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Fighting Girl Sakura-R

What’s that? A hentai game that isn’t a visual novel? That’s right. In this game, you don’t learn about the stories and emotions of a girl who happens to be a fighter. Nope. You actually control her, directly, while she punches and kicks dudes in the face. And it ain’t turn-based either. This game’s the real deal. High octane pornographic action. So what’s it like? Is it going to be the next Moral Kombat? Unlikely. It’s more of a side-scrolling beat-em-up than a fighting game. So is it going to be the next ultimate side-scrolling beat-em-up? Absolutely fucking not. It ain’t that good of a game. But, it’s still worth a quick romp through, so let’s dive right into everything Sakura-R has to offer.

Left to Right

Everything in this life is left to right, except Japanese manga comics. In true beat-em-up fashion, you move left to right in this game and fuck up spiders and long-tongued alien-looking motherfuckers. I’m not sure what the appeal is in pairing up cute hentai babes with monsters, but it works somehow. When they have giant, girl-destroying dicks and tongues, it makes sense – they’re not human, so it’s not weird.

If I’m not mistaken, all the levels are the exact same level. It’s a backdrop of what appears to be a Japanese high school. You’re basically moving down a hallway. I can kind of relate to this. There were a lot of monsters in my high school, all those years ago, but they were female and kind of human. I can still see them to this day, when I close my eyes. Whenever I’d be minding my own business, trying to get to class, they’d mob me in the halls and beg me to take them out on dates. I still have nightmares.

Back then, we weren’t allowed to punch people in the face when they annoyed us. It’s kind of frowned upon today as well. But, that’s what porn games are for, apparently. When otherworldly creatures swoop in from another dimension to fuck with you, and you’re not feeling it, promptly kick them in the nuts. Eventually, the hallway comes to an end, and you get this glowing little portal thing which rounds off the level. You get a level-over screen that lets you upgrade your bitch with some stat points. All in all, you’ve got 12 stages to get through, so you’re trying to create the best build possible to get through them all. The game’s somewhere between simple and difficult, depending on how you optimize your fighter bitch, but it’s not something you’re going to have to sweat to get through.

Punches and Kicks

The gameplay to Fighting Girl Sakura-R is nothing you haven’t seen before. It’s the definition of unoriginal, but I like it that way. Why would you possibly want innovation out of a porn fighting game? You’re here for the cooch and the mild action vibes, there’s no need to get crazy about it. Your playable character is pretty strong from the get-go, and she’s limber as all hell. It makes me wonder about what kind of crazy bendy action she gets around when we’re not looking.

She can lift her leg far above her head. This comes in really handy when she’s kicking dudes in the face. It’s not gonna take a lot of effort to get through all the waves of baddies that are constantly coming at you. It will, however, take some patience and a lot of focus. They tend to show up one by one, but they can quickly swarm you, and you don’t want that to happen. Normally, in porn games, the smutty parts are the payoff. In fighting games like this one, the smut is more your punishment for failing at the game.

If they manage to swarm you, they can chunk away your health points really quickly. Plus, if they get the opportunity to down you, they get another extra chunk of health from you by mounting you. That’s right, the cockroach looking spiders in this game will ass rape you the second you’re down—this game’s kind of like a prison in that regard. So, don’t get downed.

Stripping a Fighter Girl

I mentioned that the smut is sort of your punishment, but there’s more to it than that. Yes, the more this bitch gets hit, the more items of clothing she loses, but that’s not the only way to entertain yourself. You get a sex scene player, independent of the gameplay, where you can watch her fuck and get fucked by the various monsters you’ve conquered so far. Plus, you get your choice of nudity and sexual position while you’re at it. If you were gonna fap to this game, this would roughly be the part where you’d do it.

I found these sex scenes to be serviceable. I know, I wish there was more praise to go around too, but what can I say? It’s not that much smut. It’s hot and well animated and all that, but it’s hardly what I’d call primo fap material. It’s more of a bonus on top of a mediocre fighting game. If I had to sum up the whole game, that’s probably how I’d cover it. It’s an ok fighting game with ok sex scenes for an ok time. Thankfully, it’s free, so we can’t gripe too hard, right?

Animations and Art

Finally, time for some praise. Let me start off by saying that any porn game that comes in smooth 60fps, with proper animations that weren’t put together in Flash Player, is fine by me. This is a fighting game where the action is very much the meat of the gameplay, so it was very satisfying to see the smooth ass animations. Take the chick’s tits and panties, for example. The former bounce, constantly, at all times, the latter are visible when you do an overhead kick. And, all of these animations are super smooth.

Also, when she’s doing flips and spins, she’s properly animated. She almost looks 3D. I mean, she was actually drawn in three dimensions, if you think about it. Then, all this shit was rendered into 2D sprites for the game.

She’s the only piece of ass in this entire game. All the other characters are there to fuck her. I gotta say, she’s not half bad. Her tits are massive, her body is tight, and she’s very adept at taking multiple dicks inside her at once. She’s a real talent; I’ll say that much. What really bothered me were her nipples. I know, I’m nitpicking, but that’s my job. The damn things are so bright it almost looks like her tits are smooth all-across. But, if that’s my biggest gripe, you can imagine how hot she is. As for the style she’s drawn in, it could use a lot of work. I mean, I can probably jack off to it, but the very fact that I didn’t even bother to try should give you some idea of what you’re dealing with.

Bonus Mode

On top of the gameplay, in which you unlock new sex scenes, there’s also a sort of display room in which you can experience all of the sexual positions with all of the monsters. It’s kind of like a replay gallery, but like I said before, if you were going to jack off, this is where you’d do it. You certainly wouldn’t try to rub one off during the gameplay.

Anyways, it’s a fine enough gallery. It lets you play all of the sex scenes and put the bitch in various stages of undress. Some of these combinations are weird as fuck, by the way, I gotta say. I mean, the zombie rape, I kind of get. I’ve seen that kind of shit in other porn games. But, there’s this Bigfoot looking motherfucker in the game, and all the sex scenes with him look like a cross between bear bestiality and actual carpet riding. I don’t know if he’s hairy or just hair-colored, but his scenes weirded me the fuck out.

Down the rabbit-hole of weird sex pairings, you can also get fucked by a praying mantis. And, get this, since the mantis doesn’t have a dick, it uses the far end of its abdomen to impale this bitch. Yes, the part of the abdomen that’s shaped like a pincer. You’re basically getting your pussy fucked by someone else’s asshole. Only in porn games, ladies and gentlemen.

I would recommend this game for a quick 20 minutes of fun and maybe a short rub afterwards. It won’t be taking any awards any time soon, but any porn game that also lets you punch things in the face is ok in my book. Plus, it’s free, so what the hell do you have to lose?

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