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Rogue-Like Evolution

I really like porn game parodies. Ever since I discovered Zone-Tan’s original cartoon parodies, I’ve been a huge fan of smutty versions of my favorite fictional characters. There have been many chicks in cartoons I’ve wanted to bang, but I never saw that as a problem that needed solving. I mean, it was easy to accept that I’d never get to see them naked. Chances are, their original animators didn’t even bother to decide what their nipples looked like under their clothes.

But, Zone got me curious, and she got me horny, so now, many years later, I keep an eye out for inspired porn games made by people that know how to smutify a fictional character. Today, we’re talking about a very good addition to the long list of porn games that I respect, called Rogue-Like Evolution. Made by a smut wizard who only goes by the name Oni, this game has all the bells and whistles that I’ve come to expect from a fappable porn game. And don’t be fooled by the name; it’s a double-play on words. It’s not a roguelike game. That would be a fucking nightmare. No, it’s a regular dating game, with sex scenes, in which Rogue, the character from X-Men, is the main character.

A Taste of Things to Come

This game is currently in early post-alpha stages. A bit complicated, I know. Basically, for a while, the game used to be a demo that sort of fast-tracked the gameplay using Rogue and featuring some guest characters. But, for the most part, you romanced Rogue very quickly, with some simple dialogue, and you got to experience fully interactive sex scenes every step of the way.

Now that the game is technically released, though, they’ve started moving into the territory they always wanted to cover. I say they, really, it’s just Oni as far as I can tell. So, the idea is that this is a proper open-world dating sim set in the world of the X-Men where all the bitches from that show are up for grabs, provided you play your cards right.

Sex Mutant Powers

Your character is a new mutant at Professor X’s academy for the gifted, with an oddly specific superpower. Your superpower is that you fuck bitches. I’m just kidding. Your mutation basically makes you immune to everyone else’s powers. That pretty much means that while you have the same chances as everyone else with most bitches on campus, you’re the only person on Earth who can fuck Rogue and get away with it. Should make her a very easy lay, as far as I’m concerned.

Other than that little tidbit, the story flows like you might expect. There’s a sexy plot and a boring plot, but they’re mixed together, and they make for entertaining gameplay. You don’t have to overthink this game. Everything flows very smoothly, and other characters from the X-Men universe find their way to the action on their own. You don’t have to bend very far to find more bitches.

My Kind of Dialogue

I’ve mentioned before that the worst part of dating women is when they start talking uncontrollably, and you just have no idea when that shit is about to wrap up. If I have to read and write the equivalent of seven essays while I’m trying to romance a girl in a porn game, I yeet the goddamn laptop out the window and buy one that wasn’t tainted by bullshit.

Well, this game is not yeet-worthy, it’s fine. You can play this game for as long as you’d like without getting bored to sleep. The dialogue is plentiful, but it’s short. You only have to say the right thing at the right time. You don’t have to listen to Rogue’s life story. Plus, if you’ve already seen the X-Men movies, hearing her talk about her condition would be hellish. Thankfully, it’s all sexy talk, and you quickly get to the good stuff, without feeling like the game is taking place in the porn universe. It somehow manages to convince you that the girls in this game really want to fuck your character because he’s that much of a successful ladies’ man.

The Sex is Hot as Fuck

I like it when an artist stays within their wheelhouse to create tons of pussy and tit pics that are serviceable, instead of polishing one turd over and over, so you end up with five minutes’ worth of content. Oni absolutely slays in this department. The game is loaded with tons of different sex scenes that progressively get hotter. Say you start off in Rogue’s room. Things start to get heated. She pulls your pants down. She starts giving you a very sexy blowjob. This is where the genius of this game comes into play.

You might remember that back in the day, the majority of free porn games were made in Flash, and most of those had you watch one sex scene in which you could pick out little preferences. Like, you’d have your cock ridden by a sexy bitch from the Teen Titans universe or something, and you could make her go faster and faster and eventually hit the cum button. Well, that would suck today, because it’s a very small amount of content. But, the concept is actually really sexy. Why watch a sex scene when you can control your way through it?

Well, this game’s sex scenes all come with additional options that essentially let you direct the action any way you’d like. Do you want to go faster or slower? Do you want her to use her mouth or her hand? And finally, are you going to cum on her face, her tits or straight down her throat. And once you decide to cum down her throat, you also have the option to ask nicely, give her a warning or straight up shove your cock down her throat.

Three Genres in One

I think that the best porn games out there are the ones that successfully combine different kinds of gameplay in one package. That’s what you get with Rogue-Like Evolution. It’s a dating sim, sure, but it’s not a visual novel. At least, not a standard one. You get a lot of branching choices, but they drive the smut, not the girls’ decisions to sleep with you. Then there’s the air of intrigue and mystery, since this is a superhero world. Plus, you get the super-smooth gameplay jumping from scene to scene, keeping you immersed every step of the way.

I love that Patreon funded developers are pushing in this unique direction of basically living out their dreams inside video games that we get to play for free. Oni could have just as easily drawn some rule 34 smut and called it a day, but they went further than that. With the interactive gameplay, you feel like you earned your place among Professor X’s best. Plus, it’s kind of fun to rewatch the movies later with your kids, point at the screen and go “See her? I fucked her. Fucked her too. And that one.”. Maybe don’t do that with your actual kids, but I mean, it’s fun to know that you can. Perhaps boast to your girlfriend, I don’t know.

This is the kind of game that X-Men fans have been waiting for. Whether you want to tell all your friends about this being your next main squeeze, or you keep it all to yourself like your dirty little secret, it has potential. This could be your next favorite video game title. And, while it doesn’t take that much time to get through the whole thing, you can take solace in the fact that as a Patreon funded game, you can pretty much expect to see more content in further patches.

As for the Patreon itself, you should definitely check it out. There are tons of tiers with special rewards, including extra art and features. Plus, the game can be a bit of a mess to download off of third party sites, and if you sign up for even the lowest tier, you get a convenient high-speed download link for it, which is always welcome. The highest tier even comes with over 300 sexy images for you to enjoy. If you like Oni’s artwork, this is pretty much a no-brainer. I mean, it’s $5 a month, and as Oni themselves put it, this is still roughly the price of a Marvel comic, so why not take the plunge?

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