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School Dot Fight

School Dot Fighter is a Fast-Paced Pixel Brawler With Hot Hentai Rape Scenes. Might makes right. I’m sure you pathetic betas have been bullied enough in your lives to know that simple fact. Chads like me were pounding your crush’s pussy until she was weak in the knees and begging for more while you were tipping your fedoras and being the “gentleman” to all of the lovely ladies on campus. I know some of you have gone on to be the white knights of the internet, though I think you’re all called simps now.

Now, I didn’t just want to remind you of that simple life fact for the hell of it. I’ve got a fighting game for you horny gamers to play today. It’s time you step up to the plate and fight your way through something for the first time in your fucking lives. I know the thought of violence makes you piddle in your pants, but don’t worry. This game will play through the story of your life if you ever get a girlfriend of your own by showing that she’ll be the one fighting all of your battles for you.

Fully Finished Game With Every Feature, Scene, and Mechanic Included

School Dot Fight is a pixel-based erotic fighter where you play as a busty babe with a rockin’ bod and a solid right hook. The game was released back in 2017 and was developed by Okeyu Tei. I don’t know what this cuck is up to now. I couldn’t drum up a site, Patreon, or any sort of shop for this fucking game. You’ll have to go download it from somewhere like I couldn’t find any sort of “official” page for it anywhere else.

Thankfully, the game is fully completed. You don’t have to worry about sitting with your limp dick in hand, waiting for new hentai scenes or anything like that. It’s easy enough to download. The file is small, which makes sense since the game player is for fucking ants. Seriously, you’re playing in a tiny-ass window that has absolutely no resizing options. That’s fucking lame.

Fuck the Story. You’re Here to Fuck People up and Jerk off to Kinky Hentai Scenes

The story is about as bare-bones as it gets. The game takes inspiration from older-style arcade games where you’re simply thrown into the carnage. You’re not here to have your heartstrings pulled or to have your mind blown by a twisting narrative. You’re here to fuck shit up and jerk your dick.

You play as an older sister whose little sister was captured by a bunch of hooligans at your school. Apparently, your character’s name is Ichika, and your sister is Futaba. I don’t know where the fuck it supposedly says that, but there you go.

Why was she captured? How did you learn to fight? Where are the teachers? Oh, shut the fuck up. This game isn’t here to answer your burning questions. Do away with any thoughts about reasoning and learn how to chain some sick fucking combo moves.

Classic Pixel-Style Side-Scroller Will Take You Back to Simpler Times

This is a side-scrolling fighter where you have to pummel your way through five different stages of horny fucks who want to beat you up, strip you down, and fuck you right there in the hallway. Each stage is basically the same school hallway. There’s no much you can do with the setting, I guess, though I think some more unique stages would have added a little bit of variety to the game. Though there is one at the end where you end up in a parking lot. That one was cool.

The controls are simple. “Z” to jump. “X” to punch. “C” to unleash a special spin kick. And, of course, you use the arrow keys to move around. Your health bar will be in the upper-left portion of the screen. If that hits zero, it is game over for you. That means starting all the way back from the start. You can increase your health by finding clothes on the ground. Hit the up arrow to get a bit of a refill.

Challenging Gameplay Will Test Your Fighting Skills

It’s worth saying that this game is fucking brutal. Even “easy” mode is pretty fucking hard to get through. It took me quite a few tries to even get beyond stage three, and it took forever to beat the final boss of stage five. Each one ends in a boss that has some sort of special move you need to avoid. There is a fucker who kicks cans at you that you need to jump over. There’s a fat fuck who chokes you with a belt. There’s some alpha who just slams you down and distends your stomach on his cock. It gets to be pretty challenging.

Every hit you take strips away a little more clothing until you are completely stipped down. If it’s all torn away you’ll be susceptible to getting fucked by anyone and everyone. Every character in this game can fuck you, even the dogs and kids. Fucking weird. But it's pixel art, so it’s okay, right? I think that’s how it works. When you’re getting fucked, you can struggle to break free or just let it happen. If you want to just move on with the game, then you can always break free and go check out that scene in the hentai gallery later.

Over a Dozen Different Hentai Sex Scenes to Unlock

Speaking of fucking, the hentai scenes are pretty solid for a pixel game. I mean, you have to kind of squint to see what the fuck is going on. But, hey, it’s there. What the game may lack in explicit visuals, they make up for with very fluid animations and plenty of hot sound effects. You don’t get moans or anything, but you do get plenty of squelching noises and all of that good shit.

Overall, the art is fucking great. The game has a unique feel. There’s a lot of kinky shit going down in the background at any given time. The characters are all rad and have such fluid movements. For a simple pixel fighter, it looks fucking awesome.

Amazing Retro Pixel Art Style

Plus, it’s always a bonus when you can load up any of the hentai scenes you’ve unlocked to admire the art a little more. I just wish you could take this game on the go. You can only play it on Windows, and It doesn’t seem like a mobile version is in the works. After all, I can’t even find a fucking website for this developer, let alone an update schedule.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

This was one of the few hentai fighters I’ve played that didn’t feel clunky as all hell. Some of these games feel like you’re moving a stiff mannequin around or some shit. School Dot Fighter nails it with the fluid animations, simple controls, and satisfying combat. Each hit actually feels like it’s connecting. You can’t just win by mashing attack as you do in some other titles out there.

And the hentai was solid for what it was. Sure, you’re not getting huge HD scenes with a full cast of voice actors. But, hey, you’re getting plenty of kinky scenes for such a short game. I’d even call them fapworthy if you’re into pixel porn. I know some of you fucks love that shit.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

The biggest issue was the smallest thing about the game: the fucking play window. It’s so fucking small. It was annoyingly small to have to try and work with. Hah, I bet that’s what your ex-girlfriend tells all of her friends. Anyway, yeah, it was frustrating. I wish there were options for toggling the quality. Even doubling the size of the player would have made it much more fun to play.

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, School Dot Fight was a fun pixel fighter. If you’re a fan of the genre, then most of you horny gamers will have a great time with this one. It’s full of kinky hentai, rape fetish scenes, and much more. But, again, this shit isn’t easy. You’re going to have to work for those fucking hentai scenes. The game doesn’t simply lay them out on a silver platter for you cucks. But, yeah, I highly recommend you fighting game fans give School Dot Fight a download.

PornGames likes School Dot Fight

  • Challenging & fun combat system
  • Over a dozen of kinky hentai sex scenes!
  • Fluid
  • high-quality animations
  • Short and sweet game

PornGames hates School Dot Fight

  • Painfully small game player