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Naked Fighter 3D

Fighting and wrestling porn games are one of the weirdest types of smut I’ve ever jacked off to. They never fail to confuse the shit out of me. I mean, they’re loaded with sexy smut, especially if they’re built well, but I don’t get how you’re supposed to fap to them. I mean that quite literally. When does the right hand go below the pant line? I need both of my hands on the keyboard if I want to beat my opponent, and once they’re down and out, the round ends. That’s how it is in every fighting porn game I’ve ever played. So, where does the fapping come in?

I guess if you had an automatic masturbator, you could hook up that bad boy to your dick, and then you wouldn’t have to worry about jacking off, but what about the mere mortals who can’t afford advanced fapping technology? Well, I guess they’ll have to use their hands. I don’t even own an automatic masturbator; I find them kind of weird, to be honest. But then again, I bang bitches on the daily, so I don’t really need one.

But, I like to fap, so the question remains. How do you fap to these types of games? What’s the appeal? Is it just about playing games that have naked people in them? Or do people really care about the actual fighting and wrestling gameplay? Who knows. Today we’re looking at Naked Fighter 3D. This right here is a fighting porn game that, at the very least, looks amazing. I’ve played some really rinky-dink fighting porn games in the past. They had poor excuses for graphics and ran like dogshit. This here game is the way of the future—modern graphics, smooth action, and tons of potential. So, let’s dig right the fuck into it.

Customizing Your Character

Right off the bat, the first thing you see when you fire up this bad boy is the character customization screen. Before you jump into the ring to punch naked people in the crotch, you need to decide what your boy or girl is going to look like. And for those of you in the audience who are sick of two-gender propaganda, don’t worry. You can play as a girl with a penis too. I think this is very much the best-of-both-worlds option, since you can penetrate chicks, but there are still two pairs of tits on screen at any given point in time.

The character creation for this game is superior to most I’ve seen in proper triple-A titles. It’s somewhere between Dragon Age and Dark Souls. And unlike Fallout and Oblivion, Naked Fighter 3D doesn’t accidentally turn your characters into Shrek. Though, you can probably do that on purpose if you’re dedicated enough.

The options are absolutely amazing. You pick your gender, and then you get this huge-ass menu that lets you choose all kinds of tiny details about your character, while you view them naked of course. You’ve got the standard stuff like height, weight, and muscularity. You can also choose the skin color of your character, and this is where the Shrek moment can come in, if you want it to. You can make your character green, red, blue, whatever. The world is your oyster. Fuck shit up.

Sexy Characteristic

If you’re playing as a male character, you’ll probably just slide the dick slider all the way up and not care about the rest of it. If you’re playing as a girl, however, things get interesting. You can make some sexy ass ladies in this character editor. The default girl model is hot as shit, and you can only improve things from there. Prefer your girls with a bit more meat on their bones? Give her a bit of a chub. Want your girl to fling you across the room and onto the bed? Fuck it, give her some muscle. It doesn’t influence her in-game power, so you might as well go wild.

You can also play around with her hair quite a lot. There are some nice haircuts here, but personally, I’m not very picky. As long as she has enough hair for me to pull on as I’m taking her from behind, I’m happy. Speaking of taking her from behind, boy, can you do some crazy shit with these girls’ asses. You can enlarge them, of course. But if you fuck with the slider enough, you’ll accidentally give your girl’s ass a gravitational field. Seriously, if you max out the ass size in this game, the girls barely even look human. Honestly, I find it kind of hot. Even though it makes their asses look less like the plump heart shapes I’m used to, and more like jackhammers, I’ll stick my dick up there, I don’t care if I ever pull it out.

Next-Gen Gameplay

The gameplay to Naked Fighter 3D is as impressive as damn near everything else. It’s smooth, responsive, and definitely better than the latest WWE. But then again, a potato computer running the original Tetris is more technologically advanced than the latest WWE. This game was made by someone who understands coding, and I very much appreciate the hard work they’ve done. I mentioned that it’s hard to fap to this game, and so I didn’t really try to, but I did play a few matches, and the combat was quite excellent.

They crammed this game full of all kinds of moves that are either damaging or sexual or both. I mean, you can punch people in the face, knee them in the groin, but once they’re down, you can grab them, as they do in wrestling and dick them up the ass, as I haven’t seen in wrestling yet. Hell, if they introduced forced penetration to WWE, I might actually watch it. With chicks, I mean. No-one wants to see Stone Cold Steve Austin giving Big Show a reach around.

Girl on Girl Action

This was easily my favorite way to play this game. I tried playing as a t-girl and a cis girl, and both times, I had a great fucking time. Playing as a dude just feels rapey. I don’t know, maybe I’m too much of a gentleman, but the idea of punching a woman in the face then ramming my cock down her throat doesn’t get me in a sexy mood. It gets me in the mood for handcuffs and dialing 911. But, one girl dicking another girl in the mouth, that seems more like fair play. They are in the same weight class. Well, they would be in the same weight class if you don’t fuck with the ass slider. Remember, a giant ass is great and all, but it technically makes you a heavyweight. So, don’t cheat.

The hottest sex scenes in Naked Fighter 3D, if you can call them that, is when one girl pins the other one down, and you start hearing loud ass sex noises. You can literally ram your crotch into a girl’s face, while you bend her arms so she can’t escape. Then, you mash buttons and watch as her will to live sort of fades, but it sounds more like she’s in ecstasy. These are the kinds of imaginary fighters who don’t really want to win as much as they want to orgasm. I can relate to this, because I’ve always been more of a lover than a fighter.

Patreon Powers

Naked Fighter 3D is being developed by a single dude named Sam3DX. This fucker is putting the entire porn game industry to shame by showing them that one dude can outdo an entire fucking studio and not even charge for the goddamn finished product. His game is entirely Patreon funded, and so far, he’s making the big bucks – over two grand a month. That’s how you know this guy isn’t fucking around.

There are really nice Patreon rewards you get if you pledge, like access to the ultimate game version, which has a bunch of extra features. You can get some additional materials as well, like behind the scenes footage. Personally, I don’t think this is necessary, especially if you’re strapped for cash. But, if you absolutely adore Naked Fighter 3D and you’ve got the money, why not dump some of it his way?

In leaving the best for last, let me just say, this game has multiplayer. That’s right; you can put Tekken and Street Fighter in a drawer and never play them again, because why the fuck would you? This is the superior product, right here. This is the kind of game you can invite a girl over to play, casually. If she sticks around and kicks your ass, you’ll know she’s a keeper.

PornGames likes Naked Fighter 3D

  • Amazing next gen graphics
  • Tons of customizability
  • It’s free to play
  • Perfect multiplayer

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  • Nothing at all