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It’s not every day that I review a project that’s almost as popular and successful as myself. The world of VR has been looking for a proper sex simulator since the technology was invented, and we kept being told that it was more or less impossible to get proper high-quality virtual sex at this point. The tech just wasn’t there yet or some shit. While everyone else was busy with excuses, a development studio by the name of MeshedVR put sweat blood and tears into their passion project, Virt-A-Mate. This is the game that you’ve been waiting for, boys and girls. This is the proper high-quality VR experience that’s set to change the game and set standards for future VR releases. I am literally honored to be covering this masterpiece.

A Virtual Girlfriend

I guess the original concept behind Virt-A-Mate was to create a proper simulator, rather than some sort of singular linear story-based game. This game has no story, and it doesn’t force your hand at all. It’s a sort of sandbox. Normally, I hate porn sandboxes because I get bored of them really easily. Yes, I can fuck the bitch. Stick it in her ass and get me out of there. Well, the novelty factor here goes a very long way towards making this game replayable on end.

First of all, you aren’t stuck on one girl or even a number of girls. This game lets the community make any type of … creature, I suppose to be imported into the game. They mainly make girls, but I guess ghouls and goblins aren’t out of the question, if you want to make things weird. Either way, your options are unlimited, and you can play this game virtually forever. Get it? I made a pun. Anyways…

Realistic Physics

Physics are the worst part of video gaming because they’re the hardest part to code. For the longest time, games didn’t even have simulated physics, and when the trend started out, the best we got was Mario being able to fall down until he hit the ground. Fast forward a good 40 years, and now we’ve got the kind of computers and code that can handle realistic skin motion with interaction. In other words, you can fondle a titty and see it react as it would in real life.

The developers behind Virt-A-Mate must be some kind of math geniuses, because I haven’t seen jiggling this realistic in non-porn triple-A games, let alone in porn games. Usually, I have to watch actual porn to see breasts that are this arousing. But, in this game, anything goes. All the breasts look and feel real, the butts are perfectly bouncy as well and the hair… well. Normally, I don’t give a shit about a girl’s hair. It gets in the way of my cock when I’m cramming it down her throat. In this game, I’m kind of grateful, because it just adds to the experience. I feel like she’s all the more real, because her hair bounces as I plow her.

Mind-Blowing Graphics

The fun doesn’t stop with the physics engine, even though it’s more than enough to carry the entire game. Virt-A-Mate has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in any video game ever, in my entire goddamn life. Now, this is all kind of dependent on what girl you’re fucking and how many mods you’ve downloaded, but I mentioned that the sky’s the limit, so what have you got to lose. Yes, there might be some performance issues, depending on your setup, but I mean, this game is Quest compatible, so how heavy could it be?

If you’re not familiar with current VR trends, the Oculus Quest is a portable, standalone console for VR. It’s the same as the Oculus, but it doesn’t require a PC tether. It has no cables, and you just plop the damn thing on your head and dive right in. That means that whatever PC is built into the headset is all you need to run Virt-A-Mate. That blows my mind for two very important reasons. First, porting games to the Quest is difficult as fuck. The damn thing isn’t very powerful, even though it’s optimized for VR. Second, making a customizable sandbox porn game means a lot of bloat. How they managed to optimize this thing, in general, is beyond me.

For reference, I played this game on a GTX 1070 with an Oculus Rift. That’s a decent amount of juice. But even after I overloaded the damn thing with mods and high-quality textures, it still ran great. I’m beyond grateful for the smut these people have pulled together.

Fucking a Virtual Girl

Enough about the technical specs, what can you actually do in this game? Well, damn near anything that you can think of. You can move the girl around, change the setting, have her lie back, or stand up or get on her knees. You also have a free range of motion with your cock, so you can put it wherever it will fit. There are some funny moments when you try to insert it in her mouth, let’s say, and you can’t quite hit the mark. She’s too stupid to understand what’s going on, so you have to sort of angle your approach like you’re landing a plane. Maybe you could try talking to her, saying something like, “Here comes the choo choo, open wide”. I don’t know, try it out, see if it helps.

Beyond that, you’re going to be jacking off a lot while you play this game, which is weird because you’ll be wearing two touch controllers. I’d advise if you’re going to go full pervert with this game, that you buy yourself one of those automatic masturbator devices and play sitting down. It’ll probably be much easier to play that way. Just make sure it doesn’t slip off of your cock right as you’re about to cum. That usually leads to a very messy clean up job.

The Community

It’s rare that a game’s players are the best part of it, especially when the game itself is such a precious fucking gem, but that’s the case with Virt-A-Mate. They have this super active Reddit community of dudes who are constantly working on upgrades for the game. It’s like having an army of people working around the clock to improve a game that you already love.

They mostly just make new girls for you to enjoy, but there are the super dedicated who prepare backdrops, rooms, beds, and the like, just in case you care about the scenery. On top of that, there are the insanely meticulous fans who flat out work on better genitals and even improved pubes. Yes, you can download special improved pubes for this game and plop them in to enrich your experience. I will never cease to be amazed by the lengths that people will go to, to better their faps.

It’s Free and It’s Huge

After I’ve managed to talk this game up to the point that you’re probably thinking it’s the next thing since sliced bread, let me remind you that it is entirely Patreon funded. That means that this game is free to play. You don’t have to pay a single cent for the base experience or the mods that people upload. That’s fucking outstanding. It turns out that the best VR experience on the market is completely free for everyone to enjoy.

Now, you might be thinking that at the very least, downloading and installing this game should be a proper nightmare, right? Wrong. On top of letting you download this game from five different sources, including Mega, they’ve got an alternative solution for you. The staggering 11GB of game files that you need to get your hands on are easily accessible through an automatic downloader/installer that you can get from the Patreon. You run this bad boy, and it will prepare the game for you. All the necessary files, all the installation, everything. It’ll be ready for you to jump into without you having to lift a finger. I haven’t felt this serviced since I went on my last trip through Europe, and every single blonde bitch I ran into wanted to suck me off.

This is it, boys. This is the smut VR game that you’ve been waiting for your whole lives. The future is here. Grab yourself a Quest or an Oculus and download this free game right away. You won’t regret it. Personally, I recommend the Oculus because I prefer PC tethered play, but it really is up to you. There is no wrong way to enjoy Virt-A-Mate. And of course, make sure to bookmark the game’s official subreddit, because those guys think of new ways to improve this game every single day.

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  • Next gen graphics
  • Ridiculously active community
  • Moddable to hell and back
  • Very realistic
  • It’s free