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Taffy Tales

Mothers-I-Like-To-Fuck(MILFS), Blowjobs, BDSM, Interracial, Sexoncamera, Humiliation, Bisexual, Lesbians, Femdom, and Peeping. I would fucking assume that you’re already aroused from those words, I mean, who the hell wouldn’t? All of those are a fucking fantasy that every man on earth would dream about every fucking night! However, erotic fantasies won’t stay in your dreams any longer as you can experience them first-hand.

With that being said, I’m here to show you a new and wonderful game called Taffy Tales, in which you get the chance to live the life of someone who not only has multiple personalities but multiple sex partners as well. Now, let’s begin the review!

About The Creator Of The Game

Before anything else, I’ll be introducing the creator of this wonderful game; however, no one knows what his real name is, but he’s using a screen name called UberPie. Taffy Tales’ creator, UberPie, is a popular digital artist and is responsible for the artwork that you would see within the game. UberPie previously aspired to create his own masterpiece, and I think that Taffy Tales is the one thing he’s proud of.

UberPie gained a significant amount of followers and supporters. Because of that, it allowed him to be able to do projects that he loves, such as the Taffy Tales. The support also gave him the capability to spend more time on erotic artworks and animations such as drawing ass, tits, pussies, and dicks similar to other projects just like this one.

A Brief Introduction To The Game

In the wonderfully erotic game of Taffy Tales, you will witness the marvelous story of an average guy with a split personality disorder. To all the idiots out there who don’t know what that means, it’s a mental illness that renders the person to have multiple personalities, in which one personality doesn’t have any clue about the others.

Welcome to Taffy Tales! The character that you’re going to portray lives in a lovely town called Taffy, in which every citizen within the town has a deep and dark secret that they hide. Dozens of characters have a unique relationship with one another, thus making your role in the game to uncover all of the town’s secrets with a unique story and tons of side quests. There are also multiple erotic scenes, such as licking, sucking, and fucking, that awaits you.

The Graphics

If you think about a pornographic game, you would think that it’s a game that the developers don’t put that much time and effort into its development. I mean, who would fucking waste their time and resources to produce a complete game that, in which, most of the male players would only skip to the parts where there’s vulgar fucking to look at something to jerk off to. Not to mention that only one person is developing this ass of a game.

However, with discriminating insults aside, the game Taffy Tales does actually live up to its expectations as a “complete” game. What I’m trying to fucking say to the lonely fuck-ups out there, is that the game would guarantee to give you a massive boner as play it through as there numerous “minigames” that you could repeatedly do to satisfy your insatiable lust. There are also tons of adult scenes in over 30 locations with more than 20 characters.

The Fetish Content

When it comes to the overall content of Taffy Tales, there is a lot that the game has to offer, which includes numerous fetishes and immersive gameplay. The developer takes pride in the game as it delivers the immersive erotic experience the way he intended to, which means that you won’t be disappointed by how the game would turn out as you play and finish it. To list out all of the fetishes included in the game Taffy Tales, here they are:

● MILF (Mothers I Like To Fuck)

● Huge tits

● Erotic Scenes in POV (Point of View)

● Femdom, which means the woman is in total control

● Blowjobs

● Voyeurism, which is the pleasure of watching others fuck

● Anal

● Corruption

● BDSM, which stands for Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission

● Adult Toys

● Interracial

● Foot Fetish

● Humiliation

● Hypnosis

● Bisexuals

● Lesbians

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Despite the multiple downsides about the game, it sure is a good thing that the developers managed to make the game compatible with Macs, PCs, and several android devices. Cross-platform compatibility really adds to the overall diversity of the game, in which there are millions of potential players across all platforms. But don’t get too fucking excited as it’s only limited to those platforms only, which means there’s no support for consoles.

What We’re Going To Expect In The Future Updates

To be straightforward, the game Taffy Tales is not even close to being called “complete.” However, don’t get your panties in a bun as the developer is not quitting anytime soon. From time to time, he releases updates for the game that fixes some bugs and adding some more playable content. This adds to the overall appeal that would make nerds and virgins alike get excited by the additional content that the developer would release in the future.

As of now, the developer announced what they’re currently working on, and one of which is the game’s day and night cycle. But most of the additional gameplay is adding more locations, adult scenes, more characters, inventory system, more minigames, active town maps, and more fetishes. Yes! More fucking fetishes, they would even add fetishes that you haven’t even heard of before, which adds to the reason to keep on playing this game.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you have an attention span at the size of your tiny dick, that the developer isn’t quitting anytime soon as there’s still a lot of content that could possibly be adapted to the game. What I’m trying to say is that we should expect more from Taffy Tales.

What I Would Recommend To Improve The Game

There’s a lot of things to take into consideration when I’m reviewing a game. For example, artwork, the graphics, the soundtrack selection, and, most of all, the overall gameplay. Therefore, regarding the game Taffy Tales, there are a lot of things I would recommend to improve the game. Let’s start with the most important of all, the Save feature, no game should be released without a feature to save your fucking progress, who the fuck does that anyway?

Next would be the improvement of the overall content of the game! Just imagine, most of the reviews, especially mine, don’t see any point to the game aside from scenes full of fucking and erotic animations. There’s literally two to three minutes worth of gameplay in the game. There are so many things lacking, and that’s saying something as the game is under development for quite a while now.

Oh! Don’t even get me fucking started with the bugs in the game, as there’s a shit ton of it such as sudden crashes, misclicks, and some other bugs that would annoy the fuck out of me. To conclude all of my recommendations, I would only say to the developers to get their heads of their butts and fucking do something about this, they need to fucking step up and not be lazy if they want their game to improve, and their players grow.


If we’re talking about the overall quality of the game, then I am proud to say that Taffy Tales is not actually half bad. What I’m trying to say is that the artwork and the graphics are quite better than what I originally expected, despite being a pornographic game made for the audiences that are lonely, single, and virgins alike.

However, the one thing I hate about the game is that it doesn’t currently have a Save feature. Like, literally, no checkpoints or save spots in the game, so if you ever get tired of playing, you’ll start all over again when you play again tomorrow.

What makes it more frustrating is that the developers already released multiple updates to the game, and up until now, they still haven’t released a feature to save your progress, thus forcing you to fucking start again when a new update arrives. And who the fuck in their right mind wouldn’t want to update the game for more erotic contents?

PornGames likes Taffy Tales

  • Compatibility with multiple devices
  • Good graphics
  • The gameplay is quite enjoyable
  • Overall
  • the game’s not half bad
  • Nude content is impressive

PornGames hates Taffy Tales

  • There’s only fucking three minutes worth content?!
  • I have no fucking idea what this game is about
  • aside from fucking
  • The lack of animations
  • The current version has tons of bugs
  • You gave cheat codes
  • and it doesn’t even fucking work?