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Basemental Drugs Sims 4

Why in all shits am I reviewing a drug mod for a simulation game that has no smut in it? Hehe. I’m up to something. Humor me for now. BasementalCC is the quintessential drug doing, drug dealing, getting busted by the cops mod for The Sims 4. It adds everything and anything you can think of, as long as it has to do with drugs. By the way, before the purest of you start flooding my inbox with complaints, I am not endorsing drug use or distribution in any way, shape, or form. As far as I can tell, neither is this mod. It’s not a pro-drug mod; it’s just a realistic mod that brings The Sims 4 a lot closer to real life. It’s not like becoming El Chapo is the ultimate goal of your character once you get this mod. It just adds that part of life to the Sims universe.

All right, let’s get to brass tacks – how this game ties into smut. Well, there’s another mod for The Sims 4 called Wicked Whims. I’ve reviewed that mod in detail separately, because it’s a completely different project. In short, that mod adds sex life to The Sims 4, with all the bells and whistles that come with the birds and the bees. Monogamy, missionary, BDSM, orgies, pregnancy, and even the infamous female period. It’s one of the best realism mods out there, and it’s available for free with no censorship what-so-ever. The reason I’m also reviewing BasementalCC is because you can chain these bad boys together and convert your copy of The Sims 4 into the perfect adult experience. Do you like virtual orgies? Well, now you can have cocaine-fueled virtual orgies, interrupted by a SWAT drug raid, then everyone goes to jail. Are you fast enough to cum before the flashbangs start popping off? Only time will tell.

Integrating into The Sims 4

No mod is a good mod if it doesn’t make full use of the game’s pre-existing mechanics. In other words, if the mod doesn’t fuck with The Sims 4, The Sims 4 doesn’t fuck with the mod. If you’re already a fan of The Sims 4, then you know that the game is popular first and foremost because it’s a fucking system. It’s a simulation game, unlike any other simulation game. Your characters have so many visible and hidden stats; it’s insane. They have passions, fears, desires, wants, needs, and all kinds of fuckery that will largely get in the way of your enjoyment of the game – and that’s the point. It’s kind of like you’re babysitting a bunch of adult human beings who constantly whinge and whine about the minutiae of their lives. “Oh no, I pissed on the floor, better get crippling depression”. It’s equal parts realistic and completely fucking fictional, and I love it.

Well, this here mod integrates directly into that logic. Characters can have all kinds of relationships with drugs, the police, the drug trade, and all the in-between. They can develop addictions, go into withdrawal, get headaches for which they need painkillers, and even get hooked on painkillers if they’re not careful. It hits close to home. By the way, if you actually have problems with narcotics, I don’t recommend adding this mod to your game, mostly because it might hit way too close to home.


There are so many ways you can role-play in this game, and when you have several Sims at a time, it gets all the more amazing. Keep in mind that I’m assuming you also have Wicked Whims, though. I consider it essential at this point. So, in theory, you can role-play as the meanest, coolest drug dealer this side of Colombia, living in a gigantic mansion with a handful of hot young blondes whom you swap out for younger, hotter blondes, when you get bored of them, or when they get too old. You can get old too, but I mean… that’s fine, right? Eventually, you’ll get to Hugh Hefner levels of epic, combined with some Tony Montana levels of awesome.

A Big Challenge

In case you’re not very imaginative, here’s a suggestion for you, from yours truly. I dare you to make a character, max out their physical stats, then get them hooked on every single drug in existence. There are a total of 11 different drugs in this game, and unless I’m mistaken, 9 of them are addictive substances. So, get extremely hooked on all of them, then go into withdrawal and role-play as a man trying to come back from the depths of hell.

As an added bonus, if you do manage to cure yourself from all of that withdrawal, I dare you to also fuck the hottest bitch in town, whoever that might be. It’ll be a fun playthrough, I guarantee it. You can pretend that you’re a superhero, since you survived all of that turmoil. Chances are you’ll get your Sim killed, but that’s all part of the challenge, right?

Other Mods

BasementalCC doesn’t only come with the drug mod I’ve been talking about. That’s right; I saved a huge surprise for you. Even though the drug mod is what’s been driving popularity for BasementalCC, there are two other mods that make the game oh so appealing.

There’s the Basemental Alcohol mod, which fortunately is already included in the drugs mod, but I guess they wanted to make a standalone for people who don’t want to fuck with narcotics. But then, there’s also the Basemental Gang mod, which you can add onto your game if you have the Get To Work expansion pack. Now, this is a real treat. It basically adds an entire new crime-based career path for your Sim that you can pursue in great depth.

There are four different gangs to choose from, and they’re constantly vying for control. They’re a serious threat to each other, and the general public, and you’re more than welcome to insert yourself into the middle of this fuck-fest. The gangs are at odds with each other from the very start, but their rivalries can grow and spiral out of control, depending on your actions. You are, of course, going to level your character within the gangs, by becoming a better criminal, essentially.

It gets super interesting once you’ve leveled up high enough to have some influence, though. You can order gang members around and have them do mission runs for you, essentially fucking with rival gangs, the police, and the general public, in order to strengthen your grip over the city and make some mad money. You can purchase your own headquarters, from which you will give out these orders and generally craft your plans to rule the world, though you’ll have to start with the local city first.

This mod is absolutely loaded with content, missions, possibilities, and they’re all integrated into the game’s existing career system. It’s absolutely amazing to see how far modders have managed to dive into the game’s internal systems and add quality and missing features.

The Sims 4 might not have been envisioned as an adult simulation game, but all of the cornerstones are there. The people are realistic, their responses to the world are believable, and the game has a very coherent system. All it ever really needed to become a proper adult simulator were adult features, and these are just a bunch of writing, scripting, and animations. I’m not being disparaging or anything, I just mean, the original developers could have made these adult mods themselves and sold them to the public. But, I guess they wanted to keep kids away from this kind of stuff. The Sims 4 is very popular with young audiences.

But, I guess that’s why you guys have me, to tell you about all of these essential mods that take The Sims 4 from a 10 to an 11, on a scale of 1 to 5. This is a great game, it’s always been a great game, but now it’s also a game that you can fap to and live out your wildest fantasies once you’re spent. Then, you can come back to it for more faps.

If you’re a fan of The Sims and you aren’t running Basemental and Wicked Whims, you’re doing something wrong. Either that or you’re a prude. Get wet and wild and throw a virtual party once in a while. You’ll be glad you did. These free mods were made by a developer who knew how to entertain. I’ve tried them both, and I am telling you, they’re well worth playing. They make the game oh so much more appealing.

PornGames likes Basemental Drugs Sims 4

  • Tons of features
  • Very realistic
  • Fun to play
  • It’s free

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