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One of the best things about porn games these days is that it’s fairly easy to find one that will suit your every perverted need. That’s because most developers devote a lot of time and resources into creating the diamonds of modern-day interactive smut and make it available for all audiences. Now imagine a scenario in which you don’t only enjoy a game you found very much fap-worthy, but also get hundreds of games of the same genre or with similar content as recommendations. My thermal reactor was pulsating with excitement when I found out that this is all entirely made possible by one genius developer with ambitions as big as my religious devotion to pussy.

I am talking about Creambee, one of the most devoted porn-game developers who managed to make Flash games relevant again. Yes, you read that right. This developer made an entire compendium filled with dozens of flash porn games, every single one looking fresher than the other. And that’s not all; she even got a few of the giants of the industry to spank her collection of games so hard, they left a digital handprint in the form of some of their best creations. Pinch my ass and kiss my lollipop, I am not dreaming.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Before I get into any of the technical details of this beautifully designed collection of smut games, I wanted to heap praise on Creambee for even managing to get in contact with some of these industry legends, let alone getting them to contribute with their personal touch. It’s like going to the store to get some kicks, and before you pay for them, you ask LeBron James to sign them. And he fucking goes for it.

This motherfucker got her hands on Aika as a full-time contributor, as she mentions on her Patreon page. If you ask me, that’s pretty fucking impressive. Aika is one of the greatest porn game development legends in the business, and it’s mind-numbing to see two legends work together like this. Even more so considering the fact that she is not reaching her monthly goal, not by a mile. Her fellow colleagues believe in her project, and they are all happy to lend a helping hand. And they are right to do so.

She is making all of her work available to her patrons and invests all the Patreon money in funding a team that works on the beautiful piece of art that are Creambee’s Games. This is a developer that started out with an idea and is now living in a beautiful dream full of naked hot hentai chicks and busty French maids waving leaves and sucking dick. All hail the Flash porn extravaganza.

A Dream Come True

You play as a dude, you whip your dick out, you whip your video game dick out, and you fuck everything and everyone-female along the way. You know, much like real life.

Every single game I jerked off to had smooth transitions, fluent animations and gave the vibe that there isn’t anything Flash related about it. I also strongly believe that most of these games, the more famous at least such as Creambee’s originals Princess Pipe Trapped and Pokémon Moon Trainer, are very soon getting a non-Flash version, deservedly so. The other ones, however, the less successful, titles may not be as fortunate, so I suggest you give them a wank or two while you still can.

I have to admit I am a huge fan of the passion shown toward developing these games. It’s been a while since a Flash game managed to get me both aroused and impressed. Creambee’s games are an unexpected surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. She went with a blast from the past and made it super popular today.

Silky-Smooth Bouncing Titties

Let’s talk about the games for a bit. Those beautifully drawn, flawlessly animated, simple pieces of art that make your chest pump, your dick wet, and your heart begging for more. The flow of the games is simple. You are presented with a girl, usually very happy to be there, regardless of the situation she is in. You get quite a few options as to what you can do with her. The gameplay usually involves you doing your part in filling a horny meter, which, once full, leads to the girl undressing or doing you a sexual favor, all done with a smile on her face. Lots of love, ladies and gentlemen. Lots of bodily fluids too.

The aforementioned signature styled gameplay is used in several of her more famous titles. One that stroke a nerve in yours truly was the game titled Bangin' Talent Show. Now, let me be clear. If you are looking for porn games that come with a story, Creambee’s gems most certainly won’t be your cup of tea. The story, or better yet the synopsis of this game is that you’ve got a pretty young thing, dancing on a stage in front of a huge audience.

Of course, with a banging smile on her face. You can do 3 things in this game, throw gems at the babe to fill that genie meter, use the genie meter once filled up to make her lose a piece of clothing, and last but not least, you have a mute button to save you from your family members hearing all the loud moans the bitch shouts out when undressing. I suppose you already guessed that the controls in this game allow the player to enter a full-on one-handed combat mode. Time to beat that meat like there’s no tomorrow.

Another very famous, very arousing game from her rich library is Sun Shine Gals. There are a lot of things done absolutely right in this game. There is a girl, lying on a beach, busty as fuck, wearing a transparent bikini. Your job is to rub lotion on her. Rubbing lotion on yourself first is optional, however, advised. You can do no wrong, literally. You decide the rub her beautiful tits, the girl moans. You head downtown and caress her pussy?

You know you are doing the right thing. What’s interesting about this game is that not only do you have character customization options, this game also has a wider resolution from most of CreamBee’s other games, so you can jack off properly, without squinting your eyes looking for the nipples on screen. There is also a poké ball on screen that gives the girl a giant penis when clicked. Wait, what the fuck? Oh well, if you are into that shit, you’ve got that option too.

Creambee created a library every porn-game enthusiast is eager to visit. I am impressed by the amount of work put into her games. The fact that this developer had a vision is the focal point, which led to the big names lending a helping hand. When that vision became reality, everyone reaped the benefits. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. With flash going out of style very soon, the future of her games comes to question. However, the determination shown previously when creating these games shows that Creambee is a tough motherfucker and that there will be no giving up. The work has started towards some of the more popular games getting a non-Flash version, and that in itself is something every porn-game fan can look forward to.

For what it’s worth, Creambee goes out of her way to document various ways in which you can enjoy her games locally, on your PC. There are some flash players that are vastly superior to the online in-browser alternative. Granted, what makes her games impressive, partly, is the ability to play them in-browser, without having to worry about downloads. But, they’re mostly really tiny, so what the hell do you have to lose by downloading them to your PC? If you’re on a family PC, just fucking stuff them into a hidden folder. It’s not that hard.

PornGames likes Creambee Games

  • Devotion to making quality games
  • Beautiful animations
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  • The games are made in Flash