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You fucking weird-ass furries and furverts are in a for a treat today. To start things off, Rack 2 is the sequel to Rack 1. Like duh. When it comes to sequels, it can either ruin or improve its predecessor. Thankfully, Rack 2 is the latter.

It's a significant fucking improvement over Rack 1 as it has more features and freaky stuff for all you sick mofos out there who want to have some sort of weird achievement in their sorry-ass lives. So get those dicks out, close your doors, and shut the fuck up cause I'm going to give you the best review about Rack 2.

What is Rack 2?

Well, for horny assholes all over the world, a rack is an awesome pair of titties. However, Rack 2 is more than just a couple of juicy boobs. It's a game that's literally out of this world. Rack 2 is a science fiction-themed bondage game in which players/weirdos control a fully customizable scientist who gets to pleasure subjects.

What Makes It Unique?

Sure, you can just watch BDSM porn and jack off, but playing Rack 2 is on a whole new different level. Did I forget to say that all of the characters in this fucking game are fucking animals? And when I say animals, they're actually anthropomorphic creatures.

Ok, I get it. Your small dick and pea-sized brain are having a hard time processing the word "Anthropomorphic." You should pause for a while and take a deep breath while I explain to you what anthropomorphic means.

Anthropomorphism is attributing human traits, emotions, ideas, or anything about being a human being to a non-human species. In this case, it's animals dumbfuck. If you see Bojack babbling about depression and all that shit on t.v., that's anthropomorphism. Seeing Mickey mouse dancing with Minnie mouse is anthropomorphism. In this game, anthropomorphism is seeing two creatures ass fucking each other with big dildos.

Your head hurt from reading all the long and complicated words? Don't worry; I sincerely understand your situation. I mean, come on. Not all people can live in their parent's basement and jerk off to "Cats" and other furries.

What is a Furry?

So what the fuck is a furry? If you're still blind to the fantastic contributions of mankind to the world and you don't know what a furry is, then you are absolutely an idiot. Furries are people who love dressing up in a fursuit. A fursuit is a furry, full-body costume with an animal head.

People who love this genre create a "fursona" that's entirely different from their real-life personalities. Most of the time, when you see a furry, the animal they're dressed up is more likely to be their favorite. Well duh. Furries also love to talk to each other in their fursonas, as this genre has a lot of roleplaying involved.

Furries even gather in conventions and also developed slang words for their community. Some of these words are incredibly fucking dense and wordplay witty at the same time. "Scritching" is a gentle scratch that furries do. Scritching is comparable to hugging. Another funny slang word that furries came up is "Furvert." See how they're good at wordplay? Furverts are people who are sexually addicted to furries.


You take control of a fully customizable anthropomorphic scientist. At the start of the game, you'll be asked first to enter a name. Afterward, a clipboard appears on the screen. This clipboard is responsible for fully customizing your creature. You can choose between a dick and a pussy. You can also choose to have tits or not.

What's best about this simple feature is that it actually allows you to fucking shrink or enlarge your genitals. This feature is excellent for those insecure tightwads who want everything to be large, including their dicks. Too bad, there's no correlation with a bigger brain towards intelligence.

Essentially, this clipboard is the game's customization menu. Aside from the tits and dicks, you can also choose a body type. You can choose from 12 body types. These are Average, swimmer, athlete, bodybuilder, bear, strong, chubby, obese, skinny, lanky, amazonian, and hourglass. You can also choose skin color.

While you're busy jacking off to the countless customizations you can do, there's actually a pose option for you sick fucks. Make your unfinished character pose a lot for you. You can raise your legs, hold your dick, raise your arms, whatever you fancy you sick pervert.

After spending a considerable amount of time masturbating and creating your character, you'll immediately take control of it. This game is in the third person, so you sick bastards will get to see everything. That includes seeing your skinny, stupidly big, and long titty-and-dick flashing lioness character.

As you explore the world of Rack 2, you'll immediately see characters just like you. That shouldn't come as a surprise because if you were paying attention instead of scratching your balls, the game caters to an audience who love fucking and being furries. After a few more talks and adjustments, you'll get to be in your lab. From there, you can choose subjects, objects, toys, and any other tool you use for your sick and twisted fetish.

Your lab also contains clients, research subjects, and volunteers. These subjects are contained within a glass tube filled with some sort of liquid. In film and tv tropes, these are called People Jars.

Well, what do you know, you sick fucks are learning new things each day because of me. As you're scrolling through the people's jars, you'll see some info about their attractions, fetishes, some info on the subject, etc. After choosing your subject, you need to go to another room.

When you finally make the long walk and travel to the said room, you'll see your chosen subject strapped to a table or an examination chair, all ready for pleasuring. The game is in full 3D, so everything you see from rubbing clits, grabbing tits, and jerking off is visually appealing.

What I like about the game

I loved how there are tons of customizations available in this game. These customizations aren't just for aesthetics; they're also for gameplay. The choices are incredibly numerous, and you'll be playing this game for a while. There's also an automated mode so you can see all the action so you can use your hands for more progressive tasks like jacking off. Best of all, the game is free.

The game has a ton of species available to play. Heck, you can even bring in dragons, a mouse, and even a human being in the game. There are even fetishes included, and you actually get to fucking participate. Some of the fetishes in the game are: Electrostimulation, Cum Inflation, Spanking, Lactation, and Tickling. And of course, everything is free.

The pacing of the game is also good. If you're one of those goody-two-shoes gamers who love doing everything by the book, then you can play the game normally. Playing the game normally means that you unlock and progress through the game by leveling up and earning enough funds. Even though you'll spend a lot of time playing this game, this game is free.

Since this is a porn game, a lot of people love getting straight to the point. There's free play mode that will give you access to everything in the game. The author is kind of weird, but I like how professionally committed he is to his creations. He also has a lot of knowledge about furries, despite not acknowledging himself to be one. And do I still need to shout it out to you? If you and your dick still haven't noticed, THIS GAME IS FUCKING FREE.

What I Don't Like About the Game

As there is a lot of love for Rack 2, there are also a few things to hate. This game was made for more powerful desktops. If you have a desktop that's running on garbage, I suggest you work your ass off and buy yourself a decent computer. If you still think with your heart and your dick instead of your brain and decide to run it on a shitty desktop, Rack 2 will torture you.

Your screen will be full of scattered pixels, your character will have glitches, and everything runs slower. Some even report screen tearings, which make the game unplayable — poor soul. Since you'll be going in and out of doors, loading will be frequent in this game. Loading times on shitty computers will take a lot of excruciating seconds and even minutes away from your life.

Although the dev won't admit it, I think the game needs a more powerful system unit to run. Even if you're on a good computer, some of the character designs are shit. The gameplay is also repetitive at times, but hell, some people like being spanked over and over again, so why not? Multiplayer would have been a fantastic concept as well, but the dev skipped it anyway.

My Conclusion

Overall, I think the game is good. Although it may cater to a specific audience, Rack 2 is for everyone who loves porn games. Although Rack 2 may have been developed solo, you can clearly see the love and effort put into creating this game by the dev. I highly recommend that you pick this game up and see what the "furr" is all about. Fuck wordplay.

PornGames likes Rack 2

  • Tons of customization and fetishes available
  • Free Play Mode for impatient fucks like you and me
  • Automation so you don't have to click and jack off at the same time
  • Fluidity
  • You can mod some minor aspects in the game
  • How many times have you read this? THE GAME IS FREE

PornGames hates Rack 2

  • Misleading system requirements for the game
  • There are some shitty character designs
  • Lack of Multiplayer
  • Notorious loading times
  • even for some decent computers