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Milfy City

At its heart, Milfy City is a game driven by the sexy story. It starts innocently enough, as you take the reigns of a beautifully animated guy. I hope that doesn’t sound too weird... Anyway, you take over this teenage boy who lives in a house full of some hot tail.

There’s the red-haired girl-next-door Sara, the girl-whose-ass-just-won’t-quit Caroline, and the mature, big-titted adult Linda. Ah yes, that’s quite a trio of horny girls to spy on and fuck.

Speaking of the story again, Milfy City gives you a lot of dialogue. And by a lot of dialogue, I mean that this could be a full-fledged TV show on Showtime.

There’ s not a ton of interacting in this game, as it’s all very much clicking on what you want to say next. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth doing.

On the contrary, the story is actually quite interesting. You start in a therapist’s office. The therapist, who I instantly wanted to bone upon first glance, is trying to get you to open up (in the metaphorical way, not the sexual one).

Apparently, there was an incident that happened at school, and you’re oh so embarrassed to talk about it. It seems that your character has a crush on a teacher and asks her out in front of everyone. To his dismay, she laughs right in his face. It looks like he’s just going to have to go home and jerk off, instead of plowing that juicy pussy.

However, things start to pick up once you reach the house you live in. Oh yes, you share the house with three smokin’ hot chicks. And, you have the opportunity to bang each and every one of them. Well, I didn’t exactly bang them. I did titfuck one, though. That was pretty fun.

Speaking of sex, that’s where this game got a little confusing. The beginning of the game promises fully animated sex scenes. I was rock hard just by seeing the small example they give you. However, it never happened throughout the entirety of my playthrough (which required multiple tissues).

Milfy City is funded on Patreon, and you have to download the game to get all the “goodies.” By goodies, I mean, you get to see Sara bob her head up and down on your cock as she gags on your long and smooth shaft.

But I couldn’t download the game. The link from the Main Menu doesn’t lead you anywhere. Instead, it gives you a dead end and no way to download it. Well, no legal way. You could become a patron of theirs, but that’s outside the scope of my capabilities.

The Animations

Anyway, the still images of animation I did see were stunning. Most of these characters looked very real, and I honestly wanted to stick my dick in all of them on more than one occasion.

I mean, the girls’ tits looked absolutely yummy, and I really wanted to suck on them for the duration of the game. But, we’re not in the year 2060 yet, and VR still has a LONG way to go before we get to feel those DD tits jiggling in our hands.

I really can’t say enough about the animation. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find another sex game like this one with top tier models. I just wish it was easier to download the game so I could see the ACTUAL animations in motion.

Another notable thing about the animation is the lighting. Now, you may be asking yourself why I’m stroking my dick and also looking at the beautiful light used in the game. Well, it’s that good.

One of the reasons the models look so damn fine is through the use of this lighting and shading that’s just about as good as something you’d find on a modern console.

Patreon Issues

With this in mind, be aware that this game is being updated continuously and isn’t technically “finished” yet. For instance, there are blank character models in background scenes that aren’t the main characters. At least, they look blank. Could they be in there for some “artistic” purpose? Maybe. But, my bet is that they aren’t full modeled just yet.

If you try this game out, know that the downloaded version is going to be the most complete version possible. On my playthrough, I hooked up with all three girls. Once I had my sexcapades with the last one, the game took me back to the character screen where I could choose which girl to pursue. When clicking on any one of the girls, it gave me the same scenario I just played.

That tells me that the version you get to play without downloading the game is a sample of a much larger experience. And, if you read the comments underneath the Menu screen, you’ll see many people say that there are more expansions and scenarios you can play. But that’s only if you download the game. And to do that, you have to find a download link you trust.

The game also gives off a weird vibe as if you were initially going to be one big happy family, but the creator decided that the bizarre family angle was too much. It’s just odd that you’re living with two girls and one woman.

So, you’re a teenager trying to bang three of your hottest chick friends. And eventually, you get to do some stuff with them. But, something to note is that the dialogue choices you make throughout the game don’t really have much consequence.

Sure, certain characters may get mad at you and cut you off in a conversation if you say something they don’t like, but that rarely happened. Like, as in it happened once. Otherwise, it’s just choosing different dialogue options until you’ve looked at all of them.

What I Like

I really enjoyed the animation. I can’t say it enough that these are some of the hottest chicks in gaming. They are absolutely stunning and will make any girls that play this game cream in about two seconds. The lighting is fantastic and adds a sense of realism to the game.

I also liked the story. Even though it really didn’t go anywhere, there’s a nice setup with a lot of dialogue.

What I Hate

I didn’t like being confused as to whether this was the full game or just a sample. From what I can gather from comments below the game and the Patreon page, this is only a sliver of the full release. However, the link off of the Main Menu doesn’t work. They need to either remove that or add a new link to download from.

I also wish that the dialogue choices had consequences. There’s a ton of dialogue, but almost nothing of importance when it comes to influencing the events of the game. You’re going to titfuck or rub your dick on someone one way or another.

Also, (minor spoilers), but there’s a character who likes watching his sister undress? Once again, I feel like this game was supposed to be focused on incest, and they changed it at the last minute.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Even though the game may not be finished and you don’t get to see the animations in motion, it’s totally worth checking out. The animations alone are superb. Don’t expect the plot to go anywhere, though. But what do you care? All you want to see are tits and ass. And this game delivers on both fronts.

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  • Animations are realistic and smoking hot
  • An interesting story