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Fight Club Reborn

Fight Club Reborn is an Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure Fighting Game. Do you like fighting games where you beat the shit out of your opponents? Who the fuck doesn’t that shit? It is fantastic. What about reading? Do you like to read erotic stories or play those kinky choose your own adventure games?

Come on, some of you nerds out there must like both. I know it’s a stretch, but don’t look at me. I’m not the cuck who designed a text-based choose your own adventure fighting game. Talk about a fucking mashup. I want to dive into this shit out of sheer curiosity more than anything.

Fight Club Reborn is that weird combo of fighting and reading that I just mentioned above. See, and I bet you thought I was fucking around with you. Nope! This really, truly exists. And it seems like they had quite the large following at one point. They were raking in a steady few hundred bucks every month at their Patreon page

The project has Changed Hands Multiple Times & Has Largely Been Abandoned

But what happened? Well, it seems as though the original creator “Magma” called it quits back in 2018. Though it looks like the game had been in the works since 2016. He hung up his hat and passed the game along to some other fuck who was willing to finish it.

But, as we all know, history likes to repeat itself. The new owner went offline for nearly a fucking year. He just now made a post at the end of February 2021 after being silent since March 2021 that he was looking to either pass the project on to someone else or scrap this shit entirely. He even put some shit down about maybe turning it into an ebook. Who the fuck knows what’s going on with it.

So, long story short, don’t expect any new updates to the game. It’s in version 0.8 and will likely stay that way forever. You can download it for free from a variety of sites, and it will load up in a browser window. I tried to visit the original creator’s website. It just kept redirecting me to some malware-looking download pages, so I decided to skip that. But that doesn’t mean this game isn’t filled with content as is—enough history lessons for you cucks. Let’s see what this game is all about.

Play as a Bad Bitch Who is on Her Way to Becoming the Best Fighter

Woah, I was not expecting a sonorous voice over for the start of the game. That was pretty fucking rad. Way to set the tone. Props to that voice actor as well. Nice fucking work. The game takes place in the near year of 2024, where corporations reign supreme. In an age where women are stepped on and seen as weak, you play as a bad bitch who wants to be the best damn female fighter in the world.

Things are going well for you. You’re nearly undefeated, and you’re kicking ass. But all good things must come to an end. This busty slut in a latex catsuit named Domina makes you her bitch. You are beaten so badly that she turns you into a slut. Some sort of mind games happen, and you end up dolling yourself up, shaving your pussy, and painting your nails, all of which cause you to lose respect. You lose your slot at the gym. Shit goes south for you.

How Will You Recover From Your Tragic Fall From Grace?

This is where the real game begins. It’s a choose your own adventure game, so every choice you make matters. Will you give in and gobble on meaty cocks like there’s no tomorrow, or will you pull yourself up and get revenge on that whore Domina? Also, prepare yourself for a knowledge bomb. Domina is an old-school title given to women in Latin, which basically means “Mistress” or “Master.” So, this bitch really did take you down a peg.

There are so many different directions that you can take with this game. Most of them end badly for you. Just like those all books, except this one usually ends with you becoming a fucktoy for a bunch of dudes. I never read those chapters in the books.

Train Your Skills, Make Important Decisions, and Fight Your Way Back to the Top

But it’s not just dialog decisions you need to make. You have to train. You have stats for power, agility, and stamina. You also get to choose a discipline/fighting style for some added flair. You’ll have opportunities to improve these stats, and each stat determines events in every fight. Some opponents require power-focused approaches. Others require a more passive, defensive approach. You’ll need to put your thinking caps on for this game for sure.

The writing is excellent. I don’t know if it was one single person who wrote it or if it was a team effort, but this shit is great. It’s grammatically sound, flows well, and doesn’t sound like it was written by a horny 16-year-old with English as a third language. You get a lot of kinky, erotic moments. This is probably one of the few text-based porn game developers that have actually seen a pussy in real life. It shows. They know how to write a decent sex scene without it resulting in “I thrust my cock into her cunt” type lines.

Excellent Writing, Quality Artwork, and Amazing Sound Design

But you get more than just writing. You get some original pieces of art strewn in the game as well. There will be some real-life images from porn as well, though you can toggle those off if you just want the good shit. The art isn’t bad. It’s got a western style to it while not being overly cartoonish. There’s no censoring or any bullshit like that either. Definitely a lot of fapworthy pieces in here for you horny cucks.

Now, you could theoretically play this game on mobile, but I wouldn’t recommend going through the hassle. You’d need a bunch of programs and shit to get it running the way it should in your browser. It just isn’t worth it.

And, as a completely different side note, the audio design is great in this game. You get music changes that match the theme of what’s going on, and you even get some subtle sound effects during fight scenes that really help you get immersed in what the fuck is going on.

BestPornGame’s Favorite Features

The writing in this game is some next level shit. It doesn’t feel stilted or have annoyingly basic characters. You’re getting a quality experience. It’s like diving into an erotic novel. And I think the writing actually shone the most during the fight scenes. I liked how you could strategize and make choices during the fights instead of it just getting breezed through as most games would.

It makes each encounter feel like a standalone puzzle that you need to unravel to get through. As a small note, I loved that you could hit back and re-do decisions even if you get a game over. It would fucking blow to have to start the game over every single time.

BestPornGame’s Suggestions

Oh man, continuing the game would be my main suggestion. This shit has so much promise that it’s a damn shame it got abandoned by the original creator. I hope it falls into some competent hands and gets the passion it deserves. I also think adding in more original artwork would be awesome. It’s kind of scant as it is. I need more tits to jerk off to!

BestPornGame’s Final Thoughts

Overall, I didn’t think Fight Club Reborn was going to be good. It was a strange mix of two entirely separate genres, but it fucking works. I’m glad when games prove me wrong like this. I think most of you gamers out there will have a solid fucking time with this game, as long as you like to read.

I sure fucking hope you do if you got this far into the review. I highly recommend each, and every one of you betas go and give this game a download. Maybe it will convince the current owner to get some fucking work done and keep the updates rolling.

PornGames likes Fight Club Reborn

  • Excellent writing with an engaging storyline and dynamic characters
  • Weird genre blend that somehow works really well
  • Loads of erotic scenes and kinky illustrations
  • Hundreds of different paths and stories to explore

PornGames hates Fight Club Reborn

  • The creator gave up on the project!