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Behind The Dune

Come on, some of you nerds have to know about Dune. I know not all of you are sitting in your mother’s basements jacking off to hentai sluts while guzzling Mountain Dew 24/7. There must be a handful of you virgins who actually likes doing something worth talking about, like reading. Hell, most of you cucks probably love reading at least a little bit, or you wouldn’t be here.

If you haven’t read Dune, you are really missing out. It’s a fucking classic. Yeah, that’s right, I’ve read the series. Don’t act so surprised. Sometimes I like fucking nerdy sluts, and they always want to talk about books and shit. And what better book to bring up than one with giant ass worms and drug-addicted rulers?

Alright, I promise you this all ties in. I’m not just ranting about Dune because it’s a dope ass book. I’m ranting about Dune because this game is based on it. Behind the Dune is a kinky porn game where you play as Paul Atreides and go around boning all of your favorite, iconic characters. Talk about a niche game, right? It’s for those Dune fans out there who didn’t think the books were sexy enough.

The game launched back in 2017 and has had its own fair bit of success over the last couple of years. The creator, David Goujard, still keeps the game up to date with new sex scenes and animations. The game is entirely free to play. You can easily get it from by searching up the game’s title there.

Play Porn & Non-Porn Versions of the Game on Desktop and Android for Free

Just recently, Goujard put out a non-porn version of the game playable on Android. I mean, I kind of like asserting my dominance by playing kinky games on the go, but you do you. If you want to waste time playing a game that won’t even help you bust a nut, then, by all means, go for the Android version of the game. You can also turn the porn off on desktop if you want.

Fuck, this game just tosses you right into the action with no real guidance. You hit play, and you’re right in the game. There's no intro, tutorial, or any of that shit. I like that the game doesn’t hold your hand for hours while you piddle around with annoying menus, but some sort of basic gameplay tutorial might be helpful. Sure, the game isn’t that complicated. But I know some of you fucks are a few cards short of a full deck.

The Majority of Sex Scenes Are Unlocked Right When You Start the Game

I usually like it when games let you get right to the kinky fetish scenes, but Behind the Dune gives you almost every sex scene in the game right from the start. Hit the pause menu and go to the “Scenes” tab to browse all but six fuck scenes. I don’t know about you betas, but I’m not usually in this shit for the story.

I’d rather the game string me along a little with frequent sex scenes than have a full gallery unlocked right when I hop in. Hell, I could just go jerk off to some hentai or something at that point. I want to feel like I accomplished something by finding and unlocking scenes as I go. But let’s pretend that shit doesn’t exist and go forward to see what this weird-ass game is all about.

Very Basic Point-and-Click Gameplay

The game is fairly straightforward. Your goal is to mine spice, which is a drug that can only be found on the desert planet of Arrakis. Now, the game doesn’t get into the implications of mining like you get in the books. Your goal is to hire people, fuck bitches, and mine spice so that you can fuck more bitches.

You see, most of the sluts on the planet will spread their lips and let you slip your crysknife in them for some spice. Getting enough spice can take some time and would make getting these scenes pretty difficult if they weren’t all immediately available on the fucking home screen. As for gameplay, it is essentially a point and click adventure. You use a radial dial of directions to move around, and you can click on glowing objects to interact with them.

Man, I was pretty pumped for this game going in. But it is very bare. The dialog is pretty stiff all throughout. You won’t be getting invested in characters, story, or anything like that. That’s usually not a bad thing for porn games, but this one is trying to parody one of the best sci-fi stories of all time. More effort should have been put in to actually making an engaging narrative.

Hot Fetish Scenes of Busty Dune Babes

The illustrations are fucking amazing. The artwork is on point. You can tell a lot of effort when into the character designs, backgrounds, and kinky animations. But so much of it is recycled. I went to a half dozen locations in the game that all had the exact same background images. A good handful of the animations are just reskinned characters as well.

The animations are super hot and full of sexy fetishes like cuckold, incest, pissing, and more. Unfortunately, the animation style felt very stiff in certain scenes. Some of you fucks might like it. Though I would have wanted something a little more fluid. Some of these scenes look like you’ve cut a hole in a piece of paper and slid another in it to make it look like sex. But then there are these hot as fuck scenes where you fuck the Fremen leader in her ass or piss on the face of this hot babe in a skin-tight sci-fi suit.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

I liked the art style and illustrations in the game. Yeah, I have my complaints about the stiffness and the reusing of scenes and shit. But I get it. As far as I know, it is just one dude making this kinky content. I don’t blame him for doubling down on backgrounds a few times. Character design is where this game really shines. All of the female characters are hot as fuck, and you can take any of them to pound town. That includes your own mom if you’re down for that kind of shit. There were a ton of niche fetishes that I didn’t expect to pop up, so some of you more degenerate cucks might have a good time with that.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The game feels like a lot missing. I get that it is still being developed, but the whole thing feels unfinished. You don’t get a good intro or tutorial to the game. The same annoying ass music track loops the entire time you play with no options for turning it off. There are no sound effects or moans during the sex scenes. I think that’s what makes them feel so stiff. You have two characters sliding against each other and looking at you with those emotionless eyes not saying a fucking word. If I wanted that I’d bang my ex-wife again.

And then there’s the writing. It isn’t bad. The script isn’t full of errors or anything like that. It simply isn’t very inspired. Yeah, yeah, I know you might not think that’s important for shooting your goo or whatever. But it is. I want some steamy dialog and descriptions while I enjoy the sex scenes. You either need that or some audio. Not having either throws off the whole experience.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Behind the Dune is a fun enough game with plenty of content to fap to. It isn’t the kind of game you’ll get too invested in or blown away by in terms of narrative or gameplay, but it works. The artist behind the game is incredibly talented and creates a ton of fapworthy art. Even if you don’t play this game of his, I’d recommend checking out David Goujard’s Patreon for some quality pin-ups and illustrations. And go ahead and give Behind the Dune a shot. It’s free and has some quality porn in it. That’s what matters, right? Get downloading and get jerking off to hot sci-fi sluts!

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  • High-quality illustrations and artwork
  • Loads of niche fetish scenes
  • Over 20 different sex scenes
  • Completely free to play on desktop and android