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Customized Girls Fight

Don’t be scared away by the absolutely dumb ass title of this game. There’s some quality smut in here, but there are a ton of caveats, and I’ll try to cover everything. This right here is a Mortal Kombat style fighting game, but with smut. Simple enough. We’ve seen a ton of these in recent years, and they’re pretty popular. I’ve noted in the past that it’s hard to jack off to these types of games, because you need both of your hands on the keyboard at all times. But, they throw you a bone. All the sexiest parts of the game interrupt the gameplay, letting you enjoy yourself for a few seconds before throwing you back into the action.

Sure, it’s not the hottest solution, but it’s the best you’re going to get. I mean, the alternative would be to have no fucking during the combat and sex scenes in between. But then, this wouldn’t be a fighting porn game; it would be a fighting game with porn scenes. I don’t want any of that shit, and neither do you. If you’re into hardcore porn games, you want to see the action on-screen while you play. That’s what makes it satisfying.

One Man Vs the World

In Customized Girls Fight, you play as one man on a mission to conquer the world of pussy. He’s also a bit of a dumbass, as his idea of conquering pussy includes and is very much limited to punching women in the face. Whenever I review these kinds of games, I feel hard-pressed to warn you fuckers not to try this kind of shit at home, or anywhere for that matter. Punching people in the face is not arousing for them, and it shouldn’t be arousing for you.

But, in Customized Girls Fight, it’s the way you get down to business. Plus, these girls are not very nice. They spin around like Yoshimitzu and kick you in the face. They will make you regret you showed up. So, you might as well fight back. It’s not like you gave them a reason to fight you. They’re just angry. They want to brawl. And, if your dick slips out of your pants and into their assholes while you are fighting, we call that accidental collateral. My dick slipped once and fell balls deep into my friend’s mother’s asshole, and I still haven’t forgiven him for being angry about it. And I still got carpet burns from that night. He should feel bad for me.

Unfortunate Gameplay

For a fighting game with a lot of potential, Customized Girls Fight handles like an out of control tractor, loose on the interstate, dragging a cart full of screaming goats. It’s an absolute catastrophe of a game, in terms of the controls and the actual action. I mean, when you dick the girls, it’s hot. When you see the girls, it’s hot. Everything is really hot. Hell, your character is really hot, for a dude. Plus, he’s got cool shades.

But, the actual movements of these really well-drawn characters are stroke-inducing. They’re laggy, unresponsive, slow, choppy, and every other unfortunate result of bad coding that you can think of. The damn thing is one step above being turn-based. That’s how slow and unresponsive the controls are. Plus, the girls are really fucking strong. Remember Yoshimitzu? That wasn’t her real name, she just reminds me of him, because she won’t stop spin-kicking your character in the face.

So the game is hard, and there’s a lot of fighting to be done, but the controls just won’t cooperate. You might try to block an attack, and you’ll click the damn button on time, but it won’t matter. You’ll get hit.

Oh, and did I fucking mention that Customized Girls Fight game has three difficulty levels, and I went with the easiest one? Did I mention that on the easiest difficulty, this game feels like a trudge through a valley of nails and shards of broken glass? Can you imagine this game on a harder difficulty? I can’t. I don’t want to. I would rather go out into the world and get an actual woman to take my dick down her throat, and guess what? I wouldn’t even have to punch her. She wouldn’t even try to punch me. And you know what definitely wouldn’t happen? I wouldn’t urinate on her.

Urination and Other Sexy Moves

You might be thinking that Customized Girls Fight just gave me a stroke, and I’ve gone way off-topic, but rest assured, peeing is very much on the table. There are many moves that you can pull off during the fight, and they’re all very sexual, but none freak me out more than when my dude straight up whips his dick out and pees on the girl he’s supposed to be fighting. Oh, and get this. It’s a damaging move. The sex doesn’t damage her at all. Having a gigantic penis shoved down her throat, forcefully, doesn’t hurt her. But, being urinated on, that just fucks up her whole day.

Maybe those aren’t HP points on the top of the screen. Maybe they’re dignity points. I don’t fucking know. Anyways, other than peeing on the girl you’re fighting, there are a handful of other moves you can pull off. They’re the bonus on top of the combat. They don’t actually hurt the enemy, and you get to perform them for fun. You can pretty much jack off to these, if you find the models attractive enough. I didn’t, and here’s why. They’re not fucking naked. Why aren’t these girls naked? What the fuck?

Build Your Own Punching Bag

If punching random women whom you do not know was not enough, the game lets you take it a step further. You can make your own girl in this game and customize her so that you can then punch her in the mouth and stick your dick down her throat. What a world! If you do this, you also have the option of making her be completely nude. Now we’re cooking.

However, regardless of whether you’re fighting a nude chick or one of the premade ones, her pussy is censored. Now, I can understand censorship in many games. I get that countries tend to complain about this kind of thing. Just look at Japan. But, why in all shits would you feel the need to censor a woman’s vagina, with a blur effect no less, in a game where her pussy is five pixels across. The censorship is more detailed than the fucking pussy would have been. They could have easily just left the shit in there and not gotten into trouble, but what the fuck do I know?

Disappearing Act

The developer for Customized Girls Fight has up and vanished. I normally research this kind of crap when I cover porn games, because I care about the developers’ other games. They might have made other smut that’s equally good. Well, that’s really not the case here. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not ragging on the developers of this game. I think they did a decent job. The art is great, the sex action is equal parts funny and arousing, and you can pee on women, so there’s that. But, they only have one other game as far as I could find, and it’s a much worse version of this one. It’s called Poor Sakura Fight 2, and it used to be on Steam. It looks very janky. Anyways, the developers have completely disappeared, and that game has been removed from Steam. So, unless you pirate that title, this game right here is the only remnant of their hard work. At the very least, this one’s free.

This game had a lot of potential, and it’s clear that the developers poured a lot of love into it. But, you just can’t release a fighting game with shitty controls and expect it to work. They could literally have made it look worse and sacrificed some of the hotness, but saved the game overall if the controls were smoother.

This is a gameplay driven porn game, and it fails at showing you a good time. At best, you can play the game for the sex scenes and special spam moves. You can pee on the enemy over and over again and stick your dick down her throat, without caring about actually winning the fight. If that sounds like fun to you, by all means, grab hold of this game and enjoy yourself.

PornGames likes Customized Girls Fight

  • Interesting sexual moves
  • Sexy characters
  • High quality art

PornGames hates Customized Girls Fight

  • Terrible controls
  • Janky gameplay