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Double Homework

It’s time to get extra kinky, you perverted fucks. We’ve got ourselves two gorgeous, very legal-aged redheads with perfect young bodies that are just waiting to be bent over a kitchen table or two. In Double Homework, you play as a guy who lives with two girls, whose names are left up to you. You can name them whatever you’d like. I guess that’s supposed to help you write your own fantasy, especially if you’ve got two actual redheads in your life that you’d like to bang, and this is your way of playing pretend.

But, you also choose their relationship with you as well as what they call you, regardless of your name. Suffice it to say; I have a sneaking suspicion that the words daddy, sister, daughter, and, of course, step-sister get inserted into these text boxes more often than any other words combined. Maybe the developer was scared that if he hardcoded incest into his game, that would be an unnecessary risk. This way, every pervert can have his cake his own way — some like cake with frosting, others like it out of their sister’s snatch. I’m not one to judge.

Palmer is a Legend

Palmer is the name of the developer. Before I start raining praise on the guy, I have to say; I don’t know him. For all I know, he could be a she. Either way, this individual is an absolute legend in the porn game community, because he singlehandedly dominates one particular porn game genre, and he’s remained on top since the very first episode of Double Homework.

The genre in question is the western 3D visual novel. You should be able to recognize these. They’ve been fucking everywhere for the past five years or so. At first, they all looked like dogshit, because technology could not keep up. Then, legends like Palmer entered the scene and showed the world how 3D models are supposed to be done. You want to make the girls’ lips fuckable, their tits suckable, and their eyes love-inducing. Every single girl in any single Palmer game scene looks like a fuckable sex angel. You don’t get that level of quality from just any developer.

His Patreon is currently extremely successful. It doesn’t list the amount of money he’s making, but we can see that he’s got over five thousand backers at a minimum of one dollar a month. So… he’s very successful. And it’s no surprise, either. He’s constantly talking to his community in posts that really reveal shit about his upcoming episodes. He’s not wasting people’s time. Plus, he’s constantly making sexy 3D art, even when he’s not updating his games. That means that as a backer, you constantly get new sexy shit to enjoy. The fun never stops on this man’s Patreon. It’s worth noting though that if you want to milk his art for all its worth, you’ll need the $25 tier, with which you get a metric fuckton of content.

Double Homework is a Staple

This is the game that I recommend to people when they ask me for some 3D western art sexy goodness. From the very first episode, which is now officially old as hell, you get to know a few of the most important characters in the series, including but not limited to the two bitches I mentioned above. Whether they’re your daughters, sisters, or adopted lemmings – your choice – these two will win your heart from the very first episode, and you’ll want to keep coming back for more. At a certain point, you’ll find yourself coming back to this game not just for the faps, but for the wholesome feels. It’s that good, and it’s that immersive.

Now, I normally hate episodic gaming, because more often than not, it’s an excuse for developers to sit on their ass and count their money. It’s also a great way to get you to pay five times for one product. Well, you get none of that bullshit with Double Homework, because Palmer does not fuck around. His episodes feel more like sequels than segments. Yes, he breaks up the story with cliffhangers, but not in a way that makes you feel milked for your money. He has a vision for a long ass story, and he’s taking his sweet time building quality content around it.

Boner Guaranteed

As you may have guessed, there are countless sex scenes throughout Double Homework, and they’re all super-hot, but in very different ways. You see, even though your character is relatively naughty, he doesn’t do anything particularly inappropriate. He tries really hard to be a good guy and make all the right decisions. But, at the same time, he’s a horn dog. Plus, the girls naturally fall in love with him over time, and they get more handsy as well, so it’s not like he’s trying to break them down so that they let him smash.

There’s an actual romance that blossoms slowly between him and the girls, and it’s all very organic and believable. Plus, if you don’t make them your daughters when you fire up the episode and instead let them be your friends, the story makes a ton of sense. The scenes with the girls are actually the ones that progress the slowest. There will be a very brief moment of sexual tension and maybe a bit of lewd touching, but then you’ll both sort of back off and feel guilty about it. This gets me hard every single time.

And, if you’re worried that this game doesn’t have enough proper sex in it, I’m here to remind you that the girls are just the main characters, they’re not the only characters. There are a bunch of other bitches in this game, and they’re all worth the suck and fuck, every single time. I haven’t had a bad time during a sex scene in Double Homework. That’s why I think your boner is basically guaranteed with this game.

Quality and Compromise

Nothing worth having comes free, except Double Homework. But, there are a few cut corners here and there, and while I personally don’t mind them much, I have to let you know about them just the same. First of all, there’s no voice acting what so ever. You don’t hear a character talk in this game. The entire thing is completely mute.

However, there is background music throughout, and it’s pretty serviceable. Personally, I’d recommend that you mute the music and play some smooth jazz in the background for variety. But, I’ve noticed that when I pop a hard boner, there’s very little blood left in my brain with which to worry about what I’m listening to. Unless I’m hearing the voices of the girls on screen moaning at me, I don’t really notice any other sounds. I’m a very focused person at heart.

Beyond that, I’m a little disappointed by the engine that the game’s made in. I don’t really know what it is, but it always lags for me, and it’s an issue I’ve never really had with other games, even ones made by completely inept developers. Given that Palmer is the best of the best, I’m confused as to why the menus in his game are basically in slow-mo, but it’s one of those minor gripes that you quickly get over, because there are tits in play.

This game belongs on everyone’s top 10 best porn games list, because it comes with the kind of levels of quality that you don’t really find very often. The art puts triple-A game modelers to shame. The story is written concisely and consistently. It almost gives me TV drama vibes, like one of those old-school telenovelas from back in the day. I want to find out more about these people’s interpersonal relationships. I have to give a ton of praise to a game’s writer if he manages to get me to actually want to hear more words come out of a woman’s mouth.

As for the things that go into the women’s mouths in this game, well, it’s mostly your cock, and it’s always glorious. The fact that your character isn’t actually some sort of macho playboy makes the game much more immersive for casual players. The guy feels regret, confusion, and even general discomfort when he’s pushing his luck a bit too far. But, he is governed by his penis, like any other true hot-blooded male, and by golly, he’s going to fuck his way through the entire female cast of this game come hell or high water.

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