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Do you know what RPG games need more of? Hot, kinky sex scenes. I don’t get why you fucks play those long-ass 100+ hour games when you don’t even get to see some tits. At least games like the Witcher let you bone hot wizard babes all the fucking time. You got to break up the monotony of collecting herbs and shit for the 50th time somehow.

That’s why I turn to porn games. You can still get all the time you want doing your dumb ass fetch quests and grinding levels for hours upon hours, but you can also jack off while you do it. Seriously, that’s the only thing that makes RPGs fucking bearable. Imagine spending hours upon hours killing the same mob over and over against when you could be doing something better with yourself like actually getting laid for once in your life.

Noxian Nights is a game that gives you ample opportunity for fapping. This game is hot as fuck. I didn’t expect it to be that sexy, especially since it was made using RPG Maker. Not all RPG maker games are shitty, but so many of them are lame cookie-cutter games without much depth to them. Noxian Nights was made by Hreinn Games and launched back in early 2016. The game has been fully completed, so you can expect a fuck ton of content. And lots of you fucks seem to love this game. The creator brings in nearly 5k a month on their Patreon due to all of the support.

Surprisingly Fleshed Out and Sexy Game Made Using RPG Maker Assets

Like all RPG Maker games, you can expect the game player to be pretty fucking tiny. I never understood why they didn’t make it so you could full-screen that shit. But it’s still readable and easy enough to play. You can find a full public release of the game over at the creator’s Patreon page: There you can also stay updated with the creator’s newest projects. And, hey, throw them some cash if you find yourself busting nut after nut to this game like I know you will. You’re getting some quality fap material without having to pay for it in the first place. It’s the least you cucks could do.

The game is a parody of League of Legends in some way. I don’t know how exactly. It’s not like I’d stoop so low as to play that shit. I’m not one of those losers who sink hundreds of hours into that game every fucking week. Seriously, so many of you assholes seem to play the fuck out of this game. However, I have yet to meet anyone who even seems happy about it. Nobody likes it. Everyone sucks. But it’s like you betas are addicted to the pain. Fuck all of that.

Play as a Hot Warrior Babe Named Riven Who is Out Seeking Revenge

You play as a busty white-haired slut named Riven, who is out for revenge against a dickhead of a general named Sutta. You are making your way to the town he is stationed at when you run across a tentacle monster. You guys know where this is going. You lose the battle and get raped by the hentai tentacle beast. This drains you of all of your warrior power, leaving you weak and stripped of your awesome skills.

Sadly, you don’t get a juicy sex scene for that encounter. Instead, you wake up in this hut where a dude forces you to suck his dick in order to pay for rent. Fuck, man, Riven can’t catch a break. But, hey, you do get a hot scene of Riven blowing this dude and getting a facial. Oh, and you have to suck his dick every night that you stay there until you can afford an inn.

Enjoy a World Full of Sluttification, Rape, and Many Hardcore Fetishes

From there, the gameplay is your standard RPG Maker game. You run around using the arrow keys. You can interact with different townspeople. All of that good shit. And it is up to you to figure out what to do next. One difference with Noxian Nights is that you get a hot illustration of Riven on the screen at all times. Depending on what happens to you in the game, that image will change.

Sometimes she’s naked. Sometimes she’s coated in monster cum. And that’s just the start. All of your actions will have an impact on her, which is super fucking hot. I like when corruption/sluttification style games show you exactly what’s happening to your character.

During your wandering, you’ll find out some of the shit going on in down. It’s been occupied by Noxian soldiers. Some people dig it, and other people fucking hate the guys. But eventually, you run into General Sutta. You run up to try to kill him, but a mysterious guy stops you from throwing your life away.

Fight Monsters, Get Fucked by Monsters, Complete Quests, and Repeat

He’s a local alchemist who also wants to see the general dead. He agrees to help you get back in tip-top warrior shape if you help him get some materials for potions. See, it’s not an RPG without a fucking fetch quest. Once you get the ingredients he needs, you can start earning money to buy new equipment, clothes that aren’t just bandages wrapped tightly around your huge tits, and you can start paying for a room at the inn, so you don’t get facefucked every night.

But doing all of that doesn’t mean there is a shortage of kinky fetish scenes. This game is full of hot scenes that you unlock as you play. Hell, getting beaten in any battle by monsters will result in you getting gangbanged by every beast in a fucking square mile. Also, losing nets you a kinky image of Riven looking like a freshly glazed donut. And, for what it is, the writing is decently sexy and well-written. It’s not as packed with descriptions as much as the text-based games are, but you do get some fapworthy stories.

Well-Written Erotic Descriptions and an Engaging Central Storyline

The game has an engaging enough story as well. There are plenty of neat side quests to do, secret locations to find, and interesting plotlines to uncover. There is a fair bit of content packed into this small game. I found myself getting invested in Riven’s struggle to get revenge. She’s not super one-dimensional like many RPG heroes are. Though you may need to take some fap breaks between storylines because damn do you get some hot fetish scenes with shit like light BDSM, enslavement, squirting, tentacles, lactation, and so much more.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Noxian Nights is a solid porn RPG with a lot of great features. I mean, it’s hard to fuck up the gameplay when most of it is plug-and-play directly from RPG Maker. So, yeah, that shit was decent. It’s what you would expect from most other RPG Maker games out there. But the best feature by far was watching what happens to Riven as you play through the game. Having the image of her off to the right change as you play was a fucking brilliant addition. That adds a whole new level of kinkiness to the game.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

This is a big suggestion, but I think this game would have been even better on a different system than RPG Maker. It’s not bad, but I feel like the game could have had many more layers of customization, but that’s just my opinion. It’s still a great fucking game. I’ve got no complaints about any part of the experience.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Noxian Nights is one of the best porn games that has been made on RPG Maker. This game is absolutely packed full of hot fetish content and scenes. The game has great writing, a solid story, sexy illustrations, and decent gameplay. It’s the kind of game you should definitely play through at least once if you dig porn based RPGs. And what better one to play than one where you can watch your hot, strong, warrior girl turn into a degenerate slut as the game goes on. I highly recommend all you fucks download Noxian Nights and get fapping!

PornGames likes Noxian Nights

  • Loads of hot fetish scenes and descriptions
  • Kinky story with lots of side quests and secrets to uncover
  • Great writing with steamy
  • erotic descriptions
  • Free to play!

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