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Peach's Untold Tale

Mario is missing peach's untold tale! Do you ever wonder what Princess Peach is into, sexually? It’s the kind of question you might discuss with some friends while passing a joint, cracking juvenile jokes about whether Toad’s dick looks like the rest of him, or if Bullet Bill could be extracted from her anus once he’d entered. While everyone else is engaging in hypothetical discussion of video game perversion, one dude is quietly hiding his boner. That’s the guy who’d probably playing Peach’s Untold Tale.

It’s obvious from the wealth of kinky hentai and porn games that a lot of perverts had their sexual awakening while playing Super Mario Bros games. Peach’s Untold Tale is one of the more polished examples of fan-made interactive Mario storytelling, earning creator Ivan Aedler a bunch of eager patrons on Patreon. Based incredibly loosely on Mario Is Missing, this free game combines platforming action with some RPG elements, and a ton of dirty sex animations.

Step into the Mushroom Kingdom with a Boner

The game loads in Flash pretty quickly, giving me just enough time to lube up the ol’ silicone princess snatch and eat a mushroom to get really big and hard. The title menu features Princess Peach with her titties out, feeling her own nipples and snatch. Birdo is right behind her, doing the same to her reptilian jugs. There are goombas walking around with little red boners, which I guess is to be expected in a situation like this.

The game lets you start a Normal or Hard game. I’ve never played before, so I went with the former. You can choose from a variety of Princess Peaches (Peachy, Peach, Fire Peach, Peach PS, Fire Peach PS, and Tanned Peach), Daisy and Rosalina. You can also choose Krystal from Starfox. She’s not canon, but you’ve got to do something for the furries. All of them are fully nude and have big titties, the art striking a good balance between cartoonish and sexy.

I started the game with Daisy, because I’ve got a thing for redheads. The actual game opens with an animated introduction telling you the story so far. It turns out Daisy was always quite the slut, giving in to pubescent urges and getting freaky with an untold number of Toads. These fuckers jizz not only all over the Princess, but her nice bed as well. Animals!

Peach’s Untold Tale makes great use of Mario's sounds effects and music. The art ain’t quite Nintendo, but it’s close. Combined with the audio enhancement, it really gives you the feel of playing a Super Mario game with a raging hard-on.

See Princess Peach Sucking Balls and More

The first level is really simple. There are no real platforming elements, just some basic RPG and really kinky sex simulation. You come up to Mario on a train, and then you service him sexually. One of the first things you actually do in the game is decide to suck his balls, prepare your ass for him, sit on him, kneel while he fucks your ass, or go away.

I chose the ball-sucking option. The princess gets down on her knees and starts jerking him off first. I expected a different animation for each of the sex acts I chose from, but it looks like each option has a number of animations that go with it. She says some dirty shit, slides some cock down her throat, and then you click through to the next sex act and line of dialog. By the end of our little interaction, the Princess was just covered in cum.

It’s Flash animation made of little moving parts, but it’s done really well. These animations make up some of the primary sexual content of the game. You’re going to be doing a lot of fucking through this thing, with a lot of different Mario characters in a lot of different positions. If you’d like to jerk off to one later without going through the game, check out the Gallery in the menu.

The beginning of the game is largely setup and a demonstration of what kind of freaky sex you’ll be cranking it to as you play the game. After setting the stage, Peach’s Untold Tale drops you off in the Outfit Room, where you can customize your princess’s look. You can take almost everything off her except the semen. There are some controls to adjust her Boob, Belly, and Ass Size, but the size changes are just for the showroom. Bummer!

Running Around, All Naked and Cummy

I might have let Daisy keep some clothes on if I had known the game was just about to unleash her on the map to walk around, alone, exposed, and covered in jizz. Just kidding--I’d probably do it the same way. She has a surprised look on her face, and I guess I can’t blame her, but I like the way she looks like that.

I stopped by Yoshi’s house, hoping he might have some info that would help me on my quest. I ended up fucking the shit out of him, because I guess that’s just what princesses do behind closed doors. Poor Mario was always finding out she was in another castle, and he knew exactly what she was doing there! That’s why he’s always been trying so fucking hard to chase her down.

You’ll find the first “real” game stages on the map. I didn’t realize I could jump or anything the first time I tried one. I was able to avoid being hurt by the koopa troopas by sucking their dicks, but those goombas were some fucky little jerks! They killed me a couple of times, and then I fell into a hole, and then I realized there’s a jump button. Hit CTRL for the menu at any time. It’s got your basic keys and a bunch of other useful info.

The platforming is well done, for the most part. I like how she’ll balance precariously on the edge if you get too close. That kind of nuanced twitch gameplay puts it a step above a ton of shitty Flash-based platformers. The princess runs, jumps, and stomps more smoothly than I’d expected her to.

The weakest link I found in the platforming gameplay was the camera. Sometimes, I just couldn’t see where I needed to see because of the camera angle. This sucks when you’re up on a high platform and need to jump down without falling into a pit. I like the challenge of automatically scrolling sky levels in Super Mario games, but even the early one in Peach’s Untold Tale proved too difficult because I couldn’t see the platforms I needed to jump on.

Slide Down the Pole and Make Your Own Fireworks

When she reaches the end of a level in Peach’s Untold Tale, the princess has to jump on top of the pole just like Mario always did. She’s such a pervy girl, though, so she always seems to end up with the business end up her twat. Hey, we all deserve our own type of fireworks.

The game is surprisingly deep for what is essentially a vehicle for freaky Super Mario sex scenes. There’s a well-developed storyline and a lot of world to explore as you fuck your way through the place. I played for maybe half an hour, and didn’t even touch on most of what the game had to offer. My map is still mostly locked up, and I’m fucking shocked by how many empty spaces are still in my gallery. I have a hell of a lot more characters to fuck.

Peach’s Untold Tale will appeal to Super Mario Bros fans who always had a boner for Princess Peach, and wondered what it’d be like if she finally sucked Mario’s dick or rode a koopa troopa’s face. The game put its creator on the map as a respected porn game developer, and continues to earn the masturbatory attention of neckbeards and general perverts around the world.

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  • Free sex platformer with rpg elements
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