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Lust Epidemic

It’s time to talk about one of the greatest porn games ever made, Lust Epidemic. It’s rare that a porn game hits all the marks, and this game certainly does a great job at being a masterpiece. It’s hot, it’s easy to fap to, and it has the kind of gameplay that has you constantly excited about what’s coming up next. The story is gripping, there’s a ton of mystery, and not a single part of the game feels out of place. It’s is the absolute optimal porn gaming experience, and I haven’t found a single game that comes close to it except for its sequel.

Community Funded Smut Game

This is an entirely crowdfunded game, thanks to Patreon and the countless fans that are passionate about backing the project. Now, I’ve seen a lot of crowdfunded games, and I know that when I see a community of people who are having casual chats with the creator, that’s a sign of a great game right there. It’s not just about the developers going the extra mile to impress their fans. There’s more to it than that.

On the internet, people tend to complain about every little thing. I’ve literally seen forum posts about furry porn games where people complain about the lack of non-furry content. It’s a furry porn game, what the hell did you expect? But, with Lust Epidemic, you get none of that bullshit. Everyone’s happy about this game, because there’s nothing here to complain about. It’s the complete package, and the community is aware of it.

Plus, you get tons of everything that you see on the proverbial box cover, and a ton more than you didn’t even know was hiding under the surface. The game is marketed as a sort of RPG game with 3D western porn renders. That’s not a very expensive sell. I mean, these days there are thousands of porn RPGs and half of them are entirely textual. It’s not a very high bar. So, when you go into Lust Epidemic, expecting the absolute worst that the industry has to offer, you end up blown the fuck away by how much quality they managed to cram into this thing.

Simple RPG, Quality Titties

If you’ve seen gameplay videos of Lust Epidemic, you probably have the wrong impression of this game. It uses the standard top-down RPG design approach, so you might think you’re in for some Final Fantasy style combat with experience points and skills. There’s none of that here. In fact, there’s very little conventional gameplay in here at all. It’s more of a point and click puzzle game than anything else, but without the stupid kind of puzzles where you have to put a monkey wrench together with duct tape and a banana to get the monkey out of the washing machine.

These puzzles are more logical. You need a shovel to dig a hole to find an item that someone mentioned that they buried. It’s all very straightforward, and there are titties around every corner. What blows my fucking mind is how well they’ve managed to combine the two. I mean, one second you’re investigating a murder, the next, there’s a busty older lady who’s just so very scared and she needs you to hold her. And hold her, you shall. And you shall also cum on her face. Because that’s how you calm a hysterical woman down.

Can Porn Games Be Too Hot?

The western-style 3D render tits you get with this game’s porn scenes should be very familiar to you at this point. This style’s been growing in popularity these past few years, and I’m kind of glad. Sometimes an artist will forget to polish off the models properly, and they start to give you uncanny valley vibes. But, with Lust Epidemic, you get the best of the best. They’re basically realistic renders of people with giant tits. What’s not to love? I know I’d prefer these kinds of 3D models over hentai bullshit any day. No shade on hentai, I just prefer realistic-looking women.

When I first played this game, I was a bit scared of the fact that the sex scenes were pre-rendered. I thought it was going to be the kind of game that dicks you around so that you eventually get to see 2D versions of what used to be a 3D model. I quickly got over my gripes. They figured out really sexy scenes for the characters to play out, and every single one of them gets me rock hard every time. There are just no two ways about it. I like watching these chicks take a dicking. Plus, either you or they get to cum at least once per scene, and that’s animated in a really satisfying way. And on top of that, they cut out all the dumb waiting games. You only get to watch a scene for as long as the action lasts. If you click through it, it ends. It doesn’t force you to watch the same two frames of the guy plowing these bitches in the ass over and over again until you get to the money shot. It lets you fast forward through it so that you can enjoy it at your own pace.

A Magical Murder Mystery

Lust Epidemic takes place in our world in a modern time. I’m not sure if it’s around 2021 exactly, or maybe the early 2000s, considering the cellphones they use, but it’s around this age. This makes the game really immersive and easy to follow with. Plus, they make a big stink about this flood that hits the area towards the beginning of the game, which apparently knocks down cell towers so you can’t dial out.

So at the same time, it’s the future, but you’re also stranded without means of communication. I freaking love this shit. It’s standard horror movie writing, and I’m thirsty for it. But, this is not a horror game, even though some scary shit does happen to the characters. It stays well within murder mystery territory with some supernatural vibes hinted here and there. Overall, it remains grounded in reality, and you’re constantly curious about what’s coming up next. Every question answered means more questions that you want answered next, and that’s the right fucking way to write a mystery.

What I like most about this game is that even though all of the chicks are surprisingly horny for you, there’s an explanation for it. In other porn games, you just have to play along with the fact that everyone is a bit too horny for reality. In this game, they actually explain why that is. It makes perfect sense, and it grounds you in reality so hard that you start to feel Lust Epidemic vibes when you’re out and about and not playing the game.

When to Jack Off?

Oh boy, this game has bruised my cock like no hot vixen ever has. Normally, women fuck right off after the first 30 minutes of sex or so, because they’ve had their fill. I know how to satisfy a woman and punch in a clock. Well, Lust Epidemic comes with tens of hours of gameplay. I’m not sure how many exactly, I really wasn’t keeping track. But I will say that on my first playthrough, I got around halfway through the game in about 6 hours. Oh yeah, I had my dick in my hands throughout the experience.

Needless to say, my dick was covered in scratches. See, it turns out; you’re not supposed to jack off for that long without any breaks. And, long before the carpal tunnel sets in, your dick will start to bruise. Normally I don’t have this problem, but Lust Epidemic made me its bitch. It was hot throughout, and the mystery kept me going. It’s kind of like when you’re in the sex scenes, you wonder what mystery you’re going to uncover next and when you uncover something new, you look forward to more sex scenes. It’s a never-ending circle of fun. I just wish there was a way to give my dick a break.

My advice to you is if you’re going to play this absolute masterpiece of a porn game, take breaks, or at the very least pace yourself. You might be able to handle a 6-hour gaming binge, but your cock isn’t made for that. At the very least, oil up the fucker so you don’t chafe it to death.

I can’t recommend this game enough, and I also shouldn’t fail to mention it got a sequel, and both games are pretty much completely ready. I know the sequel, Treasure of Nadia, is getting frequent updates, but I’m pretty sure the story is finished. At the very least, I know that Lust Epidemic is 100% ready, because I played through it. It’s a must-have, and it should definitely be everyone’s first porn game.

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