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Game Of Whores

Still can't move on with how the HBO's Game of Thrones ended? Still missing out the curvy and delectable bodies of the whore Danaerys Targaryen, the slutty Sansa Stark, and even the cunt Cersei Lannister who fucked her very own brother. The sex-fueled extravaganza, which makes a horny dumb like you bust a nut. Are you interested in visiting the taverns, inns, and brothels of Westeros and Essos?

Help the three main bitches attain the power and influence that they've strived for. Help them fuck, fight, and but mostly fuck their way to the seven realms to earn themselves a seat upon the Iron Throne. Forged with a thousand blades, but in this game, it would probably be cum and tears. The only way they can sit their ass in the throne is to fuck their way up to the top.

There will be enemies that you will encounter along the way — some sluts, trollops, whores, and traitors. There will be a hint of politics. I mean, right? How can a game be this interesting at the same time boring? Well, yeah, politics can be fun when there is a lot of fucking involved.

But does this all look promising to you? Do these ideas make you hard? Then, I suggest you strap on your minuscule dick and let your eyes feast on the bodies that you can only fuck in a game. Yes, sad, but hey, at least you get to do it! Are you ready to take your chances of playing the Game of Whores?

The Gameplay

You get to rename your cast in order to create slight modifications in the story. You can name one of your characters Ass Catch'Em if you want you, or you can just leave it as it is. So it would start in King's Landing where you were running a brothel, but it had to be fucking shut down. Then, enters Danaerys or whatever name you gave her who wants to be a queen of the Queen of King's Landing and to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

But Cersei is not having this shit. So, there comes the battle of two idiot hookers. Then, there are mini-games in the brothel where you can scrub pans and pots to earn extra money for your exploits. If you fancy advancing relationships, you can visit them to their chambers or peek through it. Yep, that will do.

For Patreons, you can vote on who can be the next Queen, and you can get lewd rewards by doing so. You can buy your bitches with some clothes and treats to wear. I mean, come the fuck on! Can this game get even better? So if you are a Game of Thrones fan, also if this game is just a parody. Thus, it offers an exciting story and a unique art style. Even better turnouts than the original series. Facts!

What the Hell is this Game About

In this game, you will be a brothel's former manager. Your goal is to aid the three degenerate sluts to reach the influence and power that they are craving for. But at the same time, return to your fucking business. Pretty neat, right? Of course, there will be a lot of fucking and fetishes being involved, but there is also some mini-games, quests, and personal route to indulge yourself with.

Now, now, calm yourself down. I know you are freaking out about who are these degenerate whores I am talking about. Well, it the three main bitches in the HBO's iconic TV series Game of Thrones. Yes, you read that right. There is a porn parody game created out of it. Of course, it is made in a somewhat parallel universe where the only way to attain power and seat on the Iron Throne or Semen Throne as I like to call it, is to be used and be fucked.

You senseless manatees are probably running around shouting as you can't contain the excitement and joy of using and fucking your favorite Game of Thrones character. You can expect similarities in aesthetics and design in the game as well as the bodies of the character. Big titties and crisps and viable pussies.

What to Like With This Game

The art and concept are totally cool like Witch Trainer kind of cool. It can cater to a lot of fetishes like a harem, Titjob, blowjob, anal sex, spanking, oral sex, masturbation, public sex, exhibitionism, dress up, striptease, and even voyeurism. In their upcoming version, there will be a gang bang, glory hole, BDSM, and the impregnation and pregnancy. Now that is a part that needs to behold.

One thing auspicious about this game is the attachment of a propelling storyline and interactive computer graphics. Do not get me started on the characters because Danaerys, Sansa, and Cersei did the job for me. Danaerys quests with sex content, masturbation on Sansa, and the vaginal sex on Cersei are the good bits of this game. You could also dress up these bitches to make them enticing and alluring because who would want to have sex with a dirty slut.

Another good thing that happened in this game is that you can sell Danaerys panty in the tavern. Then there is an excellent slutty costume for Sansa that will make your dicks wet and sends you drooling. Lastly, who would want to miss the cunnilingus and anilingus action in this game? Yes, that is right. NONE.

What I Don't Like About This Game

There were times when I maxed out Daenerys’ sluttiness, and nothing happened. Like nothing. I cannot emphasize this enough, NOTHING. Just a skull without a brain. Like what is the fucking point of putting a slutiness in there if there is nothing in it. Nothing is new about her being a full-on slut; she is just the way she is—a whore.

I also stated that I like the political agenda in the story, and fuck, I too hate it. Just hear me out on this since your fucking brain cells can also absorb one word at a time. I will make it very simple to all of you, fucktards. The addition of politics in the storylines creates a convoluted idea of the game. Like I play this game because I know these characters, and I just want to fuck them nothing more, nothing less.

There are only three fucking locations. Damn, I know that this is just a newly established game, but having only three locations is a bummer. In the next update of the game, there will be at least ten new locations that are going to be added. Well, sound about right.

Things I Would Gladly Recommend

For beginners, this game would be totally fucking insane if that promised at least ten new locations that are about to be added are already added. I mean, we know being a developer is hard and developing game takes time and yadda yadda yadda but imagine the face of the horny weird psycho lunatic reading this if their fun got cut off.

The addition of mini-games and the more personal route is indeed needed. You cannot just give us a game with a midget closely to non-sequitur mini-games. For the sake of fuck, add more styled scenes give us more stories about the fucking tale or characters' narrative and not about political affinity and exercises.


Game of Whores is a promising and auspicious game. I can the horny fans of Game of Thrones is scrambling to download and play this fucking game. It offers an interesting storyline, pussy touching, and sexual intercourse. Though, it needs a little bit of tweaking, twisting, and turning. Well, there is always room for improvement, right? So, I guess the developer should get their ass off innovating this game more.

Some of the faults and flaws that irritate me were the presence of the useless slutiness meter, the inadequate personal route for some of the characters like Sansa and Cersei, and other more. With these improvements, this game would eventually blow-up and become a huge game. But for now, it's fine, not bad at all but I cannot also say that it's great, just a flimsy and a light game. I've played better games than this.

PornGames likes Game Of Whores

  • A lot of fetishes is catered
  • Propelling storyline
  • The involvement of politics in the story
  • The vaginal sex with Cersei and now knowing why his brother fucked her too
  • Masturbating on Sansa
  • Touching their pussy
  • Interactive Computer Graphics

PornGames hates Game Of Whores

  • The involvement of politics in the story
  • The missing
  • somewhat non-existent mini-games.
  • Lacking personal route for Sansa and Cersei
  • Limited and just a few available locations