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Corruption Of Champions

Are you looking for an exciting and naughty RPG game that you can enjoy while masturbating? Then you've come to the right place. Today we will take a look at the extremely popular: "Corruption Of Champions" sex game, which is full of twisted fetishes and hot bitches all ready to be fucked. So pull down your pants, find your lube and get ready to empty your balls to this incredible game. Let's take a closer look.

Erotic Text Adventure reminiscent of Games of Thrones

When you read the headline, you probably think; "What the fuck do you mean by Game and Thrones?". I get it, but as you read farther down, you'll start to see why. The game is made by, which is a company that became popular because of the game; "Trials in Tainted Space (TiTS)." I bet some of you horny fuckers probably already have emptied your balls to that game more than you can count. has been a veteran in the gaming industry and has been publishing porn games since the beginning of 2011. Looking closer at how much traffic the boys on attract each month, it is clear that the guys know what they are doing. They receive 4 million views every single month - that's fucking crazy!

What's unique about Corruption Of Champions is that you can play the game directly from your browser. Would you prefer to download it so you always can pull it up when you want to beat your meat, then now you have the opportunity, you horny idiots? Did I mention that you can also download it to your phone whether you have android or iOS? I just love it when you can sneak out to the toilet during working hours and empty your balls - fucking great!

The premise behind the game is catchy

When it comes to the storyline behind the game, there's a lot to take in. You grow up in a small village called; "Ingnam". Each year, a champion is selected who is brave enough to explore the mysterious dark portal that leads to the infamous Demon Realm. You have been selected as a Champion and must now explore the unknown - are you brave (and horny) enough?

So far, the game probably sounds like a standard RPG fantasy sex game, nothing crazy. The character selection is also pretty fucking standard. Enter a name, select gender, body type, and all of that shit. After you make your character, things start to take off. You can choose your character traits such as; Being smart, fast, or horny. You can also decide whether you want big full tits or a big/small cock or clit - pretty exciting, right?

It is precisely this approach that makes Corruption Of Champions a unique game and stands out from its competitors. Each character attribute adds a unique 'flavor' to the game. On top of that, you can also choose your profession. Do you want to be a horny whore who fucks everything in her way? Or do you want to be an incel who lives in celibacy and respects all the women? Then you have the opportunity right here.

Your character slowly becomes more and more corrupt

As I have already said, you create your own character. Once you've made a perfect character, with the perfect body ready to fuck everything with a pulse, the game begins. You are thrown directly into all the action where a goblin with a big juicy cock is greeting you welcome. How is the goblin greeting you, you might ask? Well, by trying to fuck you in the ass.

You miraculously escape, then you look up and are captivated by the strange surroundings, knowing that something fucked up is just about to happen. You don't know how you ended up here or what happened before the goblin tried to destroy your tight little asshole.

Lots of fucking and raping - just like in Game of Thrones

If you've seen Game of Thrones, you probably already know that people in it are fucking like rabbits. This is also the case in Corruption Of Champions. The game is filled with a lot of fucked up things. When I say fucked up stuff, there are a lot of rapes taking place. Everywhere, monsters are trying to punish your tight asshole.

There are extreme fetishes such as; drugging, rape, pregnancy, BDSM, and a lot of fucked up niches you've probably never heard of before. If you are a fucking wimp and only like boring vanilla porn, then this game is not for you. But if you are as fucked up as I am and like to empty your sperm-filled balls into a napkin while watching monsters getting fucked? Then Corruption Of Champions is just the right game for you.

What sets Corruption Of Champions apart from its competitors is that you have a lust meter that rises or falls when you're in a fight. It means that when you do some kinky shit, your lust meter increases. A bit like the sperm in your balls when you see how naughty the characters are in it.

Your task is to keep your lust meter as low as possible, or you will get fucked by the horny monsters in the game. Conversely, if you manage to get your enemies' lust meter to hit 100, you will have the opportunity to fuck them instead. When you're not in combat, you can 'play' with yourself to keep your lust down.

Corruption is the whole premise behind the game

Did I say corruption? That's what the game is all about. The more you fuck the monsters, or get fucked, the more your stats rise. Another thing you can do to improve your character and boost your stats is to use demonic items, make trades, and other naughty things.

The more your stats increases, the more demonic and corrupt you become until you eventually become a monster. Did I say there are fucking stats for everything in here? Beef up your pussy, asshole, cock, clit, and more.

Once you have boosted your character and stats, your mission is to explore the land. You also need to eradicate the evil and corrupt from the world. So many fucked up, demonic and crazy things happen in this game. I will not reveal too much of the action in the game; otherwise, there is no surprise in store for you. All I can say is a lot of fucked up, and horny stuff happens here.

The storyline behind the game is unique

What I love about the game is that the plot is fucking unique. You don't see a similar storyline in any other game on the market - I can guarantee that. The plot of Corruption Of Champions can make even the most hardcore porn enthusiasts cream their pants.

Additionally, it is crazy to see the many well-written descriptions and storylines behind your character. There are no boring descriptions, as is the case in other games. No, no. The descriptions and storylines are packed with action. They are written in a way that is guaranteed to make your little dick hard as a rock.

The Game is Mobile-friendly and easy to navigate

As I have already briefly mentioned, you have the option of downloading Corruption Of Champions directly to your mobile, whether you have an Android or iPhone. The game downloads quickly, and the file is small. Extract the file, run the .exe file, and you have a porn game directly on your phone.

The mobile version has the same features as the desktop version, and the game scales well on the mobile, which means that the text is readable and easy to navigate. It's great to see that you can now masturbate wherever you are. People will not suspect anything unless they read the fucked up descriptions right next to the characters you come across in the game.

What I like about the game

The first thing that comes to mind is that the game deals with a lot of fucked up niches and taboos. Fuck everything with a pulse and rape every bitch on your way, that's how all games should be made.

Also, I think the premise and plot of the game is fantastic and unique. You won't find a similar video game with such a brilliant story. The whole idea of having a lust meter that you have to watch out for is fucking brilliant.

Suggestions for improvements

I want to be 100% transparent with you guys, since it's hard to come up with suggestions for improvements to a game that already has everything. I rarely say this. With that said, maybe they could have spent more effort on improving the graphics? Not that it's a problem, but if I had to put the finger on something, it would be the graphics.

My conclusion

All in all, Corruption Of Champions is a great game that you MUST try. If you are a horny fucker like I am, then this is the game for you. The game is text-based and can be downloaded directly to your phone or desktop.

The game deals with a lot of fetishes and taboo topics, which makes it a unique game. It's fun, catchy, and makes your cock hard - you can't complain about that, can you? Find your lubricant, pull down your pants, and go to and play Corruption Of Champions, you won't be disappointed.

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