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Wild Life

If you've been living under a rock or you're just a prick that's blind to the outside world, you'll notice that almost every release out there has something to do with the open world. Literally, like every fucking video game has elements of an open world. Faggots who enjoy this type of gameplay argue that you can do everything when it comes to open-world games.

Everything eh? So if your open-world game enables you to do anything, can you fly all over the map without clothes? Can you spread your character's legs while customizing her? Can you run, tits out while slaying a humanoid tiger? If you say yes and you're already playing something like this, then you are a fucking liar. Only Wild Life can satisfy your horny RPG fetish. If you're still clinging close to your sheets while playing a boring open-world game, then don't fret fucker. It's time to go all out and read my review of Wild Life.

Who Is Developing the Game?

If there's a higher power that's looking at us from above, then you can thank them because they gave us Adeptus Steve and his team. They're working fucking hard to provide you maggots with the real deal when it comes to open-world games.

What Is the Game About?

Wild Life is an open-world role-playing game (in case some dumbfucks still don't know the meaning of RPG) set in a desert and forest. You get to control Maya, a hot fucking bitch that you can fully customize to whatever your sick and horny desires want. So why is it set in a desert and a forest? For one, who doesn't love watching a hot, naked, and sweaty bitch running all over the place? I hope that's enough to answer your pathetic question.

Since it's an RPG, you can expect that your character will level up. You take your Maya to any perverted adventure you like and get to unite people from other tribes for supremacy. You can also be righteous and prevent slimeball foreigners and criminals from fucking up the ecosystem. The best thing about the game is that you get to control various characters as the game progresses. Oh, and did I mention that you can have sex with NPCs while discovering your backstory?

Since Wild Life is being funded through patreon, you can get in on the action. If you have spare change to give support to the game, you can do a pose that will get included in the game. Imagine all the fucking things you can do to your character. You'd be forever immortalized as the grand fucker who gave Maya the hottest fucking pose possible.

Further development also promises another character named Max. You take control of this prick in a more industrial region. His story is driven by poverty, which he then uses as a fucking excuse to go on adventures. Fighting and survival are the basics of this game. Oh, and yes, of course, you can fuck NPCs in the game. Did I not make it clear for your small dick yet?

Combat and Gameplay

If you want to plant vegetables, take care of farm animals, and live a peaceful life in a video game, then fuck off. You're clearly not in the right genre, you pathetic fag. Wild Life is a game where you need to fight and fuck to survive.

As with basic attacks, it's expected that you'll be spamming your left and right-click button to attack baddies in this game. Unless you want to soak in all the arrows and slashes from a bad guy, you can also do impressive dodges and rolls in this game. If you aren't impressed by that feature, then you're as dense as a brick. Hello people, girls wearing almost nothing and rolling all over the place while carrying huge-ass swords and motherfucking bows?

In this game, you get to fight humanoid animals, humans, and even aggressive wildlife. The weapon system isn't that elaborate as of the moment. You have to calm your tits when it comes to weapons because, as of now, we only see a bow, a sword, and a spear. I'm sure that the devs aren't as dumb as some of you are; they'll add more weapons in the future.

Another mechanic that's sure to wow you mofos is the flight system. Yes, assholes, you can fly in this game. Instead of having a mount, the devs grant you the fucking gift of flight. You are literally a harpy that can fly over vast terrain and villages, looking for miserable fucks to peep on.

Since flying is a significant thing in this game, there's no way the devs will miss out on an opportunity in aerial combat. I mean, come on, imagine having to fight assholes in the sky by controlling a hot chick with little or no clothes on? Who knows, maybe they can even fuck in the air for Pete's sake.

What I Like in the Game

Dude, have you not been fucking reading this article? I love almost everything about this huge-ass game. It's literally an open world, and it's inhabited by bitches inching to fight dicks and assholes. Think of Avatar in a more realistic and erotic way. Fuck you if you think that the blue bitches in that movie didn't give you a hard boner.

The game is Avatar with more freedom, hot chicks, and fucking. In Avatar, the blue dudes and chicks fucked one on one using those small tentacle-like dicks in their hair. In Wild Life, you get to fuck everyone you want the way you want. There's even a group-sex-feature being developed.

Another thing I fucking love in the game is how customizable your character is. You can edit your character, make her bounce her tits, jiggle her ass. Hell, you can even let them pose on-screen for you, you fucking pervert. Yes, you read it right. Bouncy tits. The breast physics are amazing in the game.

Here's a small description of what breast physics are for dumbfucks who have masturbation as their main hobby: Breast Physics is also known as Jiggle Physics. Man, you must be dumb as a box of rocks if you still don't know what I'm talking about.

And for the love of mounts, this game tries to be different. Rather than giving you a dumbfuck of a horse like the Witcher's Roach, you get wings. Yes, you are fucking responsible for flying and peeping on unsuspecting villagers.

What I Don't Like in the Game

There's only a small amount of fucks I give about the things I hate in the game. For one, the devs could have developed this game into an MMORPG. Fuck, Dude, if you don't know MMORPG means, then I'll come into your dreams and fucking murder you while jacking off to Daisy Ridley.

I mean, come on, think of the potential of this game when it has a multiplayer option. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to meet a hot chick playing as a muscular warrior, or perhaps you can find a muscular dude playing a warrior chick, whatever you fancy, fuck face.

The combat system isn't really something special, but it's enough to satisfy gamers. And do fucking note genius, that the game is still in development so combat will most likely get improvements.

Although I love watching a sweaty hot chick's tits and ass in the desert, it's kind of empty seeing mountains of sand most of the time. The game promises a balance between desert and forest, but honestly, I would have loved the game to be in a more tropical setting. Seeing a hot chick dry humping a tree branch rather than a cactus would be fucking amazing.

My Recommendations for Improving the Game

First off, I really want an improvement in the desert setting. Aesthetically speaking, a game like Wild Life deserves to be fucking gorgeous in every aspect. Yes, the chicks are absolutely amazing, but how about seeing more rocks, grass, and even cacti in the desert?

The combat system is being revamped, and hopefully, we'll get results there as well. I would highly suggest aerial combat as flying is a cool feature in this game. It would also be great if you get to fuck someone while you're flying. That's redefining mile high club standards right there.


If you can't calm your tits while waiting for this game to come out fully, I can't blame you. Wild Life is absolutely amazing. Playing the game in its full glory will be like having Chanel Preston fucking cowgirling you in the middle of the jungle. Wild Life is a rare game that perfectly combines story, sex, and gameplay. Although it's unlikely you'd see this game on mobile platforms, a laptop or a desktop pc is the way to go.

PornGames likes Wild Life

  • Graphics are good
  • Flying all over the place is available
  • Open world
  • Outfits are hot
  • Highly customizable chicks complete with poses that can make you horny
  • Jiggle Physics or Bouncy Tits for dumbfucks who still don't have a fucking clue
  • In-depth Story
  • Amazing Sex Options

PornGames hates Wild Life

  • Bland Setting/Location
  • Too much Sand
  • Lack of a multiplayer function
  • Fails to fucking capitalize on an MMORPG type of gameplay
  • Limited weapons as of the moment