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Roundscape Adorevia

What's up fags, I'm back with another fucking great review about an immersive game in the form of Roundscape Adorevia. When I say immersive, it's fucking immersive. Roundscape Adorevia is comparable to the past Final Fantasy games when they were in 2D. Man, those times were great. I remember some of my friends jacking off to a pixelated Viera in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

I even remember seeing some stains on my Chrono Trigger disc when my friend returned the game to me — damn fucker. Since pixelated images of small girls aren't much of a problem for perverts like you, you'll probably love Roundscape Adorevia. I'll say it first here; this game is a rare combination of everything a guy would like — story, gameplay, and of course, tits.

If you're one of the rare classy guys like me who enjoy playing classics such as Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, then you're in for a treat. Roundscape Adorevia is just like Final Fantasy only with more tits and sex. If you're still not drooling about my vague description of the game, you must be some sort of idiot. Don't worry, though; I got you fucking covered. Here's my review of Roundscape Adorevia.

What is it?

If you weren't reading and directed your attention to the word "tits" in my introduction, you'll notice that I said tits three times. See? You went back and read my intro, didn't you? Sick fuck.

Well, whatever. Roundscape Adorevia is 2D, turn based-role playing game reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games. Surprisingly, this game is deep like Chanel Preston's ass and has a similar feel of a great game.

Some hardcore gamers even suspected Kaliyo, the game's creator, to have worked under Square Enix. Square Enix, for those uninformed and masturbating all the time, is the company that produces almost every Final Fantasy game. They are also responsible for publishing games such as Persona 4 for the Playstation 2 and the Just Cause game franchise.

Roundscape Adorevia is set in a fantasy world where you can go on an erotic adventure. The game is a mix of open-world elements and narratives that tell a unique story that's both immersive and fucking sexy at the same time. The game features forests, dwarven cities, and other settings that allow for a genuine RPG feel.


The game happens in the fictional world of Adorevia. You get to choose your gender at the start of the game. Keep in mind that gender plays a minor role in the story and is entirely useless in gameplay. However, choosing your gender is vital to how you'd like your sex scenes to be.

Aside from that, you can choose an origin story to start. There are five origin stories to choose from Noble, Thief, Templar, Farmer, and Soldier. Once you get started, you'll immediately see that the game looks like a Pokemon game. Now hold your horses, I said it looks like a Pokemon game. I've been raving about Final Fantasy from the beginning of the review because it definitely plays like a Final Fantasy game.

Pausing the game allows you to check your items, skills, equipment, status, quests, group formation, and saving options. I suggest that you abuse the save options as there are a lot of things you might miss, especially if you're an impatient fuck who only wants to see sex scenes in a game.

The reason why I said that it looks like a Pokemon game, in the beginning, is that the game's art is mixed. You'll definitely notice the difference if you go out of a house or a building and enter a forested area. As you enter forests, the landscape kind of looks like Chrono Trigger.

Instead of random encounters like Pokemon, you'll immediately see creatures/enemies that trigger battles. You can evade these creatures altogether, but miss out on items, money, and experience you get from winning the fight.

As you progress through the game, you will eventually get to meet valuable party members who you can use in your lineup. With all these hot characters, who would want to go solo? Each of these characters has their own stories in which you can participate in Whether it's fucking or stealing something, you can get into it.

Since this is isn't a spoiler-free review, and the game is massive, I'll list down the party members you can get in another section in this review.

At the beginning of the game, you also get to own a castle. Now we're talking. The castle is a haven for you and your characters. Each of your party members and some characters you meet in the game will get a room in this castle. The castle is upgradeable, which means you can add new rooms, build new houses, hire guards, and train those guards to repel attacks on your castle.

Some important characters are also essential for you when they stay in the castle. Some of these characters can be merchants who sell useful items, blacksmith and armorers for your gear, and wait for it, SEX SCENES. Yes, you can romance characters and enable sex scenes when your intimacy level with them is high enough.


