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Dreams Of Desire

Dreams of Desire fulfills every single fucked up fantasy you’ve ever had about your family. This visual novel porn game is for the incest perverts out there who dream about banging their mom and their sisters. You play as some loser who’s too scared to join a military academy like his dad did. So instead of getting ready to put on the uniform, you spend your last days of summer vacation spying on your family and tricking them into doing whatever you want.

The game thinks it’s slick at first. You start in your room with your best friend Marcus, with the two of you talking about how hot your “Landlady” is. Her giant tits, her delicious ass, and her gorgeous face are something special. When she overhears you and her friend talking about her, she doesn’t get mad or anything. That means she’s interested, right?

The thing is, you don’t know that this is actually your mom until some more time goes by. Your “Landlady” talks about missing her husband (your dad who’s stationed somewhere else), and you fantasize about sneaking into her room. All of a sudden, the game starts labeling the “Landlady” as “Mom”. Not knowing that from the start could be a total turn-off if you’re not into incest shit.

Even if you don’t care for incest, Dreams of Desire is messed up enough to keep you playing anyway. You start off spying on your “Landlady” as she’s asleep, taking your chances by pulling down her panties and checking out her ass. You can take things further, but only a little bit at a time. The game can be a tease and doesn’t like to rush into anything.

That slow build-up goes well with the relationships you build with the characters during the day. Just getting to know your “Landlady” and your sisters can be fun, if you care to read all the dialogue. If you auto-skip everything, you won’t feel the impact of the choices that you make.

Like yeah, your “Landlady” eventually lets you grope her ass after she’s had some wine. But when you talk to her about it afterward, you can be understanding about her boundaries and maybe get rewarded for it later on down the line.

The big twist in Dreams of Desire is the magic fantasy bullshit. You pretty much learn a spell that hypnotizes anyone into doing whatever you say. When you first use the spell, you’re not that strong, so you can’t do anything and everything just yet.

If you try to make your bitchy sister give you a blowjob while you’re still weak, she’ll snap out of her trance, and then it’s game over. As you collect these so-called “dream shards” and get stronger, you can do more fucked up shit.

Voyeurism and Much More

Dreams of Desire really goes there when it comes to spying and voyeurism. Sneaking into your mom’s room to watch her sleep is one thing. Actually, pulling out your cock to rub on her tits is something else. Running away after you leave your mark on her is how you spend most of the early game. When you add in the extra layer of a hypnotizing spell, you know exactly what you’re doing and how someone else might see it.

You can do this with your mom, your mean older sister, your sweet younger sister, and even your best friend’s mom. You’re too much of a chickenshit to get laid on your own, so you have to resort to using this spell to put people under your control.

Think about it: you’re such a fucking failure that you sneak into your bitchy sister’s room to stick your dick up her ass while she’s asleep. She can wake up and scream at you for raping her, and then you get sent back to the title screen after another game over. Better hope you saved; otherwise you have to start all over again from the beginning.

Choices Matter

How you treat your mom and your sisters has an impact down the line. Remember I mentioned how you can be understanding about your mom’s hesitation to do anything with you? There are more choices like that throughout the game. When your older sister steals something that belongs to you, you can choose to play it cool or be more aggressive about it. How you treat her determines the types of scenes you get as the game progresses.

The story wants you to feel protective of your younger sister, but you can still hypnotize her and have your way with her. You can have a more romantic relationship with her if you choose the mushy options with her, too. Or if you make her obey you while she’s hypnotized, your scenes with her will be more dominant.

Some choices matter too much, though. Even choosing the wrong door to peep through will end up with someone calling the police on you. All of a sudden, it’s game over again, and you probably didn’t save. It’s fucking annoying and less obvious than, say, being too much of a perv in your sister’s bedroom and waking her up. Save often!

The main problem with Dreams of Desire is that you won’t get to see the full impact of your choices unless you pay up. The first three episodes of Dreams of Desire are free. After that, you have to pledge to the creator’s Patreon page to play more. The free part of the game is just a teaser compared to everything else. So if you want to see it all, you have to fork over at least some kind of money.

What I Like

Dreams of Desire is a sexy game to look at. All the art is top-notch, and the characters are pretty damn hot. The relationship-building part of the game is more fun with so much eye candy to enjoy. Once you do sneak your way into someone’s room, their body looks so perfect that it’s hard to resist.

It’s nice that you have plenty of freedom to choose how you use your powers. If you have an ass fetish or a foot fetish, you can indulge in either one or both as much as you want. One of them could get you in more trouble than the other, so you should be careful.

You don’t have to use your spell on everyone, either. For example, you have the option of fucking around with your friend’s mom. You can be a bro about it and not cross that line, or you could go ahead and do it anyway. It’s entirely up to you.

What I Hate

Dreams of Desire wants us to pay for more content, but is that content worth it? Yeah, there are more hot scenes with impressive art. But the writing is fucking awful. There are tons of spelling errors in the free episodes alone, and the quality of the writing itself can be hit-or-miss. None of that matters once you start fucking someone. It’s still pretty damned distracting on the way there.

During the point-and-click segments, some weird graphical glitches cause items and furniture to show up twice on the screen. You might need to find a book or something, only to realize that there are two of the game items, and you can only interact with one. It’s lazy and distracting, but these segments don’t show up all that often. You should be fine.

On top of all that, it’s stupid that the game pretends it’s not about incest for the first twenty minutes or so. You could be in for a rough time if you just picked this game up without warning. You’re tricked into thinking your “Landlady” is just your hot landlord until the game finally rips off the pointless disguise. Why not be upfront about it?

Gamers Beware

If you’re turned off by rape and incest fantasies, Dreams of Desire is your worst fucking nightmare. If you love both of those things, great. If you don’t, picking this up on a whim will probably make you think twice about random porn game surfing.

Chances are, you’re just like the main character who can’t get laid to save his life. In that case, knock yourself out with this voyeurism simulator while you feel fucking sorry for yourself.

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  • Sexy art style
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  • Unfiltered and unashamed spying
  • Dialogue choices influence relationships