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Slave Lords Of The Galaxy

Slave Lords of the Galaxy puts you in the role of a BDSM Master with your own sex slaves. You’re not just any old regular Master. You’re the captain of your own space ship, and you can travel around to different planets in the galaxy on your quest for total dominance.

There’s even a pretty entertaining sci-fi storyline that gives you a reason to travel around from planet to planet for your exploits. But getting to know your slave, training her, and leveling her up through quests are the main attractions.

You start off with your own temple of worship with your slave who’s waiting and desperate for your cock. The tutorial shows you the ropes. Clicking on the screen gives you choices between how to dominate your slave. Stick a plug in her ass and write over her that she’s your property. And that’s not all – the story will take you places really soon.

Things open up quickly once you get to the first new planet. You meet new characters, and there’s a shop to buy lingerie and sex toys for your slave. I hope you like RPG elements like quests, stats, and leveling, because that’s how you interact with your slave.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy wants you to fucking care about your slave. That means talking to her, monitoring her mood, feeding her, and getting to know her. You might complain about having to take things slowly at first, but that’s just too bad. You have to build up trust to get your slave to do more extreme shit.

How you earn her trust is important, too. If you’re kind to her by taking her out on dates, kissing her, and generally being a sappy romantic, then your training style will show on your stats as more relaxed. If you’re more of a sadist by spanking her, slapping her face, and humiliating her during conversations, then your style will be harsh. These things influence your slave’s sexual nature and how she wants to be treated.

You level up your slave by building up her obedience to a certain point, then doing a quest for her. These quests aren’t all about fucking, you sick pervert. She wants you to solve her problems and get to know her on a personal level. So if you think you won’t give a fuck about any of that, you might as well turn back now.

You could end up surprising yourself, though. If you treat her right, then your slave will slowly open up to you. The transformation might just get you in your feelings.

Slave Sim

If you’ve ever played a dating simulator game, then Slave Lords of the Galaxy should be familiar enough to you. Bonding with your slave and getting to know her is the core of what this game’s about. Playing dress-up, buying sex toys, learning about your slave’s past, doing quests for her—it’s all-important.

Yeah, she’ll reward you with blowjobs, getting down on her knees for you to spank her, and all kinds of other shit. Unless you build up her stats, her obedience to you won’t go anywhere. And if you’re sadistic all the time before building up trust, good luck getting her to do anything with you. She’ll just think you’re a jackass who doesn’t give a fuck about her.

Yes, you can slap your slave while she hates you, and she’ll get pissed off. Yes, you can pretty much mistreat her all the time. But then she won’t level up, and she won’t let you do anything more with her. So don’t be a jackass.

Sci-Fi BDSM Adventures

Slave Lords of the Galaxy has a full narrative, outside of dominating your slave. There’s a reason why you’re a powerful Master in the first place. But once your Order is threatened by a hilariously evil organization, it’s time to get revenge. Doing battle against your enemies with a monster dildo won’t be enough. You need allies in your fight in order to win.

There are story reasons for you to explore different planets, meet new characters, and undertake quests with your slave or on your own. You’re trying to get back at that evil organization that threatened your Order at the start of the game.

You split your time between the main story and bonding with your slave, though everything ends up tying back to the main plot. You’re not just doing shit for no reason in this game.

This is mostly a point-and-click adventure. When action sequences do come up, it’s kind of weird at first. You have to be really accurate with the timing and precision of your mouse. There are things like sword fighting and navigating your mouse cursor through a maze-like section. If you don’t have the best hand-eye coordination, you could find yourself raging at this game.

The puzzles can be a huge problem, too. In general, as long as you click around and pay attention to everything, you can solve the puzzles without a sweat. This is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things about Slave Lords of the Galaxy. If you figure the puzzles out, good for you! If you can’t, don’t feel too bad, because a ton of other players rage quit on these just like you.

What I Like

Slave Lords of the Galaxy doesn’t give a fuck about your need for instant gratification. This game makes you learn about your slave. You have to spend the days bonding with her, learning who she is, and molding her sexual style through the way you discipline her.

It’s really great that the game doesn’t create false expectations about what it’s like to be a Master to a slave. Obviously, this is a video game, so not everything will be like in real life. But as far as games go, it gets to the themes of trust and obedience.

The story and characters are interesting and hilarious, too. There’s plenty of ridiculousness, sex jokes, and outrageous situations you can look forward to. You can find yourself looking forward to the next thing and the next adventure you’ll get up to. This definitely isn’t Mass Effect, but it’s a fun ride out in space, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

What I Hate

The art style is kind of hit-or-miss. Yeah, it’s fine, but it’s not great, either. It’s some weird mix of anime and something more Western. It’s uneven and sloppy at times. Not enough to be a total turn-off, but noticeable anyway.

The game isn’t always clear on what to do next. There will be times when you have a quest to level up your slave; only you’re not sure where to go. Then you’ll randomly click around the map and enter someplace new, progressing the story. You won’t know that the building on your map that’s helpfully labeled “???” is the next location to go to, since it looks like it’s locked off for the time being.

The puzzle sequences aren’t the best, either. You don’t get many hints on how to solve the things. Slamming your head against your keyboard will look like the best option after a while of trying and failing. If you don’t have the best patience and you don’t feel like looking the shit up online, then it’s not going to work out for you.

Welcome to BDSM Newcomers

Slave Lords of the Galaxy doesn’t really explain the whole process of being a Master to a slave. But, from following along and interacting with the RPG systems, you can learn along the way. Yeah, you might get thrown off at the very beginning, asking yourself what a “safe word” is and why the default is “red”. Don’t worry about that, though.

Building up trust with your slave feels intuitive after a while. You can use the stats and progress bars as a guide for what to do next. The harsh discipline options can take some getting used to. But if that’s not the kind of Master you want to be, you can have a more relaxed style instead.

PornGames likes Slave Lords Of The Galaxy

  • Funny sci-fi story about exploring the galaxy
  • Building trust and bonding with your slave
  • RPG elements make your progress easy to follow
  • BDSM newcomers can learn by playing

PornGames hates Slave Lords Of The Galaxy

  • Sloppy art style
  • Some vague quest requirements
  • Annoying puzzles