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Under The Witch

It finally happened, guys! I finally found a proper 3D porn game that actually lets you play shit out in three dimensions without you having to stare at pre-rendered static art. This right here, this is a video game that actually has animated pussy, while you play the game. Plus, it’s loaded with cutscenes to reward you for playing, and it’s got a bunch of reasons for you to replay the game. I know, it feels like Christmas, right?

The closest I’ve ever come to finding this kind of quality was when I was going through VR sex simulators. But, in those, the girls are basically dolls. They just sort of sit there, and you can move them around. It’s the equivalent of having a sex doll in your room. It’s hot shit, but I’d rather have something a bit more interactive. I prefer my women alive and making noises and shit. Well, the bitch in this game makes a lot of fucking noises, I’ll say that much. She also does a lot of the sucking and fucking herself, even though this is technically a game about being a submissive dude. I hate it when women just sort of lie there. Anyways, before I lose my train of thought, let’s dive right into this bad boy.

Fighting a Witch

Normally when it comes to video games in which you fight the chicks that you’re supposed to be banging, I start with a disclaimer reminding you that fighting people in real life is a bad idea, especially if you’re counting on fucking them later. I make an exception here, because this bitch of a witch is an absolute scumbag. The game has the two of you dueling it out, like at the end of a really dramatic animated movie. It’s the final boss fight, and you’ve got your sword in hand. You’re here to put an end to the witch’s evil. The problem is, she’s really hot and also she’s an amazing and talented dominatrix.

Her idea of fighting back against you has less to do with swords and a lot more to do with pussy. In short, she wants your cock. But, she doesn’t just want to get dicked, that would be too simple. No, she wants to break you down mentally and emotionally. She wants to turn you into a fucktoy, and she’s going way out of her way to push you into a submissive situation. For some reason that I do not entirely understand, your armor doesn’t cover your dick. You’re pretty much erect from the get-go, and your dick is out in the wind, flopping around at full mast. You can’t be blamed for that; she’s hot as hell. Even through her clothes, her giant breasts and perky nipples are sending you a lot of positive vibes.

The fight starts off, you give her a good old swing, and she quickly incapacitates you. It becomes clear from here on out that you’re in for some sexy trouble. She doesn’t really hit you that much if at all, though she does stomp on your dick a bit. It’s like those scenes you see in BDSM porn videos where the dude is really into the idea of having his dick punished. I’ve never busted a load from being punched in the dick, but apparently, that’s very much a thing.

Losing Over and Over Again

I mentioned that the very first time you strike this bitch of a witch, she pretty much immediately incapacitates you and starts stomping on your dick. A few seconds of torture later, and you’re basically begging her to continue. Your character wants to get punished, by her specifically. She stops halfway and teases you, essentially expecting you to beg for more.

Having no sense of self-respect and a huge desire to blow your load all-over her, you don’t take a lot of convincing. You’re basically begging her to keep humiliating you, right from the get-go. She summons a chair, has a comfy sit-back, and continues to devastate your cock with her feet. She stomps on you until you bust a load all over her. She laughs at you, and you basically lose the game. The idea is that every time she gets you to cum, you lose the game. So what’s the point?

Well, you’re supposed to keep losing the game, especially at first. You’re basically not powerful enough to fight back against her. Yes, the game has sequences in-between the punishing sexual cutscenes, and during these, you can actually fight back effectively. You do quite a bit of damage to her, but it’s not enough. You can also use items and spells, to keep yourself in the game, but your health bar gets devastated, no matter how good you are at the game.

Getting Better and Better

At first, it wasn’t really clear to me what the point was, but right after I lost the game the first time, I got the gist of it. Right after the game over screen, I was shown a breakdown of my stats, which apparently increased across the board. I levelled up, even though I lost. The further you get in this game, the more you level up. You become more powerful by being broken by the witch in more devastating ways. The more BDSM sex torture you manage to draw out of her, the stronger your character becomes.

This, in turn, gives you the power to survive for much longer the next time, which makes her perform increasingly depraved sexual acts with your body. So, you’re basically trying really hard to defeat her, even though losing is how you get to the sexier smut. The game gets progressively easier, the stronger you get. Eventually, you manage to get her so frustrated with your resilience that she has no choice but to straight-up fuck you. That’s when shit really heats up. I mean, the game is hot from the get-go, but let’s face it, you want to fuck this witch. She’s that hot.

Voice Overs

I don’t know how they managed to pull together the funds for this game, given that it’s free and all, but they did an amazing job. It’s clear that they spent a lot of their money on the voice acting, as they literally have it in two different languages. Both the voice and the subtitles come in Japanese and English, and you can switch between them any time you’d like, from the settings screen. This game might be small in terms of length, but the quality it brings you is incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen before. I mean sure, I’ve seen voice acting in video games, but it usually comes at a cost.

There are no cut corners here. The voice actresses are absolutely incredible. I didn’t test out the Japanese one for long, because I didn’t understand what she was saying. But, the English one got me rock hard. Everything she says sounds so goddamn immersive and believable. If I ever have a dominatrix, I want her to sound this convincing and arousing.

The 3D Art

It’s hard to pick a favorite part when it comes to this game, but the art is a serious contender. I can tell that a lot of talented people worked on this game, but my gold medal goes out to whoever modelled and animated the witch. I mean, the cock on the main character is great too, but I was mostly staring at the witch so, that’s where my heart is.

Let’s start with the obvious; she’s fucking gorgeous. She’s got an absolutely perfect body that’s screaming to be fucked, and I appreciate that her proportions are closer to realistic than fantastically imaginary. No unrealistically gigantic breasts in this game. It’s all-natural.

Then, there’s her animations and boy, are they impressive. She’s constantly moving around, doing shit to you, herself, and the environment. I mean, she could be summoning a chair out of the infinite void, in order to have a comfy place to sit while she’s kicking you in the balls and you’re still going to be staring at her slack-jawed in disbelief. I guess we just haven’t seen that many properly animated characters in porn games before. This is very much a breath of fresh air for me.

This right here is the type of porn game that leaves you without excuses. You need to download it, and you need to play it. Be warned, it’s made in Unreal 4, so it needs a bit of a gamer PC to run, but nothing out of this world extraordinary. If you can play regular video games, you can handle this game. Get it right now from the developer’s website or their Patreon and enjoy yourself.

PornGames likes Under The Witch

  • Amazing 3D art and animations
  • Tons of quality voice acting in two languages
  • Replay value
  • It’s free to play

PornGames hates Under The Witch

  • It’s a bit short
  • overall