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I did it, guys! I found you another great free porn game that smashes records and guarantees that you’ll get hard every single time! Now, I am lying a little bit because Lust Academy is far from finished. But even in its current state, it’s precisely what you’ve been looking for if you’re tired of waiting for updates to Milfy City and Being a DIK, and you’d like to add yet another game to your roster so that, well, you can wait for this one to be finished down the line as well. At this point, I’m just contributing to your frustrations, and I am very sorry about that. It’s just; I have to cover every single hot porn game out there, and Lust Academy is definitely one of the best I’ve played in a long time. Mark my words, this game has a bright future ahead.

The name harkens back to games like Lust Epidemic, but the only relationship between that game and this one is that they both use pre-rendered 3D models for the babes. Other than that, this game is surprisingly original, even though it’s a parody of Harry Potter. Yes, it’s another one of those. The hottest Harry Potter smut we got before Lust Academy was Witch Trainer, and that was so far removed from the original inspiration that it didn’t really feel like you were boning wizard babes in Hogwarts. Then again, this game doesn’t stick to the source material either in that it takes place in the current day with smartphones and modern technology.

<h3>Welcome to Not Hogwarts</h3>

There’s also magic and an academy of wizard babes to go around. Keep in mind, this game’s version of Hogwarts is an academy for college-age students rather than middle-school, for apparent reasons. Beyond that, you’re free to get immersed in the idea that this game actually takes place in the Harry Potter universe. Luckily, they only kept Hermione’s likeness from the original work. But I believe that any resemblances to pre-existing characters are entirely coincidental. So, yeah, there’s a babe who looks precisely like Hermione, but it’s not her, you guys. It’s totally not her, ok?

I don’t usually play through entire porn games when I cover them for these reviews, but I make an exception when the whole gameplay of a game cuts under 30 minutes because I enjoy being thorough, and that’s not a long time at all. I can invest the 30 minutes it takes to comb through all the game’s content if that’s all the game has to offer. As I said, Lust Academy is far from finished. It’s actually in its very first stages of development. Currently, there are roughly 40 minutes of gameplay in the game, though you could stretch it out to around an hour and a half if you read slower and indulge in the side activities like magic combat. Either way, that’s a meager offer compared to any similar finished game. But, the updates are coming out regularly, and the game is entirely crowd-funded, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

<h3>So Much Hot Content!</h3>

In its current state, it boasts more than a dozen naked babes in total, though you don’t actually get to bang all of them. The developer figured out clever ways to showcase the goods without giving away the goodies. Some of these bitches are going to require a lot more stimulation before they agree to hoover up your cock with their wily succubus mouths. The game also hinted at anal content being a bigger part of the final product down the line, though I did technically have anal with a babe who happened to be a trans – she had a cock. I would assume that the main reason she agreed to do anal was that she didn’t have a pussy to throw around, but I’m not complaining.

And speaking of trans babes, there are all kinds of LGBTQ+ content in this game, though it’s entirely optional. My guess is the developers knew that the average porn game enthusiast is particular with their wants and desires. I personally like the chicks with dicks, as long as they have supple tits to make up for the extra meat, but I’m not a fan of dude-on-dude action, so that part of the game remained unexplored for me. I was actually taken aback when there was a moment in this game when I could optionally check out my friend’s ass when he was just casually walking away. I’m not used to this kind of shit in conventional porn gaming. But I guess if you’re bisexual, then you’re going to have the time of your life with this game. It’s an equal opportunity wizard smut sim.

<h3>Perfectly Innocent Writing</h3>

Story-wise there isn’t much to be said about the game because most of the story revolves around the individual passions of the girls and boys you’ll be romancing. You play as a cookie-cutter dude that you can pick a name for. You get a character model, and it’s sufficiently basic. You’re just some guy going to college. This is arguably the best way to write your main characters in porn games. I want to self-insert and immerse myself. My character doesn’t need a deep storyline as long as all the other characters do. Luckily, all the other characters are very varied and have all kinds of shit going on. You’re going to want to get very well acquainted with all of them. They’re all fascinating.

Granted, the one dude who is hinted at being a romantic interest wasn’t particularly interesting for me, but maybe that’s because I didn’t flirt with the guy at all. Plus, I’d wager to bet that the developers are biding their time with the gay content to see whether there’s even going to be a positive reception before they over-invest in dude stories. As it currently stands, the chicks outnumber the dudes 20 to 1, at least as far as playable content is concerned. Sure, there are dudes in the backdrops, but they’re not interactable. You’ve got female teachers, female students, and female passersby for the most part.

<h3>The Graphics are Top Notch</h3>

I mentioned that the game uses pre-rendered 3D, but if you’ve been turned away by this style in the past, I urge you to come back and reconsider because Lust Academy takes shit to the next level. First of all, the game is 100%, not a visual novel. This is super important to me. I don’t like reading walls of text. I don’t like being given one choice every hour that barely influences the story at all. Instead, it’s an open-world adventure game with branching storylines and independent events that you can explore at your own pace. It’s similar to Summertime Saga in that regard, even if it isn’t quite that sizable. The idea is, you get to roam the school freely and explore whatever you feel like at any time you decide. There’s no hand-holding. That’s exactly what I want, not just out of porn gaming but out of gaming in general. Let me carve my own path.

You might recognize a few character models from this game from other games because these 3D models tend to get around. At this point, they’re basically like porn actresses since you see them in different productions from entirely different studios. But, most of the babes seem to be originally designed for this game. The bitch that looks like Hermione, for example, clearly had a lot of care put into her design. Her tits are majestic. Her ass is to die for, and her face looks oddly realistic, for a video game render at least.

<h3>Bursting with Quality</h3>

There’s also a wealth of animation in the game, whether frame by frame or an actual smooth movie-like animation pre-rendered for the game. This does add a bit of bloat to the overall size of the game. But considering it’s still in its early stages, you’re only looking at around a gigabyte of data. So, the game will remain relatively small, for the time being, but expect it to grow linearly over time as they add more content. That’s just how these games work, I’m afraid. Every single frame weighs a certain amount, and new shit just gets tacked on.

The game also comes with much ambient music and sexual noises to really bring out the immersion factor. <strong>I absolutely loved the soundtrack and the sex noises</strong>. Both of them were top-notch and not at all annoying, which is more than I can say about the average porn game that uses music. I have high hopes for Lust Academy if that wasn’t clear from the review so far. I think that this game will be on everyone’s top list for years to come. But they have to invest the time and release more chapters. In its current state, it’s just a great proof of concept. A year from now, it might be everyone’s favorite porn game. We’ll see.

PornGames likes Lust Academy

  • Tons of hot babes
  • Open-world gameplay
  • Enjoyable soundtrack
  • Perfect writing

PornGames hates Lust Academy

  • Still in early beta