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Zone Tan

For over a decade, Zone-Tan has been shaping the porn cartoon world and upstaging damn near every animation artist in the market. There’s something magical about this girl and the work that she does. Every bit of porn animation that’s she’s ever done has been absolutely boner-inducing and fap-worthy. She’s been an absolute icon of fapping and animated smut, so it’s no wonder that many have fantasized about fucking her animated persona. One such fan, DoctorCursed, has actually made a video game featuring Zone, letting you face fuck her, living out one of the most popular porn fantasies out there.

Zone-Tan Is Watching You Fap

I can’t review a game about Zone without talking a little bit about what makes her such a fucking legend. First of all, she’s one of the few women on the very top of the indie porn production hierarchy. I know she works with a lot of editors as part of her crew, but she is the master driving force behind all of the smut that carries her name. She basically takes some popular cartoons and draws in porn scenes right in the middle of the action.

She actually does it in such a way that you can’t tell it’s not a part of the real cartoon. She matches the art styles perfectly so that it feels like your favorite childhood cartoon characters are actually getting raped by tentacles, right in the middle of the action. She’s an absolute fucking genius. Throughout all of this hard work, she’s also coined the very famous saying: “Zone is watching you fap”. She’s basically the female version of me – a porn goddess in her own right. It’s no wonder people fantasize about face fucking her. I’d face fuck her too, given the chance.

Retro Flash Wave

This game is relatively new, especially for a face fucking Flash game, but DoctorCursed has made it clear that it’s been a sort of passion project for him. He noted on Newgrounds that he does not consider himself a very well versed programmer and that he found it difficult to get started out in the field when this game was in the planning stages.

Still, he stuck with it for two years and persevered, making what can only be described as a really well-polished face fucking game. Why he decided to do it in Flash is beyond me. Flash will be properly dead in less than a year’s time. Either way, he made it work. The game is super polished, and it even makes similar flash games of old look kind of dumb. The only Flash game that I know of that comes close to this level of polish is Super Deepthroat, and that game is basically a part of the holy porn bible at this point.

A Simple Ass Game

I’d break up this game into gameplay, story, and art, but the three are one and the same here. The scene loads, and you find yourself in what appears to be Zone-Tan’s bedroom. You see yourself, or at the very least, your modest cock, towards the bottom of the screen, and between your legs, you’ve got a fully clothed Zone Tan, complete with her signature hairpin and subtle smirk. At first, she’s not doing much of anything. You have to direct her towards pleasuring you in your favorite ways. There’s a bar on the right of the screen, which shows your pleasure and how close you are to busting a nut.

There’s no story, the art is the gameplay and it’s barely interactive. There are eight buttons in total and each of them starts an on-screen action that you can then watch and jack off to. That’s the entirety of the game. That covers all of the gameplay that you can find in this game. So, let’s break every single action down and, in my standard fashion, get unnecessarily deep about every type of face fucking that’s featured in this game.

Slow Motion Sucking

First thing’s first, you have a stop button. This pretty much has Zone-Tan just sit there and stare into your eyes for a little while. This is also known as the button that no-one has ever pressed, except when they do a review of the game, because it’s pointless as all hell. It makes your pleasure slowly go down, so maybe if you’re trying to edge inside this Flash game that’s all about busting a nut, it might be useful.

Working our way down the list, you’ve got an option for a handjob. You can watch Zone-Tan jerk your cock with what is arguably a very bored look in her eyes. I mean, you can tell she’s barely using two fingers to apply pressure to your dick. Maybe she knows all the proper pressure points, but I doubt it. To me, she just looks bored.

Work the shaft is the next button-down and this is where things start to get interesting. She puts the side of your cock onto her tongue and lips and gently rubs up and down your shaft while she drools onto your dick. Her expression during this part is much more arousing. She looks like she’s actually getting into it, with a hint of bashfulness in her face. At this point, my real-world cock starts to harden up as well.

Next, we’ve got suck the tip and this part’s a bit too slow for my taste. If a real girl was sucking my tip, I bet I’d be a lot more excited, but Zone seems to zone the fuck out when she’s sucking virtual dick, and this kind of kills my boner. It’s a great way to ramp up to the action, I guess.

Taking it Deep

Next, you’ve got the blowjob, which you should be very familiar with. It’s a lot like just-the-tip, but her eyes are closed, and she tries to really push her limits willingly. The eyes being closed really helps a lot. It gets you swept up in the idea that you might actually get blown by a real woman soon enough.

Then you’ve got the visible hotdog. I have to admit, I’ve never heard of this position being described as such, but I guess it makes sense. She’s basically shoving your cock up into her left cheek, sideways. It looks pretty interesting and makes her jerk around a bit as she’s sucking. I bet this would work really well in real life. It makes for a cute animation in this game, too.

Finally, you’ve got facefuck, which lets you jam that cock all the way down Zone-Tan’s throat and see her choke a little bit. This is easily the hottest part of the game. It’s the kind of action that made Super Deepthroat so enjoyable. There’s something about seeing a woman choose to choke on your cock over the privilege of breathing air that really makes a man feel wanted. Plus, her eyes roll back into her head just a little bit, and that’s also a bonerific experience.

Then there’s the climax button and it’s only available after you’ve filled up your pleasure bar. This plays out the cumming animation that lets you explode all-over Zone’s face. It’s pretty damn hot. But, I recommend you don’t use it. If you let the game linger in facefuck mode, then the dude on-screen will cum on his own whilst impaling Zone on his cock. If you do this, you’ll cum with your dick already far down her throat, shooting cum out of her mouth and out of her nose. It’s much hotter than cumming on her face and I recommend it 100%. Plus, once you do this and she manages to get unstuck and raise her head, she’s cough up some cum and says, “What the fuck?” in an angry, very surprised tone. I like this attention to detail. It makes the game that much more fun.

Some Bonus Notes

The game might be very short, but it makes for great quick faps. I doubt you’ll keep coming back to it over and over again, every single day. But, you’re likely to replay it once in a while when you remember it exists.

It’s important to note that the sound goes a really long way towards making this game the gem that it is. These are some hot ass blowjob sounds that accompany every single motion. You can hear the cum shooting out of Zone’s nose, pretty much. That’s the kind of sloshing and dripping that you’d like to hear coming out of your headphones when you’re jacking off to a Flash game.

I have no idea whether Zone herself has commented on this game. Given that she seems to be a super-pervert, she’s probably honored, but I have no idea. Either way, the game’s up there for you to enjoy, so you might as well check it out.

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  • Simple Gameplay
  • Top Notch Art
  • Amazing Sound Effects
  • Zone is a Porn Goddess