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Future Fragments

When you scumbags were just kids, do you remember unwrapping an ugly gift box only to find the best fucking thing inside? Well, this is what Future Fragments is. Underneath the pixels and yadi yada boring intro, you'll find an excellent game for perverts to enjoy. Future Fragments is basically a hentai, fantasy-driven, platformer. If you don't fucking know what a platformer game is, think of Megaman or Crash Bandicoot.

I know your brain is now focusing once I said, "hentai." And I already know for a fact that you're fucking about to jack off. Fuck that; you have to read my review first on this gem of a beauty called; Future Fragments.

Who Made This Beauty?

The team responsible for creating Future Fragments is primarily made up of three people. HentaiWriter is the one who came up with the game's story, marketing, level design, and quality assurance. Next up is TriangulatePixels who does sprites, background design, animation, and character design. Finally, the one responsible for programming is FrougeDev.

What's the Game All About?

Here's a "small" synopsis about the game. Somewhere in the year 1000 AD, a king is having trouble protecting his kingdom. It turns out; he's a powerful sorcerer. Due to the continuing attacks done on his kingdom, the king is training out recruits from the local populace with little success. Out of all the trainees, he gets two fucking sexy magicians.

First is Talia, which is also the player's character. She's a serious 21-year-old girl who does everything by the book. She specializes in long-range combat. The other equally hot magician is Faye, a 22-year-old redhead who's arrogant. Faye specializes in melee.

The two hotties successfully defend their kingdom. After a year, other kingdoms have grown in power, quickly turning the tides against the two bitches. The king, in need of a fucking solution, stumbles upon a weapon of mass destruction. The catch is that the weapon is shattered into several fragments. And did I forget to say that they're found in the future?

Thankfully, the king knows how to use portal magic and sends the two bitches to find the fragments. The one who brings the most pieces gets to be the second in command of the kingdom. Although everything sounds dandy and good, the two bitches ultimately have their own motives. Who doesn't?

As Talia and Faye are sent into the future, they discover that the world is run by the WORM or the World Organization for Regulation of the Masses. Clever indeed. Due to whatever shit the HentaiWriter was smoking at the time, WORM has banned sex and relationships as it is seen as counterproductive. I know what you're thinking, junior: "Goddamn, these fucking WORM guys. Who in their right mind would freaking ban SEX?"

See, I told you the synopsis was short. I have to hand it to HentaiWriter. Although the story is quite long and cliche, it helps build a foundation where I personally think, is great for the whole game.

And I did forget one kinky fucking great addition to the story. It turns out that the world needs milk to run efficiently. You might be saying, "okay, there are cows." No, my simple-minded friend. The liquid that HentaiWriter means is breast milk. I'll fucking give you 3 minutes to jack off to the idea, then come back here when you're done.


This section here is supposed to be in the "What I like" part, but fuck it. I have to freakin' tell you that the game's voice acting is fucking superb. I mean superb, like on par with the best fucking voice acting you'll see in any video game. The lines are spot on, and fuck, fuck, the moans and screams of the protagonist are fucking eargasm.

Even hearing Talia and Faye talk can make you cum. Fuck. The voice talents for the game are absolutely talented. Talia is voiced by SilkyMilk, and Faye is voiced by Monakoko. I have to give due fucking credit to these gals as they are the best at what they do. Now to the gameplay.

As you'll see, the game brings back memories of playing Megaman. Even the graphics are reminiscent of the game. Don't let the graphics fool you. Although they are pixelated, the graphics are cool to look at. The levels are also well designed, full of obstacles, and weird enemies.

Starting the game takes you on a tutorial. You take control of Talia. As you drop down, you're immediately introduced to Vie. Vie is someone important in the rebels that are fighting WORM. Vie sounds like a hot Russian temptress when she talks. She gave me hard-on, I freaking swear. I told you the voice acting in this game is hot!

