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Lust Affect

Lust Affect is a Kinky Mass Effect Parody With Fully Animated Sex Scenes. It’s time to fuck some alien sluts. That’s right, you nerds, we’re hopping back into some quality sci-fi degeneracy today. I know you dream of blue sluts with pussies that will grip your cock like a fucking vice. Though I guess that description would work for smurfs too. And some of you degenerate betas are probably into that shit. Anyway, we’re diving into some sci-fi goodness. This isn’t the kind of game with giant aliens or weird-looking creatures that will rape the fuck out of you. This is more along the lines of hot babes that look a little weird.

That’s because this game is a parody of Mass Effect, which is fucking wild. That game was basically full of hot porn already. But here we are with Lust Affect. You know we’re off to a good start when the fucking title of the game is misspelled. Really would have taken just a single Google search to get the right spelling but whatever.

Lust Affect was made by a horny gamer named Kosmos. It looks like the game was in development from 2017 until just recently. But, thankfully, the full game is available to the public. You cheap fucks can go over to to download it for free. You don’t even need to dish out any dosh for the latest version. He’s also in the process of developing a new kinky game called Bright Past that’s worth a look if you end up liking this one.

Wonky Translation of the Game has Quite a Few Errors

It is worth noting that English isn’t this dude’s first language. The game was translated by some other cucks. And, I got to say, he should probably get his money back. This game is packed full of errors, misspellings, and weird fucking phrases. At least this isn’t a text adventure game. The sex scenes speak for themselves. But, man, the dialog can be fucking atrocious at times. But it shouldn’t stop you cucks from fapping to it. You get the gist of what’s going on.

The game has a pretty simple premise. You’re playing as a clone of Commander Shepard. You can be female or male, but that just changes the sex scenes a bit. All of the clones were supposed to be killed since they were causing havoc and confusion. Each one of them was destroyed...except one. You play as a clone that has locked away the real Commander and taken control of the ship. And this clone is horny as hell and just cares about getting some tight alien pussy.

Take Control of the Ship and Fuck Whoever You Want

You don’t have a real goal besides doing whatever the fuck you want. Well, aside from making sure you aren’t found out by the rest of the crew. You can walk right up to some of these sluts and tell them to meet you in the cargo hold for some good ol’ pussy pounding. But some chicks are harder to get with. You’ll have to do some quests or romance them to get them to spread those alien legs.

There’s a good bit to do in this game. It’s full of little mini-games that earn you credits, equipment, or the occasional babe to fuck. Sometimes you’ll get a game where you have to unscramble a picture. There are others where you need to click on certain items quickly enough to win a battle. Easy stuff like that. Most of these games are easy enough for you to play with one hand. We all know you’ll be beating your meat with the other hand anyway.

Money is usually used to purchase items that will make romancing babes easier. You can buy sex toys, alcohol, presents, and even porno magazines of characters from other popular video games. Thankfully, money is pretty fucking easy to come by. This isn’t one of those games that makes you grind for hours before you can buy a single item. The dosh will keep on coming as long as you complete missions.

Play Mini-Games, Fight & Capture Raiders, and Make Money!

Taking certain crew members on missions will raise your influence over them. You probably see where this is going. At least, I hope so. Anyway, the higher your influence is over one of these sluts, the more likely they’ll be to let you give them a good dicking. Then fucking them will increase your influence even further, which makes it easy to fuck again and again. You’ll also get some horny prisoners that you can fuck the shit out of if you’re into more non-consensual fetishes.

Unless you count fucking human-ish looking alien bitches, there isn’t a whole lot of fetish content for you to dive into. But there is a fuck ton of sex scenes, and this game isn’t stingy with dishing them out. You get fully animated scenes of you boning babes in all sorts of kinky positions. You can even fuck a robot babe in the ass and give some of these dime pieces hot facials.

Unlock Dozens of Fully Animated Sex Scenes

These scenes are incredibly fapworthy. The animations are well done and will have you alien-loving fucks hard as diamonds. I just wish there were sound effects or some hot moans. It’s just the same background music that plays in the background. I want to hear some wet smacking as I go balls deep. I want to hear these sluts moan and beg for more. That would really take these scenes to the next level.

Eventually, you will get to some actual storyline events. You can very easily lose this game if you play your cards wrong, and your crew members find out that you are impersonating the real Commander. There’s even a train of events that can happen where the real Commander wakes up and kills you. So, make sure you’re at least paying a little bit of attention in between your fap seshes.

No Current Plans for a Mobile Version of the Game

As of right now, you can’t play this game on mobile. It’s just a little too beefy to be easily ported over. And I don’t think there are any plans in the works to get this shit on Android. The game has been completed, and I don’t think it even gets many frequent updates anymore. But that’s alright. This game is fun as fuck to play on desktop.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

Easy. The sex scenes are the best part of the game. You can fuck nearly every babe from the actual game. I know you cucks always dreamt of fucking that weird blue bitch with the tentacles on her head. You can fuck her and everyone else that you can get your horny hands on. And you can even have the female version of Shepard take some dick if that’s your thing.

The scenes themselves are solid. The animation is fluid, and these sluts are so fucking hot. You’ll have more hot scenes than you’ll know what to do with. This is definitely the kind of game that will give you enough material for at least a dozen jerk off seshes.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Give me some fucking sound effects. I want some hot sounds. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. At least let me hear these sluts moan a little bit. There are tons of sluts out there who would lend their voice for this game. You wouldn’t even need to pay that much. Just get it done. I’m telling you, adding in sound audio would make this game so much fucking better.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, Lust Affect will be a great game for you fucks out there who liked Mass Effect. Hell, it’s a decent enough sci-fi porn game on its own. You don’t need to have played the game to like boning hot alien bitches. It’s very good for a free game. You get fully animated scenes, a decent story, and pretty fun gameplay. It’s a game you can sit down and fap to quite a few times. So, yeah, go check this fucking game out. I highly recommend it to any of you slutty alien addicts out there.

PornGames likes Lust Affect

  • Over a dozen fully animated sex scenes to unlock
  • Romance and fuck any of your favorite characters from Mass Effect
  • Decent storyline and fun gameplay full of mini-games
  • It’s free!

PornGames hates Lust Affect

  • No hot audio during sex scenes
  • Lots of errors in the English translation