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Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)

Sonic Project X Love Potion Disaster! Do you smell that? That’s the smell of weird shit just on the horizon. I swear, every single time I get to review a furry game, I start wondering where I went wrong in life. It’s not that I hate furries or anything; I am an equal opportunity masturbator. You know I want everyone to jack off to whatever gets them hot and bothered. It’s just so fucking hard to understand certain fetishes that seem to be indivisible from the furry formula. Like, you never see furries have a good old blowjob scene in which everything just sort of mimics standard porn. There’s always shit eating or stomach inflating going on, because furries are always on the prowl for a more challenging wank – no pun intended with the prowl thing.

Today we’re not just looking at a furry game, and we’re not just looking at a fighting game. No, that wouldn’t be enough of a nightmare. Today, we’re looking at a fighting furry game that’s entirely built around Sonic the Hedgehog, and the recognizable characters from that franchise. Keep in mind; this game is not an official title made by Sega. In fact, if Sega actually tried to put something like this out, they’d be blasted off the surface of the planet.

The Boys (And Girls) Are Back

If you’ve ever played a Sonic game, you should be familiar with the roster of playable characters in Sonic Project X. The whole gang is here. You can play as Amy and Rouge, and who the fuck cares, they’re all basically furries. I didn’t mind them within the context of Sonic games, because I didn’t have to look at their genitals. They patched that for this game. So, when you fire this bad boy up, you choose which of the recognizable furry legends you get to play as, and the game takes off.

They’ve all got different stats that should give you a general idea of how well they fare in combat. In cartoons and video games, they usually use weapons. I happen to know Amy has a mallet. In this game, they seem to have made the stylistic decision of taking her mallet away, for the most part. She mostly gets through this game punching and kicking things in the face, but the mallet comes out occasionally, in combos.

They did, however, let her keep her recognizable outfit. She’s sporting the same fashionable skirt she always wears, along with the headband and red boots. However, the outfit comes flying off more often than I’m used to seeing. I mean, outfits come flying off of regular women all the time, when I’m around. But, I never really watched Amy Rose in Sonic wondering what she’s hiding under that skirt. Plus, she’s flat-chested, you can see that from space.

Not in this game. In Sonic Project X, she’s got perky Cs that she’s all too happy to reveal. Every single time she gets decked in the face, her skirt comes flying off, and she gets fucked in the ass. That’s the kind of quality gameplay we’re dealing with here. I gotta say, they did a fine job on these tits. Plus, it kind of helps that there are dudes and chicks on the other side, to do the fucking, but we’ll get into that.

Left to Right

Do you know how you know who the bad guys are in an average 2D video game? The bad guys come in from the right side of the screen. The good guys normally move left to right, brutally murdering everything in their path. This natural law of life was initially defined by a plumber named Mario, all the way back in the 80s. Ever since then, we’ve pretty much known that bad guys always come in from the right of the screen.

And so is the case with Sonic Project X. After you pick your character, you start moving to the right, and bad guys start pushing back with all their might. These bad guys may or may not be generic baddies from the Sonic universe. I’m not very well versed in this stuff, I’ve only played a handful of those games, but some of these faces are definitely canon. There’s a were-Sonic baddie, for instance, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that be a thing in at least one Sonic game.

Anyways, you move left to right, and you clear the levels of baddies by punching them in the face and kicking them in the crotch. If you take more than a few hits of damage, they bend you over, and this is where the smut comes in. If you’re playing as a girl, normally, you’re wearing clothes. When you get downed, the clothes come flying off, exposing your rather large furry tits. Your vagina also puffs the fuck up, so it’s easier for your enemies to locate.

Pumped Full of Cum

If you’re playing as Tails, who happens to be a dude, you aren’t wearing clothes, to begin with, but your genitals aren’t visible until you get downed. Either way, when you do get downed, the enemy that downed you has the privilege of ass or pussy raping you, depending on who you’re playing as. They also normally pump you full of their seed, no matter what their specie is. So, robots will pump you full of oil, whereas more normal humanoid enemies will shoot loads of cum. Either way, they’ll inflate your belly until you look like a balloon, ready to give birth to some abomination. But, most of the time, you just shit the cum out and return to the murdering.

That is, unless you get killed yourself. If you get completely wrecked in this game, you have to watch a little animation in which you literally see the enemy’s seed swim up your pipes and penetrating your egg, so to speak. You get impregnated, is what I’m trying to say. It’s a decent concept for a porn game, but the fact that this is happening to a Sonic character makes me feel too uncomfortable for words.

The Graphics

This game might not be my cup of tea, but I can be impartial and fair enough to say that for what it is, it was made really fucking well. I’ve played a lot of fighting games of this type, especially when I was younger, so I know how to recognize quality graphics when I see them. The game is clearly going for a sort of 8-bit low res kind of retro vibe, like the original Sonic games. Well, I wouldn’t say that it rivals those games in quality, that would be a huge leap. But, those games weren’t punching brawlers. They were more linear than that. Plus, they were made by a huge, highly paid team.

This game’s a work of passion and love, and it was probably made by a bunch of inexperienced indie devs, so my expectations are pretty low. Either way, the game looks great. The sprites, in particular, are really hot, for what they are. If you like Sonic rule 34 and you jack off to furry shit, you’ll feel right at home.

The Smut

All right, it’s time to put my bias aside and be impartial for a bit. The tits and asses in this game are great, if you like retro sprites. It’s clear that they were all crafted with care, and they spent just as much time on the smutty side of things as they did on the actual gameplay. Everything flows really well and doesn’t interrupt your gameplay.

I don’t know how you’re supposed to masturbate while you’ve also got both of your hands on the keyboard, fighting these bad guys, but you’ll figure something out. I ain’t your jacking expert; I’m your smut expert. Maybe you can use one of those auto-masturbation toys.

Anyways, with every single character in this game, you get a ton of smut potential, depending on how far into the game you get. They don’t just fuck you when they down you; there’s a lot of bonus content thrown in there that’s a lot more consensual. It’s still framed within a fighting game, but it looks kind of nice, again, if you’re a Sonic rule 34 fan.

There’s also a lot of variety, since there are characters of different genders and all. So, one second you’ll be seeing Tails being fucked up the ass and stuffed full of cum, another second he’ll be getting his dick sucked by a chick with giant breasts. Then, you might see Amy take it up the snatch and get impregnated, and all throughout, there are giant tits flopping around on screen. The smut never really stops in this game, even when the combat gets really heated. Plus, the devs really like splashing cum around all-over their characters and the screen itself, so if you’re big on cum, this game has you covered.

PornGames likes Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)

  • Tons of content
  • It’s free to play
  • A lot of sex scenes

PornGames hates Sonic Project X (project x love potion disaster)

  • Furries
  • Birthing scenes