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Trials In Tainted Space

TiTS!...Now that I’ve got your attention, I welcome you to a whole new world of erotic fantasies, but this time, in SPACE! Now, imagine if you have a world full of women ripe for the taking, and your pussy-magnet of a dick still hasn’t had enough of what the world has to offer. Enter the new fantasy in Trials in Tainted Space, or shortly known as T.i.T.S., a place where you can scour the whole universe for some fresh pussies to conquer.

Trials In Tainted Space is somehow unique compared to other kinds of erotic games; however, TiTS isn’t as immersive as the rest of them, but it is very alluring. Everyone has a deep desire to go to space, but not everyone would take that adventure to explore and do science because most of them would only want to explore and find new species of creatures to fuck them regardless of where the holes are placed. So are you in? Or are you fucking in?

Prepare For A Galaxy Of An Adventure

The game is under development by the team of Fenoxo with the help of the Patreon’s generous donations. Trials in Tainted Space is a free game that is centered on text-based gameplay, and you get the chance to explore the whole universe by yourself while having the capabilities of customizing all of its inhabitants in several ways. You heard that right, you beastly motherfucker, you can make a she-wolf with a big ass with tits that can drown you.

The Trials in Tainted Space features different approaches for characters that encounter-able. Some characters are persistent with their own set of capabilities and attributes, in which the attributes may affect how the players interact with the character. However, all of the data accumulated is stored in the same manner from the random attributes of the characters to the player’s data.

Onward To The Gameplay

There’s a game similar to this, and it was the previous version of Trials In Tainted Space, in which it was called the Corruption Of Champions. However, unlike CoC where it’s only based on a fantasy within the earth, TiTS takes to a whole new level as the have gone from just a boring little planet to an exciting galaxy, while also removing the restrictions in terms of the design of the creatures, yes, I definitely fucking mean larger boobs!

Enter The First Scene

When you first the Trials In Tainted Space, you would go through the character creation process with its accompanying options for whichever race you like, in which you can choose between human, Leithan, Kaithrit, and many more. Then the game would let you go through entries regarding the race that you’ve chosen. Which is quite fucking exhausting.

Body Modifications

Trials In Tainted Space offers a lot of features when it comes to body modifications to your character, not to mention other characters that you’ve encountered or going to encounter. So now, you can create something like a six-legged quadruple-breasted winged minotaur, plus the unnecessary bunny ears. And then you would get the chance to fuck it! Don’t worry, I’m not fucking judging your taste, that’s all you.

The Game’s Setting

Trials In Tainted Space is set in a place where all of the bloody cocksuckers would enjoy, as it’s a location where distance and time are completely irrelevant. TiTS made a map of the game, which is somehow a grid of connected tiles that a naughty little cocksucker can navigate without difficulties. Due to its massive space, you get the chance to seek out events rather than waiting for one to fall on your face, you lazy bastard.

To Summarize It All

Trial In Tainted Space took a step back from creating a simple and robust framework, and instead dug into the aspects of the basic simulation. The developers are quite fixed on how they made the game, but nothing that a few kicks in the balls can change. However, the way that they polished the game is the path they’ve chosen, but it brings both disadvantages and advantages.

Trial In Tainted Space has more precision in their gameplay, more than it has options. If you’re playing the game, you’re stuck on just reading and absorbing all the information of an incredibly detailed world. However, spending so much time in their “encyclopedia” isn’t actually necessary as you could get alien chicks to fuck you right off the bat if you desire. But you need to romanticize some aliens to fuck them however you please.

What I Don’t Like About This Game

The game is quite enjoyable to some people, that have only their fucking imagination as the animation! I’ve played the game, I didn’t finish it, you know why? Because it’s fucking boring. Were are now starting our lives in the new decade with the year 2021. Technology has already advanced to the point that there are little fucking T.V.’s that you can strap on to your wrist. But the developers can’t make this game more up-to-speed?

So far, I’ve explored more than a dozen planets already, and I’m already bored with it. Playing this game felt like I’m kicking myself in my dick sometimes as the current build of the game is very intriguing; however, the problem is the attention span. In this new generation, the attention span of an average dickhead becomes smaller and smaller, and that is a bad thing if the game is all about fucking reading.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

Oh, for fuck’s sake, where do I fucking begin? Let’s start with the gameplay, shall we? The story is quite intuitive as you progress throughout the game, but let’s face it, the game is very tiring to look at. The human mind is not quite capable of achieving multitasking, either you read the whole damn content of the game, or you get aroused, I wonder which one would the majority choose? It’s fucking obvious! Who the fuck wants to play an erotic game and just read it?

Next would be the fucking sound. If you’ve already played the game and enjoyed it, then you’re one sick motherfucker for having a good time from an erotic game with no sound. How the fuck did you imagine the voice of an alien hottie while fucking it? Huh? If the developers would finally get their heads out of their asses, then it would be advisable to improve the game’s overall sound quality, and not just the quality but the selection of soundtrack as well.

Other than these two problems in the game, there’s one aspect in the game that should be prioritized when everything else is shit, and that is the animation, but not just any animation, but the animation of the game’s core, the fucking sex scenes! The game was developed for the adult audience, and yet the team managed to create a game that even a child can play safely. I highly recommend doing better, at least, in this aspect of the game.


First and foremost, Trials In Tainted Space, or TiTS for short, is quite an enjoyable game. With that being said, even if the developers suddenly decided to make the game “safe for work” such as cutting out some of the erotics, then I would still fucking play this game. Of course, the game is still under its developmental stages, the game still exhibits some promising potential for future improvements.

This game can be a total fucking downer if you’re one of the nerds that actually got acquainted with technology over the past decade. Why do you ask? Simply because this game is nothing like the other games that you might encounter as the Trials In Tainted Space has complete gameplay that is solely based on TEXT.

If you’re one of those people who still suck on their mom’s tits while living inside their vagina like a fucking newborn, then I could personally recommend this game for you. The game also provides a wide range of transformations to the characters such as its species, size, and the most favorite of them all, body parts. TiTS also allows you to resize specific “body parts,” which adds to the reason why lonely fucks are eager to play this game.

PornGames likes Trials In Tainted Space

  • No download needed
  • can be played in your computer’s browser
  • A whole universe to explore
  • Wide variety of transformations
  • Boobs in all shapes and sizes

PornGames hates Trials In Tainted Space

  • No gameplay animation
  • When I say everything
  • I mean everything is in text!
  • There’s nothing erotic about READING a fuck scene with your own voice