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Corruption Of Champions 2

COC2! I’ve talked about porn game legend Fenoxo before, and it brings me great pleasure to get to cover one of his games in more detail. This guy has been bringing the world of porn games some hardcore quality writing and gameplay for years. He’s one of the smarter game dev virtuosos who tend to realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and one guy can’t do everything when a game grows out of scope. That’s why most of his games involve outside help. The one we’re talking about today, Corruption of Champions 2, is officially in the capable hands of Savin and crew.

Not a Sequel

One of the most confusing parts of being a fan of text-based online porn games is trying to follow the insane terminology and trends that they follow. These guys have their own insider culture that reads like foreign poetry to me. I have no idea what they’re on about most of the time. But, I think I kind of demystified what the whole Corruption of Champions 1 and 2 business is all about.

The original CoC was a very original game with the kind of interface that I have no problem calling a piece of steaming dog shit. I know I can be mean sometimes, but some interfaces give me butt cancers, and this was one of them. Now comes the part where I say, but actually, it had heart and soul. They really did the best they could with what they had. It was some old game engine that forced them into weak stylistic decisions.

I’ll talk more about what makes CoC 1 and 2 real RPGs, but suffice it to say they have a lot of writing. That’s why it was the smartest bet to keep whatever script they were proud of, dump the shit they didn’t want to use, and revamp everything in a brand new engine. For this undertaking, they decided to go with pure browser jS for CoC 2. I absolutely love that they went in this direction. Every browser loves CoC 2. You can play it on any computer without checking the minimum requirements. There are none. It takes roughly the same bloat to run Google as it does to run CoC 2.

So, CoC 2 is not a sequel to CoC, but more of a tribute to the original game with a lot of the content adapted for a bigger and better release.

It’s Painfully Huge

Many a woman has found herself on the receiving end of my 20-inch magnum monster and regretted the first few inches, until the lube caught up. You might find Corruption of Champions 2 to be similarly penetrating, when you first get into it, though you might not notice the gape at first. This game has a lot of writing. This game has more writing than any game I have ever played. This game has more writing than all Stephen King novels stitched end to end.

I genuinely do not understand how Savin and his boys managed to cram this much content into a porn game, but I guess that they went with an engine that lends itself to easy additions, so they wouldn’t have to reset things. Plus, I think that save files remain across patch updates, so it’s kind of like they’re adding to the story as you play the game. Every update adds thousands of words to the story.

On the wiki, there’s a bit of a jest written by one of the developers that if someone were to try and translate the game into another language, this would be physically impossible as one person couldn’t catch up to the pace at which new content is written every day. The explanation notes that several writers can and frequently do write thousands of words each day. All of those words add up to an incomparably large game.

Where’s the Beef?

All right, I’ve pussyfooted around the point long enough, let’s get to the smut. It is a very naughty game for very naughty boys and girls. Fenoxo is famous for being a bit of a furry, and I’m being very kind here. He’s a raging fur-monster. He’s a furry god, and he’s one of the best writers and game developers we’ve ever gotten.

However, this is not a game for furries; this is a game for everyone, made by furries. That means that you’re going to see a lot of anthropomorphic animals in the game as companions and as enemies. Plus, there’s a really deep respect for all genders, sexes, and preferences, so don’t expect any cookie-cutter relationships. Damn near everything is free game. Anyone can get pregnant, don’t think about it. Anyone can fall in love with anyone else, seriously, don’t think about it. This is not a game about the constraints of human culture. It'ss a game in which everyone can get really freaky if they want to, and everyone has the power to fight off unwanted advances.

Speaking of...

Combat Vs. Smut

In most other porn games of this genre, combat and sex are the same. You fight people off by sucking them off, or you run away. You rarely get actual combat in a porn game unless it’s a mini-game to get you to a smut reward, like they do in freemium games. Well, you’ve got yourself a real compromise with Corruption of Champions 2, because in this game you get a fully fleshed out combat system, very similar to that of mainstream RPGs like the Final Fantasies of old. You hurl fireballs at flying harpy ladies. You either defeat them or they pin you down. If they win, they force you to give them your seed so they can fertilize their eggs. If you win, you can fuck them in the ass, just because you can. It’s a great system.

And this is just a brief example of how things can turn out. It’s not a generic game. Everything is handwritten. And yes, there are automated encounters to pepper the experience, so you have some enemies to cut your teeth on. Still, most of the experiences in the game are manually scripted with a shit ton of exposition. They’re fun to read, and they come with so much description that you’ll never feel like you’re doing the same thing twice.

Improved UI

I mentioned that the original CoC was very limited in the style department. It looked sad, lonely, and retro. And then, CoC 2 hit the scene and changed everything. The UI in this game is the crispest, smoothest experience you’re going to have in the porn game world.

They went with a very tried and tested medieval brown style. Everything looks like filthy papyrus. The game scales excellent on any screen, and it just works great across the board. I didn’t have a single problem playing any part of the game. It blows me away that they managed this using jS. I mean, you’re practically playing a website, but it sure as shit doesn’t feel that way. It feels like a proper video game experience, with no compromises.

An Amazing Universe

This game stands on the shoulders of the original and comes with thousands of pages of writing exclusively to this title. That means that you’re looking at literal thousands of unique sexual encounters that all come with story consequences. In a sense, you get a more immersive RPG experience with this game than you would in The Witcher 3. Hell, you can play CoC 2 even if you’re not jacking off. Who’s going to stop you?

What I’m saying is, I appreciate quality where I find it. These guys literally got together to work on this video game damn near every single day. They add thousands of quests, stories, enemies, and all kinds of goodies, and all of this is entirely free. It boggles my fucking mind.

I mean sure, Savin’s Patreon gets like 18 grand a month, but that’s gratitude money. It’s literally the community coming out to say thank you to this fantastic team of hardworking individuals who are changing the face of the porn game scene.

I really hope that other porn game developers take inspiration from Fenoxo and Savin’s hard work because these guys are proving that a small team of passionate developers can take the porn world by storm if they have what it takes. I’m sure they worked their asses off, but it’s also clear they got a ton of natural talent. You don’t write hundreds of thousands of pages of sexy ass smut without natural talent. So if you’re looking for your next main RPG squeeze and you’d like to play something one-handed, CoC 2 is right up your alley.

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