One of the best features that any successful RPG has out there are the characters. Thankfully, there are thirteen you can encounter in this game.

Carys - A furry fighter. I did say that this wasn't a spoiler-free review, but I won't spoil what happens when you ask her about that extra limb.

Clawyn - A female, elven shadowdancer. Probably the fastest playable character in the game.

Demoness - A succubus, support character has healing and buffs.

Galhart - A male dwarven warrior. Functions as a tank, other than that, he's boring as fuck.

Gajah - A male prelek shaman. He is a supporting character who has healing and some damaging spells in his arsenal.

Katelyn - A human female cleric who functions as a tank, but isn't as dull as Galhart. She also has buffs that can help you offensively. She is your long lost sister, and you can have sex with her. I told you she wasn't boring.

Meredith - A human female spirit mage who focuses on healing abilities. She's hard to romance and would be boring like Galhart. However, since she's hot and has a massive pair of tits, she gets a pass.

Roderick - A staff, well a demonic staff. Fuck, I don't know. He's a possessed staff ok? Practically useless in combat and can only be fucked by females, and so on. Wow, I guess Galhart has a companion after all.

Ruksana - A female orc berserker. Ok, first off, that haircut is fucking ugly. I freaking hate girls who have hairstyles like this bitch. If it weren't for this character's hot body, I would've made a hard pass on her. Oh, I forgot that she deals damage depending on how low her hp is. Hah, take that you green fucking feminazi.

Rulwe - A green tentacle creature that's also a tank. Unlike Galhart, Rulwe can dish out damage. Rulwe, a green monster with tentacles, can only be romanced by a female protagonist. Hmm, I wonder why.

Tishtrya - A shemale nexillim janissary or whatever the fuck that is. Excellent as a spellblocker.

Zent - A male human elven blooded spellblade. What the fuck is up with these races and jobs? You could've just used "magic knight" to describe this dick because that's what he really is, a knight that can use magic.

Xyless - A female demon. Probably the hottest character in the game. Would bang her 10/10.

What I like about the game

The depth is absolutely amazing. You get to explore almost every story your companions are involved with. The castle system is also great. It's like building a brothel where you can store your armor and weapons and have sex scenes with your characters at the same time.

I also liked how nostalgic this game is. I'll repeat it, even if annoys you twats to the core: This game is like Final Fantasy, and everyone, including non-perverts, should try this game out. The dialogue is incredibly written, not overly complicated, and makes you horny when you read it.

Best of all, the sex scenes are hands-free, which means you can use your hands to eat a sandwich, or masturbate, or do both.

What I don't like about the game

Sadly, the depth of the game might be too much for casual idiots who want faster games. Sometimes I even said to myself that there's too much content in this game to finish. Although it's not bad, having this much content would be enough for two games.

The battle animation is crap. Although this game was made with a simple RPG making tool and it's expected, I still think it's crap. The skills are also trash. How does a level 1 character and a level 20 character deal the same damage when using the same ability? Shouldn't there be at least an upgrade? Even the buffs and nerf skills don't make sense.


I would love for the devs to port this to a mobile platform. However, the game is made on a limited tool, which I get. The wiki page for the game also isn’t updated, considering that this is a huge game, you’d need every resource for guides and walkthroughs.


Overall, I would recommend Roundscape Adorevia to any gamer, whether they're a pervert or not. The game is fucking amazing, especially If you're looking for a game to keep you busy for a long time. Although this is far from a perfect game, you'll be sure to jack off the sex scenes and enjoy the stories within the game.

PornGames likes Roundscape Adorevia

  • Fucking Immersive
  • Tons of hands-free sex scenes
  • Nostalgic
  • Doesn't require a good pc to run
  • Xyless. Demoness. Tits. Fucking. Hot.

PornGames hates Roundscape Adorevia

  • Too much content
  • Can get repetitive at times
  • Lacks mobile support
  • Battle animation is crap
  • Skills are shit