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Vega Hunters

It’s not every day that I get to review an actual work of art. In the world of porn games, you take what you can get. Since everyone and anyone is free to make smut games, standards are pretty low. I’ve seen porn games that look like absolute garbage make a ridiculous amount of money. But there are a few porn games hidden in-between all the second rate smut that really stand out. These are the porn games that were made by people who had equal amounts of vision and talent.

Vega Hunters is one of the few games made by genius artist David Balsamique. As far as I can tell, he works alone. His Patreon literally has his name on it and no mention of a team. If I had to choose between a porn game made by a programmer or an artist, I’d go with the latter every single time. I mean, it’s not that hard to optimize a porn game. There’s no physics, no balancing issues, no real math. If you have a proper artistic vision and you can handle a pencil, you’re a shoe-in for best porn game developer. That’s David Balsamique in a nutshell.

More than Art

So I mentioned that this developer is an amazing artist, and I’ll talk about why I think he’s an absolute god of porn art. Let me first note that he is also an amazing writer, at least in my book. Sure, the bar is a lot lower when it comes to porn game writing, but he’s done an amazing job, and I think that deserves recognition. Vega Hunters is a proper original space sci-fi game with a very intriguing story. The game is constantly throwing exciting plot points at you, whilst rewarding you for being horny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this in another porn game, ever.

I mean, sure, there are many porn games in which nudity is a constant element. There are many porn games in which you have regular combat with naked chicks and fucking them is part of the action. But the thing is, those games get repetitive very quickly. You see the same animations with the same chicks, over and over again. In Vega Hunters, you can pretty much toss those low expectations out the window, because Mr. Balsamique rewards your boner every single step of the way.

Visual Novel, Sort Of

Officially, this game is a visual novel, but I shudder to call it that, because it’s so much better than any visual novel I’ve ever played. Normally, when I read that a game I’m about to play is going to be a visual novel, I set my expectations really low. I expect to see some sort of hentai dating game in which women talk about their feelings for two fucking hours before they finally take their panties off. There’s none of that bullshit in this game. I swear, this guy has single-handedly shown the world that visual novel porn games can be good throughout and not just during the smut scenes.

So how does he manage this? Well, by making everything a smut scene. All right, maybe not everything, but let’s say that at least 90% of all the scenes in this game are ready for the downtown shuffle. Why? How? Well, in a sci-fi game, you always have the liberty, as the writer, to write the universe in whatever way you goddamn please and keep it realistic at the same time. I mean, if there are a near-infinite number of galaxies out there, then surely there’s at least one inhabited world where women are always naked and always hot and constantly horny.

That’s the fantasy world of Vega Hunters. Important shit happens all the time. People still work hard to earn a living. Real problems are very much still a thing. But, women are hot across the board, and they get naked a lot easier than in our world. It’s just the way that people do things in this world.

Hunting Bounties

You play as a bounty hunter in this game, and you’re pursuing dangerous targets across the universe. Given that the game’s a visual novel, you don’t have to worry too much about navigating the world or balancing your checkbook. You pretty much just click ahead through the action, making choices along the way. And, there’s no serious stress put on your choices. You never have to scratch your head, trying to figure out what to do next. The game strikes this really neat balance between making you feel like you’re truly making a difference and not putting any scary responsibilities on you. It strikes the perfect balance between immersive and fap-worthy.

On your way throughout the universe, you run into a lot of NPCs whom you will question and generally spend time with in order to find out what you need to know about your bounties. There are also key plot points that involve some mysterious circumstances, like investigating a recent murder by asking questions, detective-style. Either way, no matter what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with, there’s ample opportunity to see some pussy.

Like, take, for example, a short scene in which you have to interrogate a bartender who also happens to be a robot. You want to know what she’s witnessed at the bar recently. You have a hunch that she’s withholding some crucial information. So, you offer to bang her, and she quickly agrees. While you’re plowing her from behind, you get to see a ton of sexy action. The game makes great use of the screen by showing you several things at once, like say, the insides of her pussy while you’re stuffing her. Your character takes advantage of the opportunity and yanks out her memory chip straight out of her head, then inspects if for evidence.

So, at the same time, you just got free robot pussy, an amazing sex scene, and a bunch of evidence that led you to a potential murder suspect. Oh, and did I mention that after this goes down, that robot bitch appears on your ship telling you that since she doesn’t remember how she got there or what her job is, she now works for you? Yup, the rewards just keep coming in this game.

A Sexy Universe

It really can’t be said enough that this universe is an absolute dream come true. Whether someone is a friend or a foe, they’ll make sure to flash their pussy at you. The ratio of women to men is also awesome. There are at least 20 chicks to every dude you meet in this game, and the dudes generally stay out of your way. I love that. I do not play porn games for the dicks. It is just not my thing.

So, when you follow up on a lead about a potential murder suspect, and you actually find her, lo and behold, she’s completely naked, and her pussy takes up like… half of your screen. It’s amazing. Plus, your female companion goes out of her way to have sex with her while you watch, for no fucking reason at all. This is the kind of universe I can get behind.

Professional Art

Finally, I can start throwing compliments around. This guy really knows his art. He makes heavy use of the freedom he gets from drawing alien babes; in that, they can have any kind of tits and pussies he wants them to. Shit doesn’t have to look realistic, when you know they’re not human. The sky’s basically the limit. He can be as creative as he wants to, and by golly, does he go far with this concept.

I haven’t finished Vega Hunters yet, but I have played Mr. Balsamique’s other game, and in that one, I distinctly remember a sex scene in which you put your dick inside a chick’s actual breast. She’s some sort of alien whose breasts are so large that you can literally fuck them right down the nipple. Works for me. Don’t ask how it works; just be grateful that it does.

This is a Patreon funded game, and this guy is an absolute wizard of smut, so you know what I’m going to say next; fund him. Go to his Patreon, try his games, and see if they might just be your next favorite type of smut. If that’s the case, then drop a shekel or two his way. It’s absolutely worth it as far as I’m concerned. This guy is going way out of his way to raise the bar on smut game quality, and people like him deserve all the encouragement they can get.

PornGames likes Vega Hunters

  • Amazing art style
  • Tons of fun
  • Easy to play
  • Short and simple dialogue
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates Vega Hunters

  • Literally nothing