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Witch Hunter Trainer

Ever since Akabur first graced us with his fantastic free porn game Witch Trainer, the world has been bending over backwards, trying to replicate his success. It’s kind of like the Minecraft effect, except when people make Minecraft clones, I’m pretty sure they’re just doing it for the money. With Witch Trainer clones, it’s always been about the faps. I very much appreciate the faps, both the ones I’ve gotten from Hermione’s sweet ass and the ones from all of the Witch Trainer clones. The first legendary unofficial sequel came from a bunch of fans who were completely unrelated to Akabur, and they made Witch Trainer Silver. They basically took the original game and added a shit ton of new content and storylines, making the game all the more appealing. Akabur set the stage both for the gameplay format and the art, and all of the aspects of his original game are 100% fap-worthy.

The Original Formula

Akabur set up this really interesting format where you play as a dude who one way or another needs to train his main chick to be the ultimate sex slave. In Witch Trainer, this was about psychologically breaking down an absolute prude and turning her into the ultimate cock hungry whore. In tribute games that have come since, the formula hasn’t changed much. The general idea is that at the start of the game, you have no real sexual relationship with the main love interest, and you want to build it up carefully, without her realizing that that’s what you’re doing. If she figures out that you’re trying to bang her, it’s all over.

These games are all told from an adapted visual novel perspective. There’s a lot of dialogue and some branching choices here and there, but generally, it’s about patience. In visual novels, you usually have to make the right choices. In Akabur inspired games, it’s more about trying over and over again until you emotionally break the girl down to the point that she’s willing to take a cock up her ass. I do not condone this kind of behavior with actual women. With those, you’re usually better off just asking to put your cock in their ass. Try asking her to take the tip and just the tip; then you can work your way up.

Spicing Things Up with Borsch

I’ll say it as early as possible; Witch Hunter Trainer is not the best Akabur tribute out there. Witch Trainer Silver takes that medal. Still, this game is worth wagging your dick at, that’s for damn sure. Except, where Akabur’s original game and the unofficial sequel had really amazing writing, this one’s a bit of a crazy mixed bag. On the one hand, the story is a lot more ambitious and original. It’s not a parody of popular media. It’s an entirely new piece. That’s very respectable, and I like original stories. There will never be enough original stories in smut games.

Now, on the other hand, they fucked it up. I mean, they had a great start with a great concept in a new world. They took it in a completely different direction with the witch hunters drawing a bit from real life and a lot from fantasy fiction. It’s a perfect formula. Except, no-one on their writers’ team seems to have a very firm grasp of the English language. I’d never bash anyone for not being very articulate. I don’t give a shit. But you gotta at least spell check your game before you send it out. Run that shit through Grammarly or something. Or hell, drop it into Microsoft Word. Whatever; do something. Otherwise, it comes out a jumbled mess of half sentences that don’t make a lick of sense.

Still, the fucked up grammar is something you can choose to look past. It’s not like your boner is going to give a shit one way or the other. You can understand damn near everything they’re trying to say; it’ll just get a little annoying sometimes. As for the quality of the story itself, it has a lot of heart, but doesn’t go very far. Fans complained towards the earlier versions of the game that it was way too shallow. It set up a very nice stage with a bunch of characters, but pretty much got stuck in place after that. You didn’t really get to do much with all of these NPCs, even though they seemed to have a lot of character hidden beneath the surface.

Witch Hunter Trainer Today and in the Future

As with all things that are funded on Patreon, there’s always hope for this game improving in the future. Since the first release, they’ve taken the game very far and fleshed out a good chunk of the story. The main fan complaint that gets thrown around is that the game focuses a bit too much on the main babe of the story – the main character’s niece. I don’t see this as much of a problem, since that’s exactly what Akabur had in mind with the original Witch Trainer. I mean, the main babe is the whole point of the story. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I don’t mind the focus.

I also have to give props to the developers for pushing actual updates through, rather than tiny improvements. They add to the story, and they introduce new sex scenes all the time. I’m not too sure about how consistently they update the game since I’m not a backer, but I saw this game months ago, I played it again today, and I noticed a lot of improvements. It seems to be coming along nicely.

An Original Story

You play as a washed-out witch hunter who is tired of his job and life in general. You try to drink your boring misery away, but life has a way of catching up. More specifically, your hot ass niece has a way of getting you hot and bothered, and she’s damn worth sweating for. For the most part, you’re indirectly getting her into sticky situations that inevitably end in her getting molested six ways to Sunday. I love this part of the game. For me, this is the meat of the satisfaction. The story also has some mystery to it and quite a lot of development, but I live for the parts where she gets jumped and ravaged. By the way, her name’s Jack for some fucking reason. Yeah. Let that sink in.

Your name in the game is Sam, and you are her uncle. You go way out of your way to teach her how to be a proper witch hunter. However, you’re just looking for any excuse to get her naked and bent over, without her figuring out what you’re up to. It’s the kind of power play fantasy I can get behind. Again, I wouldn’t do this in real life, but in a porn game, my god. It gets me hard as a rock just thinking about it.

I Love This Art

It doesn’t get said enough: Akabur changed porn game art forever. Now, he didn’t invent a style. I understand that. There have always been these kinds of 2D characters, since cartoons were invented. But, he did popularize this particular style with the somewhat realistic proportions and the super thick black outlines that make everything look very artsy. It makes the chicks more bang-worthy for some fucking reason. I don’t know what it is, but I love a woman with a black outline. I feel the same way about them wearing black lingerie. It frames the pussy.

So the art style’s completely 2D with a very layered approach to things. It kind of looks like a paper collage or whatever that style is called when you paste layers on top of each other to give them a sense of depth. It works great, it looks great, and it gets me hard every time.

Plus, it does the game justice given that it takes place in a sort of steam-punk inspired medieval era. Both the natural art like the forests and animals and the more modern shit like the clothing and the buildings all look fantastic. The game’s an absolute artwork, visually and I think that the art pretty much carries most of the weight. I think the art is the main reason why this game’s gotten this far.

I don’t know if the game is worth pledging for yet, but it is a free title, so you can check it out before you make that decision. If you liked Akabur’s work or any of the other Witch Trainer tributes, then you’ll definitely like this game. As for whether it’s going to be your next favorite smut piece, that’s up to you.

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