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The Last Barbarian

Let us face it. I know my way around porn games or porn in general. That makes me quite a reliable guy on these things, right? Safe to say, if I say that a game is fucking awesome, then you should believe that it is fucking awesome. I am introducing The Last Barbarian. The Last Barbarian is a game by Viktor Black, and you can download it on Viktor Black's Patreon page.

Viktor Black's The Last Barbarian is a 3D lewd adventure game. Think of The Last Barbarian as an adult-themed version of the game "Dark Souls." The Last Barbarian has everything you would want in a 3D adventure porn game. The game has amazons, goddesses, elves, and fucking orcs who just want to rape your character.

I had a great time playing Viktor Black's The Last Barbarian. It is a fresh new take on adventure porn games. The game kept me engaged continuously through different quests and rape themes throughout the game. I felt like I plunged into a world of sex, violence, and of course, rape. So read the rest of the review to find out more of this vengeful, hell-bent, naked Amazonian women and her adventures.

My First Impressions With The Last Barbarian

You do not have to wait long to see some nice 3D tits and a naked body. The Last Barbarian starts off with a naked woman as your character. The first sequence is being butt-ass naked in a dungeon, and the goal is to find an armor. You also do not have to wait for the vengeful, violent theme to kick-in as you will find yourself on a quest to find an orc who is raping an elf.

We will talk about the storyline later, but first, it would be a crime not to talk about the game's graphics. Viktor Black's The Last Barbarian features a decent 3D graphics. The same 3D graphics are put to use to display a decent storyline that will keep you engaged. Also, who would not feel engaged looking at naked 3D bodies and a theme about rape and orcs? That shit just looks and sounds promising to me.

The Last Barbarian also had great animations for a 3D adventure game. As I said, The Last Barbarian felt like it was an adult-themed version of "Dark Souls." The game has decent fighting animations. Seeing great fighting animations was a great thing for me because it felt like I was not in it for the novelty alone. The Last Barbarian is a great game to play if you like all that rape-themed Amazonian vengeful, violent shit.

A Mini-Walkthrough Of “The Last Barbarian”

If you haven't noticed by now, the game has a strong rape theme. Technically having game roadblocks are a terrible thing. For The Last Barbarian, game roadblocks mean that your character is going to get raped by orcs. That may sound like a fucking bad thing, but I'm kind of leaning into the orc rape thing. I fucking love seeing my character, which is an amazonian woman, get raped and violated.

Going to my walk-through, Your character first starts off fully naked in a dungeon. You will have to find your armor. Then, you will need to find an orc and go full fucking violent on him because he was raping an elf. After, you will soon meet "The Goddess of Flesh." The Goddess of Flesh is your main adversary in "The Last Barbarian."

The game is, of course, uncensored. I would feel fucking raged if the game had even slight censoring. Viktor Black is to be commended for all the uncensored, rape, amazonian content in this game. You will soon arrive at a castle, and you will need to use your body in order to pass through. You can use money or papers, but I like using my character's body to gain further game access.

Lastly, for my mini-walkthrough of The Last Barbarian by Viktor Black, you will find yourself on the top of a hill. There will be a manageress that will hand out warnings. Be careful of the current occupants of this hill because if you are not able to kill them, you will find your character being raped.

What I Liked About The Last Barbarian

I liked that The Last Barbarian by Viktor Black has a fresh new idea of a game. I really enjoyed the rape-theme, and it actually felt like I was playing a lewd and adult version of Dark Souls. The game constantly kept me engaged with its good storyline. I also found myself very fond of the game's graphics. Although the game is in its early stages of development, graphics were decent enough.

The Last Barbarian is an exciting idea of a game that must be developed over time. Viktor Black is continually releasing updates and changes to the game. Just this past week, Viktor Black issued a new update for a pregnant amazon. The update consisted of changes in movements and speed if you find yourself pregnant with an orc baby. The Last Barbarian is always being updated and re-worked, so I, as a user, would still feel excited over playing the game.

The Last Barbarian offers a vast map that your Amazonian character can explore. The map is full of orcs and traps so that you will always have to stay sharp while maneuvering around the area. Too bad, I had to alter my focus from my character's sexy fucking Amazonian body to the map itself. I am not complaining, by the way.

What I Did Not Like About The Last Barbarian

There is some important stuff that I did not like about the game. I am not too disappointed by it because I know that the game is still under development. This important stuff can serve as "areas to improve" rather than a complete disappointment. First, Viktor Black needs to work on the English in The Last Barbarian. The broken English in The Last Barbarian definitely felt like low-quality dialogues.

I am not trying to fucking say that the game has to be at least decent English. I am, however, interested in making the dialogues as smooth as possible, so working on that broken dialogues is a must. I also found some problems in the clippings and in the AI. The AI had this weird habit of being engaged at a certain range and disengage when you are out of range.

Reworking or Re-tooling the fogs might be the answer to that problem. I feel like the idea of the game was not necessarily affected by the cons, but it certainly had an effect on my game experience overall. Lastly, better attack modifications should be nice for the game mechanics itself.

My Recommendations For Improving The Game

I highly suggest that Viktor Black take the game's development more seriously. The Last Barbarian has an exciting and fresh new take on lewd 3D adventure porn games. It would be an excellent opportunity to capitalize on and put out an excellent game for gamers who are into the same stuff. I suggest that Viktor Black should incorporate more things into the game mechanics and balance it with other existing factors.

The Last Barbarian definitely has an engaging storyline, thumbs up to Viktor Black for that. However, he should work on different aspects like improving the game's graphics a bit. A slight work on the animations should also do the trick. All of these aspects are just technical shit, and I feel like Viktor Black can work on them if he chooses to.

The Last Barbarian may have some work to do. Sure it felt like I had a lot of stuff to comment about the game. However, you should also realize that the game is still under development. While development may be an issue, I don't see a reason why I should forget about the great things about The Last Barbarian. It is a game that I am looking forward to playing again in the future.

My Conclusion

Overall, The Last Barbarian by Viktor Black is a fucking great game if you like lewd, 3D adventure games. The Last Barbarian offers decent graphics to go with a great storyline. The storyline is mostly filled with rape, violence, and of course, naked Amazonian bodies. You have a huge map to explore and finish quests on, so you won't have to worry about finishing the game a bit too early.

The Last Barbarian is available on PC, and you can go straight to Viktor Black's Patreon page to download it. The Last Barbarian is pretty easy to download after paying a few dues on Patreon. I do not know about you, but playing a 3D adventure game that felt like an adult-version of Dark Souls is a pretty fucking great use of my time.

If you like all that rape-themed, violence, amazonian stuff, then go ahead and play The Last Barbarian. Start gaming on your PC and have a fucking blast killing orcs and finding the Goddess of Flesh!

PornGames likes The Last Barbarian

  • The Last Barbarian had an interesting storyline
  • Decent Graphics
  • Large map to explore
  • Traps help you to stay alert
  • Potential. The game is still being developed.

PornGames hates The Last Barbarian

  • Game AI has issues
  • Broken English Dialogues
  • Attack animations that need modifications