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Innocent Witches

This is an adult-themed objective-based game that is based on the Harry Potter series. I will give you guys, a quick review of my experience on playing this insanely fucking awesome game. Trust my lousy review, and you will see that this is not just another porn game out there!

A Quick History of How Fucking Can Be Adventurous

When I heard about the game “Innocent Witches” last year, sometime in October, it got me thinking; “what could possibly be funny about fucking witches?” I was like, “hell no!”, but soon I found out that this is a Harry Potter-based game. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Or do you hate it? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Sad Crab Company’s Innocent Witches’ eroticism will blow you away just like it did to me.

So what the fuck? Let’s go on a few details that you will absolutely look forward to just before you play the game. And please do not consider this a plot to sway you into playing the game, the fuck do I care? It will be your loss if you don’t! Moreover, the plot of the game is an adult version of the story from Harry Potter, like Hermione and Luna; they are “oh so” hot.

I went on YouTube to look up these girls, and I was like, “Fuck! How the hell did they become so hot like this?!”. So, knowing myself, I did some research on how it was like in Harry Potter, I was then fucking impressed since the details of the wands were really similar to that of the movies!

User Experience

I started with a fucking low expectation, but when I ran the game, I was greeted with fucking fantastic graphics! I was surprised how the details made me feel like I was watching Hentai porn, but there was more.

My patience was stretched because I am not really a fan of Harry Potter, but hey, it was not so bad since I had texts all on the screen helping me out on my journey. I felt like I was trying to be on a date with some of the cunts in the game. They were hot, so hot that I was already looking forward to the part where I fuck them hard as my dick was, so to speak.

The guys who made this game really took their time, the details on the shore, the corridors of the school, and the fucking details of, yeah, you guessed it, the fucking itself were crystal-clear. So clear that I could feel my precum happening while I was just in the game for 2 minutes, and I am not even exaggerating!

Quick Plot Before You Cum

I was immediately introduced to one of the main characters in sexy Xandria. Don’t let Xandria’s eyepatch fool you; she’s got all the sensuality you could ever dream of. She’s mouth-watering with stunningly big boobs and oozes a want that somewhat mimics a whiplash on your bed.

Xandria is an assisting girl for the Minister of Magic (Perry) who can be a bit naggy sometimes, which I love since it adds on to her hotness. She scares other characters who don’t respect the Minister of Magic. The Minister of Magic and Xandria together made me feel like I want to have a threesome with them, how cool was that?

I might have done that after a few minutes! Are you feeling envious yet? But wait, there’s more! A lot more, in fact, well, the game would dwell on your decision-making and would give you different outcomes depending on your choices. The sensual parts are part of the plot and are not “too pornographic.” I have tried multiple situations to find out. You can think of it like playing Witcher 3, except there are sensual scenes and scripts during conversations.

The game really would unveil how fucked up Marcus is, that he claims Perry (the minister of magic) is the real traitor. As you go along the game, you slowly understand that Marcus isn’t really the one that fucked up, after all. I had so much fun with the crazy, unusual quests of the game, and I found myself reminiscing my childhood with the books being used in the game.

Except my childhood didn’t include fucking my peers and teachers alike. I came so much right before I finished the game. It was such a fun experience, finding so many ways to fuck, greeting, knowing a few characters were making the fucking experience all worth it.

How Did I Get The Game?

It took me no time to get the game downloaded on my PC. I just went to Sad Crab's site, and I was all set. I also saw a few questions that were answered on the website. Was it worth my money? Oh yeah! I paid a tad over $10 for me to have it on my android phone. It’s free to play on PCs, though. I found the game to load fast on my PC but not as fast on my phone.

I have this Samsung S10, yet it made me feel like it was S8 or one of those earlier models. The graphics are very clear as I felt my character’s hump along with the sound on every scene! It was like I was having a fucking Face time sex video! Except that I was a cartoon character fucking other cartoon characters.

What I Like About The Game

What I loved about the game, aside from the fucking scenarios, of course, was that the details on quests and skills were fantastic. It was so obvious that whoever made the game knew exactly what to do. The unusualness made me think for a second, like when I tried to find the door combination for me to go to get my “dick-satisfying” reward.

Or the part where I had to check if I had to replace the hot ladies’ swimsuits. The characters are also over 18 years old, so no pedos, please! I am so fucking sure that the Harry Potter fans out there would love this game more than I do. The character names are mostly based on the book (and movies).

Even the effects like the wand magic, being punished by a female teacher, I found these to be so hot! I always dreamt of being spanked by my teacher and the other way around. I also liked the part where the objectives were clear as day, and the series of instructions were there, a typical gamer such as myself would know.

I also love how interactive the support site of the game is, I was stuck once on looking for Flitwick, one of the Professors, and I got help right away on the site. There’s a whole community out there for all of us, ready to help out, just to get those sperm-filled balls emptied as soon as possible!

What I Don’t Like About the Game

As most fuckers would say, there’s always room for improvement. What I don’t like about the game is that it requires time to download. I bet this has something to do with the game being new, so patches for improving it are yet to come. I also wish we could have free-to-play on mobile devices; I am pretty fucking sure that a lot would love this game like I do but want to do it on their mobile devices, or perhaps they don’t want to pay.

Either way, it would be so fucking awesome if this game was free-to-play all the way! One last thing, I’d really prefer the tasks or quests to be shorter than they are. The stops and turns are a bit confusing at times. I realized this when I wound up with other players who couldn’t find the door combinations. Do we need to replace swimsuits regularly, or does it depend on the chapter we’re in? I'm still looking for an answer to that.

Though not too short or fucking simple, this may ruin the fun of the search and analyze part of the game. After all, why the fuck would you play a situational game if it was too simple, right?

What Are My Recommendations?

I would really look forward to seeing the quests/instructions be accessible to us, the players. The fucking search for the door combination drove me fucking nuts! Though I loved that part since it was rewarding, but come on, dude, it was also torturing!

I am pretty fucking sure that the game will improve one way or another, though. Let those girls in Hogwarts wear sexier outfits. One more thing: I hope they add more girls in Marcus’ cell.


Are you looking for a fiction-based adventure filled with fucking, fantasizing, and moaning? Then Innocent Witches is definitely meant for you. This is an adult-themed objective-based game that would surely fulfill both your gaming and dirty mind, like mine! Nowadays, it’s hard to mix fun and pleasure, thanks to Innocent Witches; this is not a problem anymore!

PornGames likes Innocent Witches

  • Great graphics
  • Good details in terms of the Harry Potter adaptation (most of the characters were there)
  • Good support on quests/objectives
  • Fantastic script
  • Adult scenes are timed naturally

PornGames hates Innocent Witches

  • Not free to play all the way
  • The characters still show more skin in the fucking scenes
  • Occasional bugs on controls
  • though relaunching the game does the trick