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Ultimate Fighting Girl

Never before have I had so many mixed feelings about a porn game. I’ve reviewed all sorts of games, from basic text-based porn story games to turn-based clickers, all the way to diaper-loving babyfying games and let me tell you, for every single one of those games I had a clear view on whether that game had the potential to be a great game or scar someone for life. Ultimate Fighting Girl is a game about an ultimate fighting championship in an underground ring where women dominate the field. This game had me aroused, confused, interested, and annoyed all at the same time. Let me explain.

A Humble Developer

I will start things off by giving a little intro to the game by saying a word or two about the developer. This legend is probably the humblest motherfucker that ever step foot on Patreon. I mean, when I did a little research about him to see what kind of other content he creates, I stumbled upon a Patreon page that had me baffled. The dude’s alias is Boko877, and he has only one membership level. What’s even more mind-fucking is that he has over 1100 patrons. He’s reached his monthly goal like it’s nobody’s business. Now, as amazing as that sounds, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The content that a Patreon allegiance pledge would unlock you is mainly connected to Boko877’s other 2 games, Ultimate Fighting Girl 2 and Girl Beats Hero. I have no idea why this dude loves making games about girls dominating male protagonists, but it’s not my place to judge. What really got my goat was the fact that his first game, the game I am currently reviewing is a completely free to play, finished product. He took the development on another level with the sequel and made it super accessible for only 3$ a month. That’s damn near free. If we take into consideration the fact that this dude also makes Mix Fight animation videos, included in the 3$ Patreon pledge, I think the porn game community can only watch and learn.

Short and Sweet Story

It’s funny how Boko877 loves to keep everything short and sweet. I noticed a few things in this game that form a beautiful little pattern that few can appreciate.

The story is about a fighting world where male fighters dominated for a long time. Suddenly, a girl decides to open an underground fighting ring and train girl fighters to the extent of creating a power shift. You are known as mankind’s greatest MMA fighter, feared by your colleagues, displeased because you managed to beat every single foe you’ve faced so far. However, you get an offer to partake in an unlawful and unbound underground tournament. Excited to learn what your opponent looks like you are eager to bout, just to find out that you are up against a list of drop-dead bombshells. Each and every one of the girls is ready to humiliate you and take away your pride. They’re also all really short for some fucking reason.

Every bitch you face has an original back story and a special motive to take your crown jewels and make them theirs. It’s not about feminism; it’s about pure and simple degradation. I mean, the moves used by the girls in this game are super arousing, super painful, and straight-up savage. I don’t know whether to let my character be beaten to a pulp and jerk my pawn clean off or try to fight back and do my best to keep my character’s dignity intact. It’s hard being a man in a woman’s world.

Fighters Galore

The gameplay is strictly connected to the fighters and their fighting styles. I will do my best to keep it as simple as I possibly can while going over every single one of the girls.

First off, we have the founder of the tournament, Lin-Tier. The developer did an amazing job knitting the backstory for this bitch. She is a badass mother-superior looking slut that controls things in the underground world. Not only is she provocative as fuck, she even participates as a fighter when she feels like it, using a very unique fighting style, making speed her advantage.

Next up, we have Selene, one of Lin-Tier’s recruits. She is known for her box-style fighting and her “pleasure” moves that leave you fucking stunned. I mean, when I see huge tits bouncing up and down on the screen, I do not focus on the punches flying straight at my face. It’s straight-up hypnosis.

Moving on, we have Nao, a girl with no fighting experience, but compensating for it with her super-strength. I have no idea what the developer wanted to achieve by creating such a tough bitch to fight against, but she is busty as fuck too, so why the fuck am I complaining?

One of the more generic fighters is Filulina, a wealthy spoiled child that participates out of pure curiosity. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. She is almost impossible to beat for some fucking reason.

Next up is Linea, Lin-Tiers subordinate, she is the first opponent you face. They literally send her in with the hopes that she’ll make you stronger. The other girls don’t want to face you in your current, weak state. That’s degrading, isn’t it? Everything about this game is degrading to males. And you wanna know who had a problem with that? Absolutely fucking no one. We are not women. We appreciate a good set of bouncing bazongas even if all they wanna do is slap the fuck out of us. It’s called being a man of culture.

The next fighter, Mia, is a girl who has a history with bullying and wants to take her revenge on you because, in this game’s world, you are the one that needs to pay for every man’s sin, apparently. Then you have Hino, a fighter that focuses solely on countering and blocking, Sierra who is a bouncer and the one that focuses on detaining ill-behaved fighters, Rico who is the definition of loyalty, Beads who is a minion type fighter used to fight in between important rounds, Ent who is an undercover spy who while gathering information got fucking aroused by the stone-cold 10s in the arena and decided to give her body to the cause and last, but not least, Sheri.

Sheri is the toughest fighter you face, and the fighter this game focuses on the most. She uses a unique fighting style focusing on leg work such as kicks, but also a lot of provocative, “pleasure” moves that make you love every single bit of control you think you have.

A Round in the Ring

This is an action game in which you're in a one-on-one fight against a girl. Certain prompts in-game dictate what you need to do to avoid damage as well as deal it out yourself. The opponent can use both physical attacks and "pleasure" attacks that can weaken or otherwise control you in some way. The goal of the game is to defeat the girl. Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, it fucking isn’t!

Pardon my frustration. It just speaks a lot about the quality of this game. The controls are simple, the gameplay is comprehensive, and the battles are very dynamic. There are cutscenes that allow you to take a break from fighting and wash your eyes with the beautifully drawn models of the girls, which in my opinion, comes as a breath of fresh air in an action-packed fighting game. Now, I know this is considered a porn game. However, there is no smut in it. No sexual content whatsoever. Don’t get me wrong; I am not implying that that is a bad thing. The girls are either half-naked or in a full lingerie outfit. That is more than enough for me to go to town coating my walls in a thick layer of white.

Supporting a developer is a matter of choice. I do not get paid to heap praise on someone; I get paid to review their work. However, Boko877 is probably one of the top 10 porn game developers currently on the market. If you liked this game, I suggest you try the other games this dude has to offer with the $3 per month price tag being totally worth it.

PornGames likes Ultimate Fighting Girl

  • Great animation
  • Fun combat mechanics
  • Amazing graphics
  • Action packed content

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  • Nothing at all