The tutorial is pretty good, introducing everything to the player. After learning to fire off your range attacks, this is where it gets fucking great. If you get a lot of damage in a short period, you'll get stunned. In most video games, this would be a bad thing. But here in Future Fragments, well... Let's just say that we all want Talia to get stunned all the time. Here's why:

As Talia enters into a stunned state, you can push your attack button to get out. However, if enemies get to you while you're stunned, they will, uh, fucking do what they want with Talia. Remember when I said that SEX is banned in this future? Everyone, everything, and I mean everything is inching for fucking in this game because of that law!.

One of the most common enemies are Grunts. When they get hold of Talia while she's stunned, they'll grope her, forcing Talia to suck their dicks, and some will even get down and actually fuck Talia! You can actually break out of the kinky animation by mashing the attack button. But who would want that, right? If you're enjoying it, Talia might cum, which can lead to severe damage to your HP.

Other enemies have different animations as well! As I played the game, I fucking landed on a huge four-legged robot. As Talia got stunned, the fucking robot picked Talia up and placed her on top of its head. Talia was fucking cumming as the robot's head was actually a Sybian!

There are tons of enemies for you to enjoy. Usually, I'd feel sorry for Talia getting damage, but damn, the animations are fucking amazing! As you progress through the game, you'll be supplied with utilities that help you throughout the game.

An example of these utilities is the Fire Dash, which helps you dash mid-air to get to difficult areas. The other is a freezing shot, able to freeze enemies and projectiles. You get utilities from defeating bosses in the game.

There's also another impressive feature in the game. Each level has something unique that can affect gameplay. One of these features is Gravity Reversal. Gravity Reversal is a feature in the game that allows you to turn the whole level upside down. By activating these features, you get to reach new, once inaccessible areas and items.

What I Like About the Game:

Again I'll fucking say it: The sound, voice acting, and music are freaking fucking awesome. In the tutorial, Vie will plead with you on enjoying the game with everything as they worked hard, especially on the audio.

The game is also a platformer, meaning that you'll get to enjoy levels full of obstacles, and some sort of puzzle-solving. It's simple, and it's fucking fun to play. The graphics aren't state of the art, but it fucking works. The characters are chibi, hentai like which only justifies the use of pixels.

I know what you're thinking. Pixels will ruin the fucking sex scenes enemies will have with Talia. WRONG BITCH. The pixelations don't do jack shit as the sex scenes are detailed enough to make any fucking pervert cum their asses out.

I also like the way enemies treat Talia. They don't actually kill Talia. They just fuck her and Talia obliges. The fucking scenes are incredible. I got to a certain point in the game where Talia got caught by a weird milking machine.

In this particular scene, Talia is strapped to a machine with two hands on her tits. The hands gently squeeze, and milk comes out of Talia's awesome pair of jugs. Out of nowhere, a tentacle comes out and enters Talia's mouth while it's actually freaking milking her. If that's not enough to make you fucking cum, another two tentacles come out and destroy Talia's pussy and ass!

Oh, did I say that the audio for the game is freaking amazing!? As you see Talia getting pleasured for the bitch that she is, the moans and grunts Talia makes, make the experience more masturbation-worthy.

What I Don't Like About the Game:

At first, I fucking hated the long introduction to the game. It felt unnecessary at the start. However, as I played the fucking game, the story immediately made sense. All this talk of banning sex and breastmilk being a fucking commodity was awesome. I guess I really didn't hate the story. I just hate how they didn't say so in the beginning!

The game looks good on a mobile device, but the devs aren't supporting that as of the moment. Once this game gets a mobile release, it'll be perfect. There's not a lot to hate about this game. I swear, get this game. Seeing machines squeeze Talia and Faye's tits to get milk is incredible. Hearing these two bitches moan is worth every penny.


GET THE GAME. It's simple; it's fun, it's hot. That's just it. Get the game and enjoy yourself cum to every fucking sex scene the game has to offer. Of course, the gameplay is fantastic, might I add. You can clearly see the love, dedication, and hard work the devs and voice crew did on this game. Support them if you can!

PornGames likes Future Fragments

  • Superb Voice Acting
  • Oscar Worthy
  • Talia is fucking hot
  • You can fucking play as Faye in the spin off
  • Super hot sex scenes
  • Simple
  • Yet challenging platform game
  • The story is fucking amazing
  • Lots of enemies to see how they sexually interact

PornGames hates Future Fragments