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Claire's Quest

I’ll admit to being a little dismissive when it comes to RPG Maker games. But, to be fair, most of them are shit. It usually ends up being some half-finished mess full of fetch quests, grinding, and copy-paste combat. It’s fucking lazy. So, I often go into those kinds of games with tempered expectations.

After all, it’s usually the same game with slightly different dialog and maybe a few unique sex scenes or illustrations. Nothing that is going to blow your fucking mind. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I know exactly what I’m getting into when I download one of these games. Or, at least, that was my experience up until I played Claire’s Quest.

This game flips everything that you know about RPG Maker games on its head. No grinding, no combat, unique level designs, and intense fuck scenes. But I’ll get into that shit later. What you need to know is that Claire’s Quest is a game that came out in 2016 and was developed by Dystopian Project games. It’s a non-linear RPG with branching paths, in-depth storylines, and lots of rape fetish scenes. If that sounds like your shit, then stick with me here while I do a deep dive into this awesome, fetish-filled game.

Play as an Innocent Farm Girl Who Gets Thrust into a Dangerous World

Claire’s Quest puts you in the role of a cute farm girl named Claire. You’re tending your farm with your mother while waiting for your dad to return from his travels. You get some firewood, wash yourself off, and get dressed while the game gives you the low-down on how to play. This is some in-depth shit.

You can already tell that Claire’s Quest is a step above all of the lame-ass, directionless RPG Maker games out there. Even this soft start has a lot to uncover. The game has a lot of neat animations and boxes that make it feel a bit more premium than your usual RPG Maker game. It’s all been customized and polished to set itself apart from the competition.

You have a hunger and energy bar that you need to maintain. Eating heals hunger. Washing up and resting heals energy. You’ll notice that you don’t have a health or mana bar. That’s because this game doesn’t have a lick of combat in it. There's no grinding or fighting the same mobs for hours at a time, while you sit there with your limp cock in your hand. This game cuts out all of that boring bullshit and instead makes it so that your decisions matter.

Each and Every Choice You Make Will Change How the Story Unfolds

Every choice you make has long-lasting effects on the campaign. And this game isn’t just saying that shit to say it. It’s not a game where you have three options that all lead to the same ending. Looking at you Mass Effect 3. Choices influence your core stats. Those are as follows: defiance, intrigue, depravity, and seduction.

Different dialog choices will increase or decrease those stats. You really get to play this game however the fuck you want. Be a slut, a prude, a bitch, or whatever you want. Every playthrough has the potential to be entirely different from the last. Having higher or lower numbers in certain stats will unlock different dialog options or even out of dialog options. For example, you need to have a high intrigue to find some hidden objects or items.

Back on the story end of things, your home gets ambushed by pigmen monsters. Your mom stays to fend them off while you run away to the coast, hoping to get off the continent and find a safe town to live. You live outside of a nearby village. So, if the monsters got to you, she assumes that the town has been overrun. Presumably, your mom gets killed. But who knows? Maybe you’ll uncover something about that later on in the story. I won’t spoil any of that shit for you cucks.

Intuitive Gameplay With Easy-to-Grasp Controls and Menus

From there, you can use your arrow keys or mouse to navigate the world. It’s pretty cool that the game gives you two options here. I hate getting stuck with one or the other. Eventually, You run into some refugees who tell you about a toll up ahead. You can try a whole slew of different ways to get around that, but I opted to explore the dark forest full of monsters. But wait, I said there wasn’t any combat. How the fuck do you fight monsters? You don’t.

Do you really think your cute farm girl has the ability to kill a 7ft tall pigman? Fuck no. You run from those hung bastards. A little arrow will pop-up above their heads if they see you. Run out of their range to avoid getting caught. Oh, and each monster has a different range of sight. So, be careful. If you do get caught, it's game over. Make sure to save often! But, holy fuck, these game over scenes are works of fetish art.

Hardcore Rape & Fetish Scenes With Incredibly Hot Art and Descriptions

If a pigman gets you, then you get raped by him, thrown in a dungeon where you get bukkaked by a dozen of them, get raped some more, get pregnant, give birth to piglets, and you then jerk off your piglet kids while they suckle on your lactating tits. God. Fucking. Damn. That is some intense shit, and the art is incredible. You get to see every little detail while getting full erotic descriptions of the twisted shit happening to Claire. And every monster has a different scene!

There’s a lot of depth to this game, especially for an RPG Maker title. Hell, I’d play this game even without the hot rape scenes, and that’s saying something. It’s a good game to play. It loads up in a decently large game player. The menus are easy to navigate. You can enable cheats if you’re really just looking to fap your brains out. There are different costumes you can unlock and put on. You can view a gallery of every past sex scene that you have unlocked, and man, there are a fuck ton of them. There’s so much you do in this game.

Hours of Content to Experience

And this isn’t a short one hour and done sex game. There are hours upon hours of hot content, sidequest, and stories to explore. I like how they do quests in this game. They are color-coded by difficulty and length. Red ones could spell game over if you fail them, so keep an eye out on those. There are just a lot of good additions to the game that makes the user experience top fucking notch.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked how unique Claire’s Quest was. You don’t find many RPG Maker games that go out of their way to break the usual grind and fetch quest formula. The non-linear presentation of the game means that you can explore the game however you want. Even the maps have many different routes that you can take. Each playthrough may land you in different areas with different quests and decisions to make. And, fuck, the fetish scenes are insane. You get fully-drawn and described scenes for fetishes that you may have never even thought of.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

I wracked my brain here, trying to think of a single feature that made things difficult or took away from the overall experience and came up with nothing. Claire’s Quest is a solid RPG with loads of sexy content. It even has a good story and great gameplay.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Claire’s Quest may be a 10/10 porn RPG in my books. It hits every bar that I set for these kinds of games and then some. You get hours upon hours of content to explore. The story is unique and offers hundreds of different scenarios based on the decisions you make. I’d recommend this game to you even if you’re not trying to bust a nut. It’s that fucking good. Oh, and it’s also great for fapping to. You get some super crazy fetish scenes with loads of fapworthy content for everyone. Claire’s Quest is a solid RPG that I highly recommend you cucks give a shot.

PornGames likes Claire's Quest

  • The on-linear storyline with branching dialog decisions that truly matter
  • Hardcore fetish scenes
  • Amazing artwork
  • gameplay
  • sound design
  • and writing
  • A unique game that pushes the boundaries of what RPG Maker can do

PornGames hates Claire's Quest

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