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Third Crisis

Finally, a porn game with a unique concept. Not that I’m tired of games where the entire story is focused around you going around and raping hot elves or getting raped by giant tentacle beast. I simply appreciate a bit of a change of pace, you know? It’s like fucking the same kind of chick for too long. You start bringing home enough big titty goth sluts, and they all start blurring together worse than their mascara does when they deepthroat your dick. What I’m saying here is that so many porn or hentai flash games feel the same.

Third Crisis by Anduo Games feels like a breath of fresh air. This shit is different. It’s a tactical RPG porn game. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d be saying. Who would have fucking thought that a tactical RPG could be sexy, let alone fun? Well, it is. It’s super fucking hot, but I’ll get into all the kinky shit soon. Third Crisis is still in development, but its first public version launched back in 2018. And boy has it been a fucking success.

They have a massive following of supporters that contribute nearly 10 thousand bucks to their Patreon every month. The game is free to play and can be found over at There you can play it in a browser without having to pay a dime. I know you cheap fucks will appreciate that. But if you want newer versions of the game sooner, or maybe you want a say in what the next kinky fuck scene will be, then you should consider donating to their Patreon page over at

Get Right into the Kinky Action! Third Crisis Gives You What You Want Right Away

If you were worried that a tactical RPG porn game would be slow-paced, then don’t you worry about a damn thing. This game gets right into the action. The first thing you see is a kinky lesbian four-way going down. This chick Karen is getting forced to eat out an androids pussy.

It’s hot as hell and definitely got my attention. And that scene is just the beginning. This game throws hundreds of hot sex scenes your way, and this isn’t just boring ass vanilla shit. You get weird sci-fi fuck scenes that will make your jaw drop.

Anyway, Karen has been captured, and you play as a curvy babe named Jenna, aka “Vibe”, who has been ordered to go out and rescue her. After that kinky sex scene, you are given control of Vibe. It’s a top-down style where you explore areas, fight bad-guys, and solve puzzles. It’s actually really well done. The art is crisp, the gameplay is smooth, and the combat is excellent.

Sexy Illustrations, Hot Audio, and Erotic Dialog

If you showed me this shit and didn’t tell me it was a porn game, I would have no idea. Well, at least for a few minutes. There is a lot of lewd shit going on in this game. I got water spilled all over Vibe’s sci-fi plugsuit, and it became practically transparent. You pick up an item, and it shows you a hot illustration of Jenna’s nice, plump booty. There are so many small details like that in the game. It will definitely help keep your sex-starved cucks interested long enough to get the full-on sex scenes. I know it worked on me.

You can control your character with your arrow keys, or you can use the mouse for everything. It’s pretty straightforward stuff. I recommend using the mouse if your other hand is occupied like I know it will be. The menus are easy to understand. You’ll find new items, equipment, and all of that good shit. You can access all of it via the phone button in the top right of the game. It’s like a basic RPG in the sense that you’ll find new gear, get new skills, and manage your stats.

Unlock Over 100 Animated Sex Scenes

Unlike some porn games that show you a scene and then never let you fap to it again, Third Crisis has a full catalog of every scene or image you unlock back on the title screen. It’s good too because there are well over 100 scenes that you can unlock as you play. And that number doesn’t even include pin-ups and other treasures that you can find along the way.

The full game begins once you deal with the whole Karen situation. You end up getting sent to this town called Carecburg, where everyone is super fucking horny. It’s great. Some story shit unfolds, and you get to decide how you want to play. Do you give in to the lust corruption that everyone else seems to have fallen under and become the ultimate slut, or do you use your hotness to get your way? I think you can imagine which route I took. From that point out, managing your stats becomes important. And the game has tens of hours of content to explore. Not too bad for a free in-browser game.

Third Crisis Doesn’t Slow Down and Keeps the Sexy Scenes Coming

Man, the sex scenes in this game are fucking amazing. You get steamy moans, hot sound effects, and great uncensored art. The game really keeps the kinky shit coming, too. There are never 10 minutes that go by without some sort of sexy scene going down. That’s what I’m fucking about. And, surprisingly enough, the narrative and the gameplay were both great.

I’m a bit of a sucker for tactical games, so I might be a bit biased towards this one. But I had a lot of fun playing Third Crisis. The tactical combat isn’t terribly hard to start, but the difficulty definitely ramps up as you progress through later parts of the game. And the story wasn’t too bad either. It’s got some decent humor and writing that will keep you at least minorly interested in what the fuck is going on.

Take the Game on the Go With a Quality Mobile App

If you’re the kind of guy, who lives a busy life and can’t sit down to play this kinky game at home. Well, first off, I highly doubt that. But if you are, then you can take this game with you on the go with the handy, free mobile app. The game plays just the same there as it does on the browser version. Also, you can download that shit to your computer if you don’t feel like going online every time to play. Every version of the game is pretty much the same, with only minor differences in controls.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Third Crisis features a ton of awesome content. Do you like seeing sci-fi babes get gangbanged by androids? This game’s got it. Like tactical RPGs that challenge your skills? Fuck yeah, you do. This game somehow made a tactical RPG with nut worthy content. I think it may be one of the firsts of its kind. The game is jam-packed with incredible illustrations of sluts getting railed in hundreds of different ways.

And the game isn’t just full of great porn, even though that’s the main reason I play it. The game also has a branching narrative with tons of different options, fun gameplay, and so much more to offer than your regular porn game.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I can’t believe it. I’m on a string of great games here. I don’t have any complaints about Third Crisis. This game kicks ass for being some free browser game. The pace at which you get sex scenes and kinky illustrations is spot on. The whole experience is great.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Third Crisis is an absolute must-play for anyone out there who loves porn games or tactical RPGs. I went into this game, expecting it to be pretty lame. But, man, did this game exceed all of my expectations. You get quality illustrations, hot sex scenes, great gameplay, and so much more for the low price of absolutely free. Though I would recommend supporting these guy’s Patreon if you like it. A fuck ton of work went into this sexy goodness. But, yeah, I highly recommend you pop on over and give Third Crisis a play. You’ll be fapping to kinky android sex in no time.

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  • Game is Packed With Porn
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