fucking bust a nut in a few seconds; however, you have to take serious precautions when doing so as it would result in a severe fucking disaster if ever you’re caught. Moreover, you should take your time with this broad and train to get better, thus increasing your chance to fucker her and cum inside her wet, juicy, and tight pussy.

The Potential Replayability

As of the moment, the developers of the game haven’t released post-game content, simply because the game isn’t finished yet. Moreover, there is so much you can do within the game. There is a lot of content worth replaying as all of the story arcs can be played again and again, if you’re one to jerk off to it in your private time. Overall, the game has potential when it comes to replayability, as we’re still waiting for it to be completed.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

I fucking love the game! That’s it! End of discussion… But on a serious note, there isn’t that much to recommend when it comes to improving the game. However, the one thing I would fucking love to have in the game is to let the developers speed things up with the overall content. It’s because there I was, actually enjoying the game and suddenly, it fucking stops! It gives you an annoying feeling that you need to finish it, but there isn’t any more content.


Personally, I ended up spending more hours into this game than I initially planned on. Space Paws is surprisingly enjoyable, and that is fucking saying something to an adult-rated game full of nude and horny feminine animal-like creatures. However, the overall content might be a little shallow to deal with, but what can you expect? After all, that is the common nature of most of the porn games.

To be more straightforward, unlike your sloppy dick, Space Paws is not exactly what you would expect in a game that was meant for the adult audience. I would only call it a flash game that is ambitious with horny scenes in it. However, despite being a flash game that can be played in any browser by anyone, the developers managed to remove the censorship of the game entirely, exposing all of the sensitive parts included in the sex game.

PornGames likes Space Paws

  • The gameplay is driven by a good story and marvelous art
  • Good erotic and nude scenes
  • Boobs
  • Furry boobs
  • Oh? Did I mention that this game is fucking free to play? ‘Cause it is!

PornGames hates Space Paws

  • The dialogue can be a bit dull and boring
  • The current version of the game is restricted only to patrons
  • Gameplay can be a little limited
  • Not what you would expect in a sex game